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Emergency Department

Alder Hey in the ParkOur Emergency Department has a dedicated entrance at Alder Hey in the Park.

To access the Emergency Department by car, enter the hospital site from the Eaton Road entrance where there is a short stay car park and drop-off facility.

Please note, we can only offer treatment to young people under the age of 16, after which they will need to attend an adult Emergency department. You can find your nearest Adult A&E service on the NHS Choices website.

Your comments and experiences

  • We attended the out of hours in Liverpool one 22/12/16 as soon as they could open as my daughter couldn’t breathe The advise was not to fly home to iom at 11am but to go to a and e alder hey. Another nurse came in phoned an ambulance put her on oxygen and we were at Alderney very quickly. Apparantley upon examination my daughter was toxic the consultant Eileen was diagnosing as she was instructing to out lines in camera through nose to see trachea etc. she rapidly diagnosed. Tracheitis and and bad infection we were in intensive care shortly afterwards with lots of people coming and going .This lady saved my daughters life literally, as I was contemplating flying home I did not comprehend the seriousness that my own doctor 2 days previous had told me was viral and couldn’t do anything If it were not for this ladies experience (not seeing this in a child in 10) years) I believe I would have lost her I n light of recent publicity I feel lots of circumstances are really testing the staff patients and families all at alder hey for their own journey. Luckily thanks to Eileen who I will be forever grateful for her rapid diagnosis I am one of the very fortunate families that attend your hospital. I know not everyone is so fortunate but I do believe e that all your staff have every patients best interest at heart and care. My heart bleeds for the staff caring for baby alfie at this moment because they too have been there from moment if afmission. Not just the recent newspaper and media coverage. My family spent our first Christmas apart my husband at home with 2 boys and a dog and me in alder hey. We were so lucky thankful and grateful Unfortunatrlynin hospitals now I feel medical staff act as much as social workers as they do medical. This is not what they signed up for or should have to deal with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my daughters life x

  • My son was sent along by smithdown children’s walk in this morning. He was quite unwell and really upset. The doctor, Mohammed Bakr, who took care of him was wonderful. He had an amazing way with my son and did all he could to comfort him. He was gentle, attentive and very kind. After an examination, a diagnosis was given and a prescription for medicines. A lolly ice too!!
    I cannot thank the department enough for their amazing care. Alder Hey is a place to be proud of.

  • Would just like to say thank you to the ANP Katie who assessed my 14 week old daughter on the evening of 22nd Feb. As a nurse myself I understand the pressure they are under in such a busy depsrtmrnt. Katie was so professional but had such a lovely caring manner and I felt my concerns were truly listened to. She actually made our trip to A and E enjoyable! I walked away feeling reassured and confident that my daughter had been thoroughly assessed. Could not fault the department or the staff at all. THANK YOU!

  • Attended AED last night with my 19 month old little boy who was having difficulty in breathing, as soon as we booked in at reception the clerk went straight through to the triage nurse and we where seen immediately, reassured and taken through for treatment. All the staff on the department on the night shift where amazing the nurse looking after my little boy was called Paul and was excellent. Me and my husband are both nurses in the NHS and can not fault the care the our little boy an we as parents received.
    Thank you to the amazing staff in the department on the night of Monday 29th January.

  • Apologies we don’t have names of staff
    My neice was brought in to ED yesterday and was very quickly treated for suspected meningitis. Thank you to the junior doctors in Ed for your quick action.
    All nursing staff, chad and domestic staff, pharmacists who we came into contact with are all amazing.
    She is on 4c currently receiving Iv antibiotics and the her nurse Amy is outstanding. Kind, caring empathetic and hardworking.
    Annette the ANP was great this morning reviewing results and fully informing my sister of the plan if treatment.
    Over all we would be lost without the fantastic NHS staff so thank you for choosing your vocation.
    You truly are amazing.
    Nancy Ashworth Coyne Family.

  • My daughter has been in Alder Hey now on 4 occasions on 3 of these occasions we seen the same consultant in a&e called Eileen Burns, she has looked after my daughter with so much care and passion, she’s made us feel at ease, looked after us as a family also, explained every situation properly and step by step. I can’t thank her enough if it wasn’t for her and her fantastic team at a&e things could have been a lot different for us. Eileen is an absolute credit to Alder Hey not just the Emergency Department.

