Parents and Patients

Parents and Patients

alder-hey-in-the-park.jpgWe know that having to come to hospital can be unexpected and daunting for the whole family. We understand you may be visiting for the first time or at short notice and we know you might not be familiar with the local area..

This section is designed for parents, carers and patients and is full of information about coming to Alder Hey and what to expect when you're here.

What makes us different?

We don’t just care for children, we care for families. We know that whether it’s a routine outpatient appointment or an overnight stay in hospital, we are here to look after the whole family. Coming to hospital can be a scary thought and that’s why we place such importance on things like distraction, art and play.

Why might you be referred to Alder Hey?

Although many of our patients come from the North West and North Wales, we treat children and young people from all over the UK and beyond. We are a children’s hospital, so you may be referred to us because our staff are specialists in children’s health.

Arriving on the day

The main entrance to Alder Hey in the Park is on East Prescot Road. If you’re travelling by car please use sat-nav postcode L14 5AB. Cars should enter the hospital site from East Prescot Road and use the drop-off facilities near the East Prescot Road entrance, or use the multi-storey car park, which has its own entrance to the hospital.

To access the Emergency Department by car, use the Eaton Road entrance where there is a short stay car park and drop-off facility. Read more about getting to Alder Hey.

Bringing toys into the hospital

We understand how important and comforting a toy can be, but they are a major source of infection. Please help reduce the risk by cleaning or machine-washing any toys you’d like to bring.

Please also help us by using the hand sanitation machines wherever you see them around the hospital.


  • Outpatients – call the Appointment Centre on 0151 252 5358 or request a change online.
  • Other queries – call Switchboard on 0151 228 4811

Alder Hey visiting hours

   Parents  Other visitors
 Ward 3a  24 hour visiting (space for one parent to stay at night)  2pm- 7.30pm
 Ward 3b  24 hour visiting (space for one parent to stay at night)  1pm- 7pm
 Ward 3c  24 hour visiting (space for one parent to stay at night)  1pm- 7pm
 Ward 4a  24 hour visiting (space for one parent to stay at night)  2pm- 7.30pm
 Ward 4b  24 hour visiting (space for one parent to stay at night)  2pm- 7.30pm
 Ward 4c  24 hour visiting (space for one parent to stay at night)  2pm- 7pm
 PICU and HDU  24 hour visiting (except 7am-7.30am and 7pm-7.30pm)*  7.30am to 7pm

*Please note – there may be times when parents are asked to leave due to procedures taking place on the unit.

Useful links

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)

Liverpool Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB)

Liverpool Early Help Directory

Our duty of candour

In February 2015 the Board published a Duty of Candour:

The Board of Directors of Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust is fully committed to ensuring that our organisation provides the highest quality care and is open and honest with the people who use our services.

We strive to do this by supporting our staff and having in place systems and processes that provide the right environment for lessons to be learned and changes made when things go wrong, in order to continuously improve. Our practice is underpinned by a robust policy on ‘Being Open’ and by the Trust’s Values, which specifically include Openness.

We will fulfil our duty of candour to patients and families by:

  • Making sure we act in an open and transparent way with our patients and families
  • Telling patients and families in person as soon as reasonably practicable after becoming aware that a notifiable safety incident has occurred and providing support to them in relation to the incident, including when giving the notification
  • Providing an account of the incident which, to the best of our knowledge, is true of all the facts we know about the incident as at the date of the notification
  • Advising patients and families what further enquiries we believe are appropriate
  • Offering an apology
  • Following this up by giving the same information in writing and providing an update on the enquiries
  • Keeping a written record of all communication with those involved

Alder Hey Children's Charity
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