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Cardiac Services - Alder Hey Heart Centre

cardiacThe Heart Centre at Alder Hey is the referral centre for the treatment of congenital heart defects in North West England, North Wales and Isle of Man. We are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for every patient, combining up-to-date technology, compassion and a family-centered approach.

The Heart Centre is one of the largest programs in the UK and Europe. Each year, our surgeons perform more than 500 procedures with a success rate above the national average.

Congenital Heart Disease Patient Experience Survey

As part of a nation wide survey we are asking Alder Hey patients to take a few minutes to fill in the Congenital Heart Disease Patient Experience Survey here.

The survey will help drive improvements in the services we provide. We would like to hear your thoughts about the quality of the hospital and the care you received during your recent hospital/clinic experience.

Tell us what you think about our services

Please take this short Alder Hey survey, which will help us to improve cardiac services at Alder Hey.

Your comments and experiences

  • Thanks to this amazing team I still have my baby today !
    My son was born with tetralogy of
    Fallots this wasn’t something we was prepared for , his condition consisted of 4 heart defects , 2 holes a overriding aotar and a narrowing of the arterie , we went home from birth after discovering albis condition with the idea we would have months before any procedure was needed at one week old albi was rushed to alder hey with surspected “spells” luckily albi only started to have his true “spells” once arriving at alder hey , he spent a week on 1c were the staff were amazing each of them , I felt like my concerns and input was listened too and albis care was always second to non we was then transferd to picu as albi demanded his operation a lot sooner than anticipated there we spent 9 days as my baby was only 2 weeks old I felt very uncomfortable leaving him for the first time at night as understandably you are unable to sleep with your child on icu but after seeing how the nurses were with my baby I felt they gave him the love and care I would as a mother and felt he was in the best hands , albi kept all the nurses on there toes but each day made massive amounts of recovery, we then went back to 1c were they had missed him very much and was glad to see my little “smurf” although he wasnt blue like one anymore ! We are now 2 weeks post opp and we have our little man home !
    I cannot stress enough how eternally greatful we are to all the staff and not forgetting our amazing surgical team who fixed his little heart ❤️ without them I wouldn’t have my little baby in my arms now !
    And without the generous mac house we couldn’t have been so close to him wile on picu as we live a hour away so we cannot thank them enough either !
    We now look forward to coming back next week for his follow up appointment 😊

  • Our son Harrison was diagnosed with a heart defect earlier this year at the hospital and was subsequently operated on to have a PDA device fitted. From the first consultation right through to the operation itself and recovery on Ward 1C every member of staff who liased with Harrison were amazing. We cannot thank the hospital enough for their care and attention and for Dr Ian Peart who operated on him. Truly wonderful staff and such a positive experience for us X

  • My little boy was born with a large VSD & has open heart surgery at the age of 5 & a half months old. Carrying him to theatre was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. The care & compassion we received in Alder Hey was outstanding. We are so lucky to have this fantastic hospital on our doorstep! My son is now a very lively 7 year old who is doing great thanks to our hero Ram, Joyce Lim & all the theatre/icu & cardiac ward staff xx

  • My son sam was born 1999 and had open heart surgery at 10 months old and 10 years old it was a gruelling 13 hour operation bd they worked on my son for that long it was prem and doctor gladman two outstanding amazing people , we visited not long ago because my Sam got pneumonia sepsis and endocarditis from a viral infection and couldn’t believe how amazing the new hospital is . He is having his third open heart surgery any time soon we have his pre op on 16 jan . Amazing hospital amazing surgeons amazing nurses and amazing cleaning staff really friendly professional people absolute credit to the nhs 💙💙💙💙 thankyou from us all also a big shout out for the Ronald McDonald house couldn’t of done it without them such a special place with amazing staff

  • I have just had my 20th birthday, and was released from Alder Hey on my 15th Birthday after having aortic surgery. I doubt i’d be here without the staff at Alder Hey.

  • Our little man had Hypoplastic Aortic Arch, large muscular ventricular septal defect, coarctation of aorta and multiple vsds. We unfortunately didn’t know in pregnancy and only found out when he collapsed just over a week after he was born.