  • Thank you to Katie Barnes advanced paediatric nurse practitioner. She was amazing yesterday with my nephew. So happy and kind. She was so efficient and friendly. It really makes a difference when staff are lovely. The department was rammed yet she still managed to be amazing under the pressure.
    What a credit to the NHS and the hospital.
    Thank you for your expertise and reassuring attitude.

  • Visited Ed on 8/6/2017 great experience friendly staff my 8 year old got great care we then went to edu who were amazing and being a matron in Ed myself met Martin a hca who is an asset to alder hey what a lovely man just what the kids need and every ED he was great, the nurses were lovely Cassie was fab made my son feel at ease well done made me proud to be a nurse from another organisation seeing great care xx

  • My daughter is 6 and had a recent tonsillectomy all was good until day 10 after the op and she started to bleed so I took her straight to a&e, I just can’t believe how lucky she was Thankyou to this amazing hospital and the gifted team, she needed emergency surgery and concidering it was 2 in morning within 1 and 1/2 hours a A surgeon was on site ready to operate in the meantime the doctors, nurses, anaesthetist worked together really well to do what was best for my daughter before surgery and reassuring me that she was going to be fine, I was really scared and I just can’t thank them enough for the care professionalism and support that was shown, they are all truly talented, gifted people and I just can’t thank them enough, and I would like to thank all the staff on ward 3a green who looked after my daughter after her op, Made us feel comfortable and really looked after us all, from the bottom of my heart I really appreciate everything they all done for me and my family we are so lucky to have this fantastic hospital with brilliant teams who work together day and night for our children .. Thankyou xx

  • Thank you to everyone in the EDU and ED team today. Very skilled at putting a cannula in a 2 year old! I was in awe of you. My daughter was actually laughing whilst this was done – watching a fabulous bubble performance by a great man on the ward (sorry I didn’t get the name). Every member of staff was caring and compassionate. We are now on 4c and the excellent care has continued. THANKYOU

  • Cathy, on EDU (lead nurse I think) gave my son and me exceptional care on Sunday, 5th February 2017. He has had multiple admissions and Cathy made EDU the most positive experience so far. She took the time to listen, assured me to call her over if I wanted him checking (even though she was very busy) and kept me fully informed as to how he was doing as well as listening to me sensitively and patiently. She also ensured toys were provided for him. She should train all nurses on how to treat parents.
    Thank you Cathy

  • We attended A&E Alder Hey on the e ending of Saturday 7January last. Our great granddaughter, who is an oncology patient, had become quite ill. We were seen by Dr.Tabez(?) who was excellent. He was kind, thorough and explained everything that was happening, as she had to have tests carried out. He was so pleasant, put her at ease, and even had her smiling.Thank you again, Dr. Tabez.

  • Thanks to everyone but especially Tracey and Laura who were great with my son Mihir today – he ‘took’ a hockey stick to his knee and had a pretty deep cut which was expertly and quickly sutured up with the help of some Entonox in the department – very much appreciated 🙂

  • My boy came in to you via helicopter after a serious motocross crash, the staff in the AandE were second to none.
    They had him back on his feet in 48 hours.
    Thank you so much


  • We attended A&E with our 7 year old daughter last Sunday night (18th Sept) after she had a nasty break to her arm. I would like to thank all the A&E team that saw to us, so professional, calm and skilled. The female nurse who spotted us within milliseconds walk through the door into reception has fabulous triage skills of steel and saw that we were attended to as needed. The rest of the team, the ?ANP, nurses and health care assistants, doctors were also fabulous, sorry I didn’t get any names as it was all a bit of a blur but your hard work is much appreciated.

  • Thankyou so much to all staff at ED and EDU! Martin Tyrer, you are amazing! A really special person who quite clearly loves and is in the right job!

  • Excellent care as always, no waiting. Friendly staff. Special thanks to staff looked after my baby girl after a head injury. You all deserve a medal!

