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Plastic Surgery - Regional Paediatric Burns and Plastic Surgery Service

new_burns_centre_small1The Regional Burns and Paediatric Plastic Surgery Service at Alder Hey provides a service to the whole of Merseyside and Cheshire as well as North Wales and the Isle of Man.

Plastic surgery involves the management and correction of congenital and acquired conditions that lead to visible difference or functional compromise. The term plastic surgery comes from the Greek work “plastikos” meaning ‘to mould’ – referring to the surgical ‘remoulding’ of physical differences.

Why would my child need plastic surgery?

One of the most common reasons children attend the department is because of an injury and our Trauma service is one of the busiest in the country.

Another common reason is due to a congenital difference that may lead to difficulty with some activities or a visible disfigurement. Sensitively managed with our team approach, we aim to help a child to overcome the obstacles they may face.

Early Bird Clinics – cutting waiting times for minor surgery

Our ‘Early Bird and Walkabout Pathway’ is a successful new scheme that has cut waiting times for minor plastic surgery procedures, and has been highly commended in the 2013 NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes.

For parents and children, this means less time spent in hospital – on average now just half a day.

With the new system, patients can be assessed at their local healthcare centre and if required, they are referred to the

Our team provides a range of services

General Paediatric Plastic Surgery Service

A service that treats conditions like breast asymmetry, gynaecomastia (male breast development), skin lesions (moles, cysts and birthmarks), scar management, correction of prominent ears and other ear anomalies such as pre-auricular skin tags as well as tongue-tie.

Trauma Service

Plastic surgery is the second largest trauma specialty in the UK after Orthopaedics. Plastic surgeons manage soft tissue injuries like burns, lacerations, crushed fingertips, hand fractures and dog bites. Plastic surgeons also have an important role collaborating with colleagues from other specialties to manage more complex trauma cases such as reattaching amputated limbs and facial trauma reconstruction.

Regional Burns Service

A service dealing with all burn-related care from minor scalds to major burns, to scar management and reconstructions after burn injury.

Regional Vascular Anomalies Service

We have a multidisciplinary team that cares for all aspects of “birthmarks” and more information is available on our Vascular Anomalies service pages.

Regional Upper Limb Service

This service deals with everything from extra digits and syndactyly (joined digits) to complex reconstructions of hand and brachial plexus injuries.

Supra-Regional Craniofacial Service

Craniofacial conditions affect the soft tissue or bones or the face and head. More information is available on our Craniofacial service page.

Facial Palsy Reconstruction

Alder Hey has the country’s first dedicated multidisciplinary team for the management and reconstruction of all aspects of facial palsy in children.

Your comments and experiences

  • My daughter had her second round of laser surgery to remove a large birthmark yesterday.

    This time a new machine using cold air was used in conjunction with the laser machine. We understand this machine is only on trial but it made a big difference and think it would make laser surgery much more comfortable for all the patients.

    Thanks again to Dr Breuning and all the nurses who are amazing !

  • Adler Hey is and always has been the best hospital in the world. My 2 year old granddaughter fell and had a nasty gash near her eye and was treated yesterday. From the early bird clinic and all through the plastic surgery my daughter and couldn’t fault the fantastic care and treatment that was given to all of us in such a friendly snd caring way.we cannot thank you enough.

  • I would like to thank the nurses on the Burns ward for helping my daughter when she suffered a scalding from a cup of tea. My daughter was seriously scalded at age 5 and received the most amazing care during her 6 day stay in room 3. Special thanks to nurse Danielle who went above and beyond in her duty when bathing her wounds. These specialised nurses all helped to make a difference and were incredible throughout. Thank you for all you have done for our family x

  • I would like to thank all the team in the Plastics and Surgical Day Unit. You are all amazing. Our 1 year old needed to visit the unit for a simple plastics operation but it was still a very daunting experience for his mum and I.

    All the staff were brilliant, very friendly and helpful and would make sure that you had all the information needed through the day.

    Mr Sharma is an excellent doctor and above all a very nice man! He made us feel very at ease and explained everything to us clearly.

  • I would like to thank all the team on the day case surgical ward for looking after my daughter. My daughter Megan required surgery to her lip to remove a nodule and all the staff were fantastic, a big thank you to the plastics consultant who was amazing in reassuring not only myself but Megan can’t thank you enough

  • All the team are first class but a special thanks to Doctor Ben,who did a brilliant job in explaining everything to my son Josef and keeping me calm.

    Ben, thank you …

    Yvonne and Josef

  • Thank you so much for the early bird team and the plastics surgery team for taking fantastic care of our daughter Emma this morning especially with her additional needs. It’s made such a difference in how calm she has been through the whole process. You guys are amazing!!

  • I recently had to have a large gash stitched by the plastics department and i just wanted to say how grateful I am. All of the staff I met explained what was going to happen in a way i could understand.
    Thank you so much Alder hey.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nicky , I apologise I don’t have her surname /medical secretary .Nicky was outstanding in her professionalism and empathy, in ensuring our son Christopher had an appointment for surgery. Alder hey have a member of staff of whom they should be very proud .I only hope she receives the recognition she deserves from the hospital. Thank you Nicky most sincerely for helping our son .