    It was heartbreaking to hear a doctor tell us as they desperately tried to stabilise him that he might not make it, it was the worst day of our lives. He was then transferred to Manchester where we found out he had Congenital Heart Disease, and then he went onto to Alder Hey. He had open heart surgery at 2 wks old where we spent an agonising 7 hrs waiting while he was in surgery. It was horrendous being told that your little baby was having an operation never mind being on a bypass and having to stop his little heart 🙁 We then spent 3 wks in hospital with him. They couldn’t fix the VSD’s so he now has a PA band and will need another operation in the future.

    He’s now 14 weeks old and a happy chappy 🙂 and we can’t thank the NHS enough! They were all amazing from the resus team at Blackburn, the specialised NWTS team that transported him, the talented surgeons who fixed his heart and saved his life, PICU team who cared for him with his own nurse 24 7, the cardiac ward team where the nurses walked him around and nursed him day and night as he was withdrawing from sedatives, and the Ronald McDonald house who put us up for nothing!

  • My sister was born with severe ASD, the cardiac team at Alder Hey have worked with her closely to improve her health. Thank you Alder Hey for all you have done for my family and for every other family that requires your care.

  • My son Oliver was born 13/05/2017 3 weeks early weighing 5lb 10oz and has spent all of his life so far in Alder Hey. He has pulmonary atresia, large VSD and double outlet right ventricle.
    Oliver was diagnosed with the condition antenatally prior to the 20 week scan. We were told by leading cardiac experts the severity of his condition lies at 9-10/10. 10 being the most severe. So far in his short life Oliver has underwent 4 open heart surgeries, spent over 5 weeks in ICU and now is recovering in 1c. The dedication and love the whole team at Alder Hey have for all the children is just so heart warming. I cannot thank the surgeons, doctors, nurses and everyone else for saving my little boys life. There is still a massive long way to go before Oliver coming home as he is dependant on oxygen but I will forever be eternally grateful to this amazing hospital and all its employees.

  • This hospital is absolutely fantastic!! My son was born with a congenital heart defect called tetralogy of fallot and he got transferred from st Mary’s, Manchester to alder Hey and Mr atillio lotto inserted a BT shunt and saved his life, the next day my son went into cardiac arrest going onto life support then his appendix burst.. He’s doing great now all tho he will be coming back down Alder Hey for the full repair but its all thanks to alder hey that he’s doing so great, lots of love sent from Steven Bramhall.

  • My 3yr old son had an ASD closed this week. The care we have received by the cardiac surgical team has been amazing. I will never be able to thank you all enough for ensuring my little boy was safe and extremely well looked after at all times. I have worked in the NHS for 17yrs and can truly say the service you provide is outstanding. Thank you all 💙

  • Hi I’m a hole in the heart baby in 1956/57 I think I wose the first baby in England in Liverpool holder hay

  • I was born in Glan Clwyd Hospital, Bodelwyddyn in 1996. Within 12 hours of being born, I was rushed by ambulance to Alder Hey, and diagnosed with an ASD and Pulmonary Atresia. I had my ASD repaired aged 6 in Alder Hey and the team were fantastic. I turned 20 on New Years Eve last year, and have been transferred to Broad Green Heart and Chest Hospital, where I continue to be treated by Dr Ian Peart. The hospital, and all the staff have a place in my heart and I cannot be more grateful to them for making the last 20 years so much easier. Big thank you to the Cardiac team!xxx

  • Hi my name is Sonya. i am 21yrs old. i was born with a serious heart condition and was rushed to alder hey from Rochdale when every other hospital in my area had given up on me. i am so grateful to alder hey as i am only alive because of their care. i had to have a fontan procedure which is 3 open heart surgeries. my parents were with me whilst i was at alder hey and they rate this hospital and staff as the best…..thank you so much for everything…..i am ever so grateful xxx

  • We were referred to Alder Hey following a number of consultations on my son’s chest condition; pectus excavatum. He has just had the Nuss procedure. I wanted to share the share our outstanding experience with the team. Ram Dhannapuneni and his wider surgical and support teams were fantastic in helping my 15 year old to weigh up his choices and then support him through the procedure. We were humbled by the dedication and warmth of the team working with my son and also keeping us, his parents, informed of how things were going and what to expect. I can’t really overstate our gratitude to the brilliant and inspiring team in Cardiac Services. Thank you so much.

