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Department of developmental paediatrics at Alder HeyAlder Hey is proud of its long history of providing pioneering and innovative healthcare to children and young people. At a time when technology is changing the way we live, Alder Hey is at the forefront of driving innovation in health services.

New medical products and devices are usually targeted at problems facing adults. While this is very important, it creates a situation where paediatric innovation is often relegated to adapting these technologies for use in children and babies. At Alder Hey the unique problems facing our patients are setting the direction of travel; we are putting children first and accelerating the creation of new medicines, devices and therapies for them.

In 2015 Alder Hey moved into its new home, Alder Hey in the Park. With innovative architecture and state of the art clinical and data infrastructures the hospital has been recognised as one of the world’s top 100 infrastructure projects and creates an environment where the latest devices can be developed and tested ahead of international roll-out.

Embracing Innovation

At Alder Hey we recognise the pressures facing the NHS and know that providing the best services to patients requires us to be efficient and productive and embrace the best that the commercial world has to offer in terms of science and technology. From cognitive computing to nanotechnology we are open to ideas, wherever they come from.

We want to adapt the technology that has changed the way we live and work to provide the best diagnostic services and treatment for our patients when they are here in the hospital and back home in the community. The expert Innovation Team is forging relationships with global companies, regional specialists, regional SMEs and academia to drive the best of new technology into healthcare.

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