  • My name is Callum.
    I went for a checkup to Alder Hey and the hospital is big ,better and spacious than the old hospital and fun is well.

  • I would just like to sincerely thank the entire of the burns team and all those associated with them for the fantastic care we received. A months stay in hospital with a badly injured baby is never the nicest thing for any parent to deal with however the team on the unit including all doctors and nurses made both our daughter Aoifes stay and ours the most comfortable and reassuring stay in a hospital that we have ever had. I would like to thank you all for fixing our baby girl and for the reassurance you gave to us every step of the way. From the most genuine, caring and lovely nurses to the talent of the surgeons we could not have asked for any more. As much as we will not miss being in hospital we will definitely miss the team and Aoife has made some new best friends. Once again thank-you so so so much and although our treatment is not done i would not put my faith in any one else other than you.

  • My operation was very minor, two mole excisions. Ms Breuning was an amazing surgeon and, with her team, made the whole experience much more relaxing. I can’t thank you enough, seeing theatre has only given me more drive for Medicine. Thank you!

  • Thanks for helping me with my hands . They feel a lot more flexible and I can use them now.
    It’s been 4 years since I last had surgery in the old Alder Hey

  • I would like to say a huge thank you to the nurses and doctors that looked after Joshua after his accident with a lift door. The care and attention josh recieved was outstanding.

  • Not much that I remember as I was only 2 years of age but I was burnt , from my belly up words was scared but 16years ahed I have no scar , the talks I’ve had with my mother about alder hey hospital I think it an amazing hospital , & I’d like to thanks all the team on wards b1 on time , sure the ward has changed now but once again thanks & keep up the hard work ! Great hospital

  • My boy Gavin, was admited on saturday for surgery on an infected finger. Thankyou to staff on ward E2 .

  • Thursday night I attended A and E with my 19 month old son, where we were referred to the Early Bird clinic. The next morning we were seen quickly and moved onto the ward for surgery to straighten my little boys thumb.. All the staff we met were friendly, reassuring andsupportive, as well as endlessly patient with my grumpy, tired and hungry toddler. We were home quickly with the minimal amount of waiting around.

    Thank you for your care.

    Louise and Matthew

  • My 18 month little girl trapped her finger in the door and it was badly broken, we attended a+e and where passed across to the plastics team who were absolutely amazing.
    I would specifically like to Thank Maria Kelly the specialist hand nurse who was there for support right through the whole process giving us lots of information so we knew where we were up to and felt very supported.
    We were sent to the early bird clinic the following morning as she would need to be operated on, here we met Simon the Doctor whom worked with Prof.McArthur, this Doctor was absolutely fantastic he never left my daughter’s side and gave us lots of support and reassurance.
    Finally I would like to thank Prof. MaCArthur who took the time to operate on my daughter, with his skill and expertise, he is an amazing man and surgeon and my husband and I are so grateful for your time and support.
    The whole of the plastics team are extremely skilled and over all fantastic people Thank you so much.


  • My son was attacked by a dog, it was such a traumatic time for all of us. We really can’t thank the nurses and surgeons enough for helping and “fixing” Kyle. Myself and my husband were amazed at the results when Kyle came back from surgery. The nurses were fantastic with all 3 of us making sure we was all ok. A huge thank you to the burns unit for not only taking care of Kyle but also allowing me and my husband to stay with our son through a difficult time even though only 1 parent is allowed to stay. Thanks again.

  • My grandson’s foot was virtually severed in a horse riding accident 2 years ago and we were told he would probably have to have his lower leg amputated. Due to the absolutely amazing skill of of Mr Christian Duncan and his team my grandson is not just walking but running around and even joining in some sports at school. My grandson endured a very long initial stay in the burns unit at Alder Hey and since then several short or day case visits for further mainly cosmetic surgery. Every member of staff has been outstanding not only in their care of my grandson but also in the care of the rest of the family during this very difficult and upsetting time. I shall always be eternally grateful to Mr Duncan as without his skill my grandson would quite definately be an amputee now and we well never be able to thank him and his team enough for what they have done for us. You are all trully wonderful people.

  • My 5 year old daughter was bitten on the face by a dog and needed a lot of stitches. During our stay at Alder Hey the nurses helped me and my daughter with our nerves and were really lovely – so much so my daughter wanted to stay there to draw pictures with them all day!! A HUGE thank you to all of the staff there – you made our 5 night stay the best it could be.

  • My 2 year old boy had his minor surgery due to his left trigger thumb 2 weeks ago. As a parent I was very anxious on the day of the surgery as I know he will go under general anaesthesia. I felt helpless and was tearful when I was about to leave him in the operating theatre but the K1 Ward Nurse had reassured me that my boy will be alright and even stopped to give me a tissue! It was only a simple gesture but really meant a lot at that time. It really lifted my spirit. The operation went well and the K1 Ward staff looked after my boy post-op. From the bottom of our heart, a very BIG THANK YOU to the Nurses, HCA, Consultants even Student Nurses for that experience. You are all appreciated!! My son can now move his thumb without limitation of movements.

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