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P1080798 - CopyThe Endocrinology team at Alder Hey treat a range of conditions, work closely with a range other departments and specialties at the hospital and provide a range of services.

The team care for children with all kinds of endocrine conditions, from lifelong conditions that are cared for with outpatient appointments to problems with critically ill patients admitted to Alder Hey. The conditions we treat include:

What services do we provide?

  • Organising and performing tests for assessment of anterior and posterior pituitary function
  • Administration and organising Testosterone and Zoladex and Vit D injection
  • Education and support of parents of patients starting growth hormone
  • Education and training on administration of i.m hydrocortisone to parents with children with adrenal insufficiency
  • Nurse led clinics: Congenital hypothyroid, growth hormone and precocious puberty

Our research

The department has a strong interest in research and has been awarded a number of grants from national bodies. We also recruit patients to a wide range of national and international studies.

Your comments and experiences

  • Thanks to Zoe and Kelly within the Endocrine HyperInsulin Specialist Nurse Team for being there to offer support to us both over the past year and more specifically this week when we have had a challenging times with our son Ethan. You’re a credit to the hospital and we are so grateful for your support. Thank you

  • Excellent service received from Dr Ramakrishnan with our Son, from 6 months of age to now that he is 5 years old. Thanks to her and others at Alder Hey our Son was tested, diagnosed and treated for his rare condition of Kallmann Syndrome which has allowed him to grow and develop like other children his age. Early diagnosis gives him the best outlook for the future as he grows into a young man. Thank you!!

  • I had a hard time being heard that my daughter was having issues. Until we met Dr Das. Not only did Dr Das provide an amazing service and treatment within her field of Endo but far and beyond. Helping us get all the help she needed in various other areas to. Without Dr Das we would have been lost. We can never thank her and the team enough for all they have done for us over the years.

  • I would like to thank Dr Reid, Dr Didi and the endocrine nurses, for acting so fast and helping my daughter. She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 7 days old. She had another blood test to confirm and started thyroxine at 16 days. They have always explained everything clearly and put mine and my husbands minds at rest. Dr Reid also noticed a heart murmur and we got a very quick referral to cardiology. Alderhey as a whole is a fantastic hospital. Thankyou xx Paula Fletcher

  • Well my son was diagnosed with cogenital hyperinsulism at 1 day old he was transferred from arrow park to alderhey doctor didi was fab and Kelly and Zoe were amazing so were all the staff on c2 thanks for making like that little bit better

  • I am unhappy with these as they were supposed to refer my daughter when she got discharged from alder hey In November and they haven’t referred her when they were supposed to and now no one has a clue what’s going on!

  • Hi my newborn son was transferred to Alder hey from Warrington hospital in August, I just want to thank all the staff on the c2 ward where my son Rian was they all went that extra mile to care for him and was friendly and supportive to us just dont think I can thank you all enough endocrine team were great and dr Blair all positive towards his condition when we was feeling all the emotions, Rian is now home and doing great…thank you so much you all do such an amazing job.

  • My son was diagnosed with not producing enough growth hormone when he was young. After 6 years of visits and treatments he’s towering over his Dad!

  • My daughter and I are regular visitors to the Endo Clinic and ward D2 for treatment. She was diagnosed with Idiopathic central precocious puberty at 6 years old and now receives Zoladex every 9 weeks. Every time we visit, my daughter is made to feel at ease and truly cared for. This I will be eternally grateful for! Her treatment will be ending soon as she approaches her 11th birthday. I will always be thankful that she was under the superb care of Dr Blair, Peter and Zoe and the amazing staff at D2 who have been there every step of the way.

  • I am a regular visitor at the Endo Clinic with my son who was born with Congenital Hypothyroidism.

    From the scary day he was diagnosed at 7 days old, to when we first saw Dr Didi, to the nurse led clinics he attends every few months we have had nothing but support and care at every step. Peter and Zoe make him feel calm and relaxed (and more to the point make mummy feel calm and relaxed!) and the Phlebotomy team manage to draw his bloods without tears every time.

    4 years on and I have a healthy happy little man and under their guidance I hope he will carry on into adulthood without any worries about his condition. THANK YOU Zoe, Peter and the Staff at Alder Hey.

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