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Craniofacial Services

Craniofacial services at Alder HeyCraniofacial surgery is a specialist area of surgery managing conditions in the head and skull, including the eyes, face, jaws and teeth, the nose, throat, neck, and ears.

At Alder Hey our team treats congenital problems (i.e present at birth) with head and facial growth. This includes craniosynostosis (where the skull bones may grow in an abnormal way because the different bones of the skull fuse together) and craniofacial syndromes (where growth of both the head and face are affected by bone fusion).

The NHS has designated Alder Hey as one of only four hospitals in England and Wales who have the required infrastructure, expertise and experience to treat these rare conditions.

Other conditions present at birth include hemifacial microsomia and Treacher Collins syndrome which primarily affect the face, ears, jaws and teeth.

We also treat head and facial injuries, and other rare conditions like tumours and cysts.

Your comments and experiences

  • Alder Hey saved our lives. Fact. The Craniofacial team gave us hope and without Joan, Mr May and Mr Duncan we wouldn’t be the happy family we are today. My first baby was born with an undiagnosed encephalocele on the front of his face. The first two weeks were hard, shunted from pillar to post at other hospitals, my first two weeks as a new mum were horrific, our new little family living in scary hospital wards miles from home, endless scans and consults ‘we don’t know what this is’ over and over again. Then we made it to Alder Hey. ‘We can do something, we know what this is’ – the reassuring words, the comforting knowledge that it would be ok. It changed our lives. Our Sam had his operation at 3 months old and within 5 days we were home. It was scary handing our boy over to theatre but the staff were so amazing. And now 12 years later he’s at high school, doing great and we still have clinic visits but the gaps between them get bigger as our son grows into an amazing young man, who we thought may never survive. We have nothing but love, admiration and thanks Alder Hey. Xxxx

  • I thank Doctor Cudmore for saving my life in 1976. He put my mother at ease at a time when she did not know what the future held for me as a 6 month old.

  • It’s been a year since Laura’s surgery at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. I can’t put in words how thankful I am for all the care and support we have received. Dr Chris Parks and his surgical team done absolutely brilliant job. Nurses at Ward A4 provided high standard care, much needed support and all the help breasfeeding mum may need when my husband could not be with us.
    Dear doctors, nurses, cleaners and volunteers I hope life is equally good to you as you are to your little patients and their families. Sending the warmest thoughts xx

  • First visit to Alder Hey with Alana who was born with Apert Syndrome. From the moment we walked in through the door to the moment we left that staff have been amazing. We attended ward 4A who couldnt do enough for us both. Alana will be spending quite a bit of time here throughtout her life and i know that any visit we make will be a pleasurable one

  • i couldnt of recived any better cear from the craniofacial team they are an amazing team so friendly,reasureing,and realy proffesional fab experience

  • A massive thank you to Mr Duncan and the surgeons & the team.also a big thank you to Colette at Alder hay children’s hospital.excellent hospital.our little boy just a normal boy now 😊 x

  • Big thank you to Mr Duncan and is team for doing my daughter’s surgery carnt thank you enough a big thank you Colette for always being at the end of the phone when I ring up to harras her when I have any worries thank u all so much x

  • Massive thank you to Chris and mr Duncan for doing Logans surgery and keeping us at ease in the build up to it, all the staff and all the nurses on ward 4A and throughout the hospital, amazing hospital, amazing staff, thank you all!

  • Massive thanks to Dr Robertson and team for looking after my son so well on tuesday. After a nasty accident and the uncertainty of the Op, everyone was so reassuring and kind. Cannot put into words how grateful we are for the kindness shown and of course the skill of the medical staff.

  • Alder Hey is excellent, this place exceeded all of my expectations. The care provided and the facilities available. Just amazing. I thank all of the Staff at Alder Hey for out experience, especially Ward 4A. I also wish for all of the families and patients an “Onwards and Upwards recovery” in this amazing hospital. Visited: 9th-14th March 2016.

  • I would not be here today had it not been for Dr Roger Cudmore and his team. I will be forever greatful. Dr Cudmore looked after me from 13 months to 13 years; he and his team never missed a beat. Dr Cudmore was, as the nurses used to put it “always working two days ahead” he had the ability to make me laugh, he didn’t see scars, he put everything logically and even when I was young was sincere and understandable. How sad I was when I wanted to finally say a huge thank you I learned that he has passed many years earlier. I will be forever in his debt. God bless a wonderful man and all in his team in 1979, Alison X

  • We would like to say a massive thank you to the amazing surgeons and nurses in ward 4a. Surgeons Ben, Chris, nurses Hayley, Emma, Sean & Sarah and all the other nurses who looked after Ella during our stay at alderhey on 23rd November. Nothing was too much trouble from the second we arrived to the day we left 30th November. Staff like you are a real credit to the hospital. We really can’t thank you enough. Ella is recovering well at home and tells everyone about the nurses

  • My 1 year daughter had surgeries on head I thank everyone who was involved with my daughter I specially thank Colette, Joan, Ben ,Duncan, Richardson and Sinha, Wendy and all the staff on the ward were very helpful and well looked after my daughter. The best Hospital in the world

    Thank you very much for all your help

  • My son spent several months in neuro and i have to say they were fantastic! We are especially grateful to christian duncan, aj sinha and ben for performing his surgerys and bringing him back to us! But also the nurses who looked after him for all this time! Thank u so much for all you have done for us!