  • This is the first time for me here at Alder hey my son Frankie is now 9 months old we have been here since he was two month he’s had open heart surgery at 5 months old weighed about 7lb which is only a 1lb more than his birth weight to say we was scared that we wouldn’t see him again when he went for his surgery there’s no way to describe the feeling but thanks to the amazing surgeons cardiac team, gastro, ent, respiratory and the caring and fantastic team of nurses on icu,hdu (especially hdu), wards 1b and 4a who didn’t just do their duties professionally but also gave him love and went above and beyond what was expected from them out chunky little brave man wouldn’t be here today and this week we been told he’s ready to be discharged he can go home to his dad who’s been here a few times but due to work couldn’t be here all the time and his two older brothers and older sister have missed him loads and definitely his nannas and grandad and all the extended family we will genuinely be sad to leave all the family that we made at Alder hey behind but glad cos if it wasn’t for them well we will never know now thank you is just not enough for what you have done it really isn’t xxx

  • Lots of love and thanks to all the staff for looking after my little granddaughter Amelia Rose Beckenham and getting her through her heart surgery. She’s doing amazingly well and been signed off from Manchester Children’s Hospital for a year.

  • my daughter has been to alder hey twice and is due to go back in 2 weeks both my experiences there have been phenomenal they are all so caring and take any worries or questions you have on board i couldnt imagine going any where else for my daughter treatment i’ve never met a better bunch of nurses or doctors they are all astounding.

  • I just would like to say thankyou to everyone in the cardiac department for being so lovely and the amount of effort you give my daughter over the last 4 years I can’t thank you all enough, sadly she passed away not so long ago but if it wasn’t for all your efforts and kindness I wouldn’t of had the memories I have of her, thankyou to you all, God bless you all

  • Our son Finlay was born with a CHD but it was not diagnosed until 3 weeks of age when he suddenly became a very poorly baby. He was rushed by ambulance to Alder Hey and we stayed in Ronald MacDonald House for 2 weeks to be close to our baby boy. The cardiac team confirmed his Hypoplastic Aortic Arch and repaired it during 6 hours of open heart surgery. Everyone we met at Alder Hey was amazing and we will never forget how they saved out little boy’s life. He is now 4 years old and will start big school in September this year. He is a happy healthy little boy and we will be forever grateful to the amazing staff at Alder Hey children’s hospital for everything they did.

  • Helpful staff in the foyer because check in screen is set up for car park entrance. Gave up on parking because of queue at multi story entrance.
    Then quite a hike up to cardiology on the second floor and seen very quickly by Dr Lim with tests and more tests.
    Shame hospital lay out is so incredibly poor. Ophthalmology ( kids being clumsy with eye patches and drops) next to Cardiology ( kids with chest wounds and monitors) outpatients waiting was not ideal.
    Also direction signs were far too small for worried parents and grandparents. Cardiac ward is miles from the outpatients which is bad for service delivery.
    Architect and design team get 0/10.

  • My Daughter Rebecca was rushed to Alderhay almost 21 years ago when she was born with a congenital heart defect . She had surgery at a few days ols and at 8 months old .She is now all grown up at university and well and happy. I cant thank you all enough. The ITU team, theatre team, Mr Pozzi, Dr Peart and wards that took good care of her. To anyone who is just starting out on what is a scary journey, have hope that one day in 21 years time you will be typing a similar letter of thanks.

  • I was born in 1995 with a transposition of the great arteries. I am now almost 21 and am forever grateful to the doctors and nurses who saved my life. I will also forever feel good knowing how warm and safe the department made my family feel while I was ill. Thank you Alder Hey and your amazing team for making such a big difference on one small baby girl’s life.

