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audiologyThe Audiology team at Alder Hey provide numerous services to investigate, diagnose and treat hearing conditions.

We are able to:

  • Provide audiovestibular medicine services to investigate, diagnose and treat hearing loss or balance problems, led by consultant audiovestibular clinicians
  • Supply, fit and repair hearing aids
  • Provide Newborn Hearing Screening Services led by senior audiologists

Our commitment to you is to:

  • Provide a service that meets our patient’s individual needs
  • Be available to provide advice and reassurance whenever it is required
  • Provide support when coming to terms with a hearing loss
  • Ensure patients feel confident and happy with their hearing aids
  • Offer help whenever there are problems relating to hearing loss
  • Provide a service that works in partnership with health, education, social and voluntary services

Your commitment to us:

Please make every effort to attend appointments and be punctual. If you aren’t able to attend an appointment please let us know as soon as possible.

Department Opening Times

Monday to Thursday 9am to 4.30pm
Friday 9am to 4pm
Closed between 12.30pm and 1pm

Local Contacts

Education Support Services:

  • Liverpool : Judith Wilson Tel: 0151 225 6264 
  • Sefton: Daphne Mortimer Tel: 01704 882 850

Merseyside Society for Deaf People

Tel: 0151 228 0888 (Voice and Minicom) Fax: 0151 228 4872

Liverpool Deaf Children’s Society

Tel: 0151 280 7204

Speech and Language Therapy
Liverpool: Tel: 0151 300 8050
Sefton: Tel: 0151 521 4000
Please contact Alder Hey Audiology Department for details of your local Children’s Hearing Services Working Group.

Useful websites

Your comments and experiences

  • I had the pleasure of listening to Dr Soumit Dasgupta at the Alder Hey Study Day. As a professional working in the field of paediatric brain injury I was inspired by his enthusiasm for his patients and his profession. Brilliant!

  • Hi it’s joe again I moved to Rowan Park Teaching School u been there since 3 years and I only have hearing aid now but I didn’t like my impant in 2014 and I loved in my old school and Rowan Park School has Sensory rooms ball pool school age up to 3 to 19

  • Hi I have hearing and I used have 2 on my ears and they tested me say you need a operation for impant in my ear and I had since 2008 in Manchester hospital and I love Alder Hey so much and thanks again Alder Hey

  • I had a hearing test myself in the audiology department while I was a child here and I can safely say that it was great.

    Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the staff member who carried out the procedure – all I can remember is that it was a woman who was very friendly – but she was really nice and explained everything before she did anything.

    I had a pair of headphones on, and she asked me to tap the chair I was sitting on with a pen whenever I heard a noise which went well. She also apologised to me after I’d taken the headphones off, because they’d squashed my ears a bit, but they hadn’t hurt me.

  • my son Lincoln come to this department on a regular basis and I have to say the team know their stuff there amazing.

    The best in the world I would say Dr Dasgupta is brilliant as are his staff they cant do enough for you and Lincoln loves them all.

    I wouldn’t have him seen anywhere else when his hearing dropped (this has become a regular occurrence now) they seen him the next day arranged a MRI scan and a CT scan Blood tests the same day diagnosis and pioneering treatment and they managed to save his hearing and continue to do so.

    so from me Lincoln and the rest of our family Thank you all

  • On 1/7/2014 me and my son, Ben had an appointment with the new consultant Audiologist. He was so lovely and patient with my son who has Downs Syndrome, I came away from the appointment feeling positive and even Ben had a few laughs (although I’m not sure it helped them get a good reading on his hearing!)
    I have met a lot of Doctors at Alder Hey and have been lucky enough to have had a lot of positive experiences but meeting the New Constant yesterday was by far the best! (Unfortunately I didn’t catch his name). Thanks

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