  • A massive, massive thank you to the staff in the ED for the amazing treatment my daughter Rebecca received yesterday (30/05/2016) after she was airlifted in, following a horse riding accident. A world class service, provided by world class clinicians, she could not have been in any better hands.

  • Just like to say a massive thanks to the EDU staff who made us feel like we were in a hotel rather than a hospital, Martin Tyrer is only one name I can remember and there was another male member of staff who gave our son a white fluffy toy dog.
    Really appreciated from our son Alfie (who asked for a cup of tea with 2 sugars!) xxx

  • Could not thank the doctors and nurses enough for looking after my 5 month old daughter Harper on tuesday the 3rd! so understanding and nice with Harper and also kept me an my mum calm in the most stressful time. Also a massive thanks to all the staff on ward 4c xx

  • I don’t have really good experience in emergency.My daughter fell over on her knee on the stones and grazed her knee and I could see little pieces of sand under the skin and I wanted to proper clean with desinfenction and the nurse from reception just told me that she need couple of Bath to clean it.what can I say about it??????

  • I took my daughter to the emergency department last night at 9 15 after 3 days of stomach pains. The place itself was filthy dirty , it was over crowded with children and adults coughing and being sick . It took 5 hours to be seen then a further hours to be treated. My daughter and I now feel more ill than before we turned up at Alder hey. The toilets were disgusting and children were having to crawlabout on filthy floors.

  • Was very disappointing waited 2hrs with a baby of 13mths with a temperature of 39.5 and a cough to see the triage nurse The triage nurse was condescending saying that babies have temperatures to fight infection and that she would ask for a Dr to review his cough. We went home. Very surprised how unhelpful staff were after many visit to Fazerkely with an elderly mother staff there couldn’t do enough for you . Very upset how blasĂ© staff dealing with very young children were .
    seemed a very chaotic place

  • Big Thank you to all the staff in A&E for caring for my son on 9.3.16. We were very impressed at the high quality of care and throughly reassured. Special thanks to Dr Healy and nurse Emma Mannion.

  • I took my teenage daughter to accident and emergency department in February, she was in pain with her knees, back, wrists and ankles, she was nauseous also and had been complaining with pains in her body, the triage nurse was very abrupt and had a terrible attitude telling me it was not a hospital matter, she did not do any observations, blood pressure or check temperature on my daughter, there was a delay in seeing a doctor, we were still waiting two hours later and hadn’t even gone through to be observed, we ended up walking out and going to whistle accident and emergency where she was told she could have a disease in her blood and a vitamin d deficiency, she is undergoing more tests and is in pain on a daily basis, such a bad experience

  • My daughter Kayla was brought in on the 12/02/16 as she was one of the multiple traumas in a major incident. The care we received was absolutely second to none. Many thanks to all the wonderful staff in the department who worked tirelessly to make sure everyone was ok x

  • I brought my son to the A&E department on a Thursday evening and he was seen to very quickly and efficiently. The new building is excellent and much improved on the old building. Dr JC Southin treated my son and her care, attention and overall approach to looking after my son and the consideration shown to my wife and I was exceptional. I can’t speak highly enough of her-many thanks.

  • 4 year old daughter admitted after being transferred by ambulance from Childrens walk in. Staff were very kind and reassuring, my daughter now thinks Alder Hey is fantastic and wants to know if she can go back again!! Thank you staff in EDU for your help today.

  • Iam best know as Louise lamkin and my experience
    was I was in hospital
    for my eye operation
    and hip operation and
    I had loads of fun with my friends then I had to go for a ride to the theatre and then it was so funny when I held my hand out then pulled my hand away but I was
    scared but when I came around I was back on the ward I had loads of things to do this was my day when in the night time I was on the ward I was out of bed and I walked down and 1 member said go back to bed so I did anyway I went back to sleep the Curtin was closed round then in the morning I did not know my best friend was next to me so thank you for my experience

  • Hello,

    My daughter Lina-Lae Gordon was admitted to EDU on Friday evening. She stayed until Saturday evening.

    From what I see Alder Hey gets lots of bad press, my experiences have always been positive.

    This visit was exceptional. The nurses/doctors made my daughter feel at ease. They also kept me well informed.