  • My son Jamie has been a patient at Aldey Hey for 16 years during which time he had open heart surgery. He had a Ross Operation and the surgery was done by Mr Pozzi and his Doctors were Dr D Kitchener and Dr J Lim. I have mixed emotions today as today was his last visit to Alder Hey as he will go onto adult services. I will be eternally grateful to the doctors and nurses at this remarkable hospital who cared for him so well. Words can’t covey how grateful I am. Thank you Alder Hey

  • My daughter Ella was born sept 2014 with pulmonary atresia vsd she spent 7 months in alder hey and has been very poorly. She had a bt shunt when she was a week old. The staff on k2 and picu have been brilliant!! I could never thank them enough. Ella’s heart stopped when she was 4 weeks old and she was put on ecmo that day ram and prem saved her life!! They are amazing. Ella’s next heart surgery is due very soon and Iam sure she will once again be well looked after!! Thank you alder hey

  • Back in 2011 my 12 day old son had open heart surgery performed by Dr Nelson alphonso and his team. What amazing miracle workers these loving caring people are. My son had corrected arterial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, truncus arteriosus and interrupted aortic arch all in one grueling 9hour operation. Two days later when he had his heart closed he suffered tachycardia and had cardiac arrest. For a second time Nelson saved my son’s life. Now 4 he is doing amazing and is on no meds and is doing beyond all his Dr’s expectations. We will be back for more surgery but I hope this won’t be for a very long time as we were told he’d need more surgery by the age of two. He’s double that so let’s triple it!

  • My 4 month old son Evan had a four day stay on ward 1C last week following a VSD repair once he came off ICU. The staff were amazing and made our stressful stay much easier to deal with. I cannot praise the staff enough especially the nurses who were so lovely to Evan and us while he was on the ward. Thank you all so much.

  • In March 2014 at 5 weeks old our son Lewis was taken to our local hospital with a rapid heart rate of 269bpm. Within hours Lewis was sedated and rushed to Alder Hey intensive care unit where he was diagnosed with a rare form of a Super Ventricular Tachycardia.
    Everything was explained clearly to us and the care Lewis received both in intensive care and on ward K2 was 110%.
    We stayed at Ronald McDonald House for the following 2 weeks which we are extremely grateful for as we live 1 1/2 hours away.
    We now visit Alder Hey every 6 months for a check up, we were asked if we would like to transfer to our local hospital but we have so much trust in Alder Hey we continue to go there.
    We cannot thank Dr Gladman and all the amazing staff enough as they saved our son’s life and we will be forever grateful 🙂

  • My daughter linzi had open heart surgery to close asd hole on the 9th sep 2015 , performed by ram denapanneni

  • One year ago, my Klara had heart surgery thanks Alderhey children, s NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool and especially K2 Ward nurses, surgeon Prem Venugopal and doctor Gordon Gladman and all thanks to which my daughter is alive! Thank you Jesus for these wonderful people!
    naprawde to jest magiczne ze zycie jest takie cenne! dziekuje!

  • 20 oct 2009 I gave birth to my baby boy who was perfect an unexpected home birth but all was ok Until he would pink up and stated mottled and blue, so 6 hours later we were sent to hospital to have test done to find out our baby boy was poorly and had a congenital heart defect my world fell apart there an then never had I heard of this Until this point people who were old and of bad health had heart problems?!?!, as it’s not made aware enough,
    He was settled and put on oxygen and life support machine as our hospital just wasn’t good enough to deal with this so we was tramsfered to alder hay! Before this a consultant from alder hay came to visit me at our hospital as he lived local and explained everything to us! This was dr gladman he really put us at ease!
    He was then transfered and we followed him up there ware he spent the next week being looked after by the amazing staff on k2, at 7 days old 27 oct 2009 he went to surgery for an operation to save his life, the op should of been 6-8 hours but with complications it became 11 hours! But finally it was done and we got to visit our baby boy he was stable his chest open but within 6 days he made unbelievable progress enough to be allowed home all thanks to the fantastic staff her at alder hay!
    Through this tough time we lived an hour away and the Ronald McDonald house put us up witch we are very grateful for as we couldn’t of been there as much! So it made out life so much easier!
    We was offered to be transfered back to a local hospital for yearly visits with the cardiologist but I feel at ease and safe with the staff here and is worth the travel to get the fantastic care you receive here!
    I’m truely grateful to all staff who helped with feidhelm

  • As child I was treated at Alder Hey. There are no words to describe the warmth and assistance that was provided. I would like to say thank you to everyone.