  • My daughter had surgery this month and i cannot thank the team enough for the work they have done, you have given my girl a new lease of life and although described as “cosmetic” the change in her behaviour and abilities is remarkable.

    Thank you all.
    One happy dad

  • Hi,
    I will always be eternally greatful to Dr Rodger Cudmore, Dr Paul May & the whole team at Alder Hey Children’s hospital.

    In 1980, I was born with, what was thought to be Cranial Stenosis. At six months old, I had major surgery, to relieve the pressure on my brain. This was performed by the amazing and talented, Dr Roger Cudmore. I had regular visits to the hospital and look back with the fondest of gratitude for all that was done for me and the treatment, I received.

    At five years of age, another operation was needed. This time it was Dr Roger Cudmore and the magnificent Dr Paul May, who performed the operation.

    I always remember Dr Paul May, for always wearing a bow tie. Dr Roger Cudmore always had a soft and friendly smile. I knew I would be in safe hands with these Fanastic Drs, who oh so often went beyond the extra mile.

    I remained a patient, until at the age of ten years. Which is when I was discharged, with no further operation needed. Plastic surgery was on offer, for when I was an adult, but I have learned to love the face, I was given.

    Due to medical advances, I now know the condition is called Seathre Chotzen Syndrome.

    At thirty three, I live a happy & healthy life and continue to be greatful for my life, that was saved by Dr Roger Cudmore & Dr Paul May & the team at Alder Hey Children’s hospital. Forever in my heart xxxxx

  • I had my first operation when I was 15 months old, my second at 9 and my last at 11, my family were told I would never walk talk or see, I am now typing this while talking to my lovely family after a long walk to the shops today. Without the help from Mr May, Dr Duncan, The rest of the Cranial facial team and my fabulous family I would not be doing any of the things I am achieving today, I am now 17 and my experiences have encouraged me to want to help other people, I am now training to be a makeup artist helping people who don’t feel beautiful feel it, because to me, everyone is beautiful, I wouldn’t be without my head being the way it is, so thank you Cranial facial team and everyone else for what you have done for me.

  • My son had
    surgery last year and is awaiting further treatment.Dr Duncan is absolutely brilliant ,such an approachable lovely man and I have to really thank him and his team for the great care we have received so far.The lady on this picture (sorry dont remember her name but i will call her Angel) is also a Super human being,she goes the extra mile and made us feel so supported and safe following surgery.I am indebted to their kindness.Thank you

  • Hi just a note to say my son Jordan who is now 21 is doing well in his life, this is due to the fantastic team at Aldher Hey, i will always have a spot in my heart for Paul May and his team, my son was admitted some 20 years ago now, hope this email reaches the right department, what they did for Jordan was out of this world, it was a humbling experience,
    kindest regards
    Stephen Rose

  • Sorry no my last operation was done at alder hey i was going to have it done at fazakerley as i was 16yrs old but because i was always treated at alder hey since i was 7yrs old i had it there. The doctor who done my last surgery was dr christian duncan

  • I have memories of dr paul may, he did my 1st major operation on my my head when i was 7yrs old. He also done a few more after then. He was so friendly and kind to me and my mam. My operations were done at alder hey childrens hospital apart from my last one which was done at fazakerley and was done by a different surgeon. I have a form of exostosis on my head and after countless operations some major, the exostosis still came back.

  • Kate was born with a high hair line which unfortunately left her forehead looking prominent. After suffering torment and bullying at school as she approached her teenage years, Kate decided to under-go surgery with Dr Duncan & his peer / fellow Dr Stephano. (Hope this is spelt right). Kate’s quality of life has subsequently been transformed. We are so grateful that there are such wonderful people who can make such a difference in this world. Thank You Dr Duncan.

  • My son Tate had craniofacial surgery when he was 5 months old. I was petrified, my mum was dying at the same time. Paul May and Joan were amazing. My Tate had his surgery and recovered very quickly! Sadly my mum passed away. Tate was discharged when he was 5. He is now a very handsome 15 year old, who loves football, wrestling! He’s doing really well in school. So I know when you first find out your baby needs an operation how scared you are but they are such a fabulous team and your baby will be in safe hands. God bless x

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