    My biggest compliant goes to Martin from EDU. The man is gold. Bot only did he care for my daughter, he made her smile. He also engaged with my other daughter Mimi-Vatsana making her feel very welcome. Mimi-Vatsana didn’t want to leave her sister and stayed all day. When we went home she didn’t want to leave.

    Brilliant service Alder Hey. Well done

  • From the moment we walked into A&E with our little boy after he had an accident with a lift the care he received was outstanding. As soon as we walked in a nurse came straight to us and took us into triage we sat down for less than 5 minuets and went through to x ray and was again seen to straight away. Back from x ray we didn’t even sit down and was taken to see a doctor. The doctors and nurses were so friendly and brilliant. After waiting 20 mins we were then transfered upto ward 1b were the super care and attention continued. Thank you to everyone on shift on saturday 2nd January.

  • It’s absolutely disgusting having to wait 2 hrs an 15 just to be triaged, the waiting room was dirty and there’s nothin at all for the children to occupy them while they wait

  • We attended a&e on Saturday evening and the staff were fabulous. When we arrived it said there was an hr wait for the triage nurse and a three and a half hour wait for the doctor. The time from arrival to seeing the doctor was just over two hours and all the staff that seen to my daughter were fabulous. We ended up on EDU and Martin who looked after my daughter was brilliant, he reassured her and put her at ease. I’m so glad we have Alder Hey

  • Attended this morning with my 6 year old son who had a bad asthma attack. Fantastic experience at the new hospital. Lovely friendly staff who put me at ease and my son who is on the autistic spectrum. Thanking all those especially those on edu who really took care of us today.

  • My son was in A&E from about 8.30 until about 4. He was in extreme pain. He was pomised pain relief from when we seen the first doctor as he only had ibuprofen at 8.10. His pain score was between ten and 7. The staff were very busy and their discontent was very vocal. i had to plead for pain relief and eventually he was given nasal diamophine and entonox. however nothing was followed up no monitoring or obs done as per nice guidelines. he was asked to work to ultrasound but i said he needed a chair but as he was in pain they said he needed to go on trolley with a qualified nurse. he was taken on trolley by a porter without a nurse so no entonox was allowed. on the way round after being bashed in to doors he was in alot of pain and put in corridor. the radiologapher came out and said she wasnt expecting him and was too busy. fortunately a consultant came passed and took him in quickly and did the scan for him. then rushed him back to a&e. not one of the nursing staff came back to check on him or to change medication. it was heartbreaking. i was told he wasnt in a lifethreatening condition. i felt that the staff were demoralised and uncaring. he was promised iv paracetamol but didnt get this until 5.30 on ward 3a. i feel the delay in getting appropriate pain relief put my son inunacceptable distress. i will never bring my son here again. The staff are unprofessional and uncaring.

  • In and out within an hour 10/10, amazing how clean and spacious and feel lucky this is our local children’s hospital on our doorstep in liverpool

  • Fabulous first experience on the new emergency dept. unit beautiful and clean, triaged treAted and admitted in a very timely manner by lovely staff thanks

  • I attended a&e twice in a row 11th&12th October. I’m utterly disgusted at how filthy it was in the waiting area.. Also the attitude of the cleaners is vile too.

  • I attended wi5h my 6 wk old grandson tonight and been waiting four hrs not a flinch from any of the staff as he was screaming in excruciating pain.

  • My son had to have a ENT opperation and my self being a doctor help him out well done all staff

  • I attended A&E with my son Benji on Tuesday 8th October early evening, after a head injury, which was followed by headaches then vomiting. I would like to acknowledge and thank the staff in A&E for thier professionalism, compassion, care, kindness and reassurance to us both. How lucky we are to have Alder Hey in Liverpool, so glad the new hospital is staying here.Thank you Jacqui and Benji x

  • Just over a week ago I attended A&E with my daughter Katie who ended up being admitted with appendicitis. I can’t praise the staff enough for how professional they are and the manner in which they communicate with and treat the children. We are so lucky to have this fantastic hospital on our doorstep here in Liverpool. Our special thanks go Doctors and Surgeons Jess, Ben and Ian and the nurses on ward M3 who were lovely and so helpful especially Melissa and Pip x

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