    It is truly emotional writing this message because my mother is no longer here. She stayed with me through thick and thin. Even though she knew very little English she was able to communicate with the nurses and doctors. She communicated for me and was my strength during my operations since 1989 until I reached 18.

    Alder Hey staff are remarkable and they truly deserve the praise.

  • I was 6 months old with a open heart surgery and a recovery after having 3 chances to live on the table terrible feeling of process pain and it was worth it I stayed up in Liverpool for 2 weeks and 5 days

  • My daughter mia-rose was diagnosed with a heart defect at birth, at first we thought it was just a minor heart murmur that would most likely heal its self, unfortunately we were wrong she had a condition called “tetralogy of fallot” which is 4 things wrong with the hear and she needed to have open heart surgery that would basically save her life and give her a longer life span she had surgery at alder hey hospital on the 11th February 2015&it has changed my little girls life before the operation all she done was sleep and because she had no energy at all but now she is extremely energetic, mia-rose will have her heart condition for the rest of her life and will most like need to under go more operations throughout her life&has to have a echo scan every 3 months at the cardiac clinic at alder hey were the nursers and her doctors are extremely helpful.

  • my son Jude was brought into K2 one day old on 11.3.15 with transposition of the great arteries with vsd and asd I’ll never forget each one of you for looking after us for the rest of my life the care was outstanding from all. Forever in debt to you

    Special thanks to Prem
    The surgeon, mc house and a particular nurse who stood out for me called Nia she’s a credit to alder and nurses and really made a difficult time much more at ease for me. Your all doing an amazing job forever greatful. You can see the care of these children is important to you and not just a job these people genuinely care and want the best for you.


  • What more can I say than they saved my son’s life he was transfered to alderhey at just 15hrs old with a undiagnosed heart defect he underwent open heart surgery at 13 days old witch I may add was a great success the cardiac team did and still do all they can for zak to ensure he has a happy healthy normal life zak is 5 yrs old and is a happy little boy I can’t thank the cardiac team at alderhey enough

  • Outstanding levels of care by all involved in Cardiac unit. April 2009 my son Aiden born with transposition of major arteries. Switch operation successful, as well as other issues I’m not sure of medical terms for. Dr Nelson Alphonso was so humble and he and all his team performed to the heights of their professions. How lucky we are to have this service of dedication, kindness, empathy, understanding and above all professionalism. To all involved with this hospital and all it does from the top to the bottom a huge heartfelt thankyou. Aiden is now 6 and a healthy happy boy. We are now back at Alder Hey on the Oncology section as my 10 yr old daughter has Ewings Sarcoma, all the above thanks for staff there also especially Dr James Hayden who explained, at my request, to my daughter the nature and procedure required to cure her when I just couldn’t find the words, and in a way a child could understand without scaring her. Nothing but respect for you all. X

  • My little boy who was born June 2013 was born with a heart condition 5 weeks old critical aortic stenosis with fluid on his lungs and heart failure on his left side . He was close to the word I don’t want to use . He got rushed to alder hey childrens hospital where people actually new what they was doing unlike the people at Oldham hospital who falsely diagnosed my dying baby . At alder hey we got introduced to dr gladman . And thank The Lord we did he saved my sons life . With the balloon dilation of the aortic valve . My ants now 19 month old waking talking baby talk and growing very well . Thanks to dr gladman. I do still live with major fear for my boys health but dr gladman reassures me every time and does not beat around the bush says it exactly as it is . Thanks you so much ! <3

  • i wouid to think dr Gordon gainmen.For looking and care for gemma

  • I wouid like to think Dr gordon gaiman for look and careing for my
    baby gemma latham love ü can we. Be good friends

  • My son Thomas was diagnosed with a CompleteAVSD at 4 weeks old after a 2 month stay in Alder Hey he was operated on at 12weeks we finally made it home at the end of June. We have always opted to have Thomas’ check ups at Alder Hey as we have such a good relationship with his consultant. Thomas had his second open heart in March this year. This was more stressfull as Thomas was more aware being 9 and scared but the staff did all they could to help. The staff on K2 are brilliant some of whom we remembered from our previous visit nine years earlier and they also remembered us. Thomas has a fantastic consultant Dr Lim and any concerns we have she is a call away, and she is always quick to respond to each and every one. Thomas has no fear of going for check ups as she is so friendly and explains things in a way he can understand.

  • Watching pride of Britain
    my pride of Britain is all concerned with the cardiac unit, marvellous job you all do xx

  • My son was in 01 clinic for his yearly check up on thurs 2nd Oct, I would like to thank all of the doctor’s and nurses and anyone else who helped when luke passed out on the corridor floor, I was in a state of shock and was no good to anyone. Once all the commotion was over we wete sent home with luke on a monitor. We came back on fri 3rd oct for luke to have monitor taken off. We were reassured by Gordon gladman and were acknowledged by all staff who were there at the time. At the time on fri they were opening the new cardiac rooms and dr gladman took luke into the room to use the new equipment. Luke was so happy when we left and ithink this helped withwhat had happened on thursday. Thanks to all involved xx

  • Three words for the cardiac doctors and nurses (K2), amazing, outstanding and brilliant! My son Rayyan has now been through his second stage surgery. Please do keep up the great work and a huge THANKYOU from family and friends.

  • My son had a large mal-aligned VSD. He had open heart surgery on the 10th September 2012 at just 5 months old. He is now a happy healthy little boy and i can not thank the surgeons and all the staff enough, they were amazing! Thankyou so much x

  • I first met Dr Gladman in Manchester Jan 1999 when my son was diagnosed with a heart defect, where he was then transferred to Alder Hey for a heart operation. It was a big shock to find out what was wrong with him. Since his operation we seen Dr Gladman for his check ups at Manchester and Bolton Hospitals. About 3 years later I moved are. When we got an appointment to see someone at Alder Hey I was very pleased to find out He would still see Dr Gladman as he moved hospitals. If it was not for Dr Gladman detecting what was wrong with him then he would not be with us today. Dr Gladman told us he he might not reach a teenager and if he does he will need a heart and lung transplant. Christian is now 15 and has been lucky enough that either has happened.
    Thank you Dr Gladman and all staff from me

  • Our son Samuel was born with CAVSD and had this repaired by Drs Corno & Alphonso back in Sep 2008. In Oct 2008 he had a pacemaker fitted by Dr Peart and although he is on Warfarin until he can have a pigs valve fitted he leads a normal as possible healthy life. A big big thank you to all of the Cardiac team as well as all on ward K2 for your wonderful skills so as to enjoy our son for always. We have visited you in the past and will come again to visit this fantastic hospital not just as a patient but as our lifelong friends.

  • my son simon had cardiomyopathy when he 18 months old ,he had heart failure twice within 1 month ,i am trying ton get a hold of his medical records from 1986 to 1996,he was a very sick baby he is lucky to be a live thanks to the liverpool childrens hospital.

  • Iwould like to say thank you to all the cardiac team. My daughter Malk had surgery to open the valve in her heart since June 2006 after born about vive days her birth day 31\5\2006. The doctors and surgeons where so helpful and I appreciated how they informed you of everything that was going to happen. The nurses were amazing with the after care – always there to help

  • My daughter was born with multiple VSDs and coarctation of the aorta. She was transferred to Alder Hey for a life saving operation and months on she is doing brilliantly. I would like to thank everyone in the Cardiac department and Intensive Care Unit who played a part in saving my daughter’s life and looking after us too. We could never thank you enough.

  • I would like to say thank you to all the cardic team. My daughter Eiva had surgery to close three holes in her heart. The doctors and surgeons where so helpful and I appreciated how they informed you of everything that was going to happen. The nurses were amazing with the after care – always there to help.

    Gemma Ralphs

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