Eating Disorder Young People's Service

Eating Disorder Young People's Service

Eating Disorder Young People's Service

Overview of the service

The Eating Disorder Young People’s Service (EDYs) started in April 2016 and provides treatment to children and young people with Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS) in Liverpool and Sefton. This dedicated Community-based service provides a timely access to multi-disciplinary assessment and intervention to children and young-people from across Liverpool and Sefton up to the age of 18.

The team is made up of the Service Lead, 1 Consultant Psychiatrist, 1 Consultant Paediatrician, 1 Clinical Psychologist working alongside an array of staff including dieticians, nurses, therapist and a support worker. Outpatient’s appointments will be held at Fresh CAMHS in Alder Hey or Burlington House, Waterloo.  We will always try and arrange your appointment at the most convenient location for you.

The EDYs team is a multi-disciplinary team which means we have a variety of different staff to help meet the needs of those referred to our service, providing care such as; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in individual assessment, dietetic advice and meal planning, physical reviews, family therapy and home visits if necessary.

Our team are closely linked with other Eating Disorder and Mental Health service throughout the North West, such as Young People’s Advisory Service (YPAS), Cheshire Eating Disorder Service (CHEDs) and Rathbone Adult Eating Disorder Service, for when patients are approaching 18 years of age.

Meet the team 

There is a number of difference clinicians involved in our team:

Clinical Lead - Vivienne Crosbie
Consultant Psychiatrist – Dr Raj Dhanushkodi
Consultant Paediatrician – Dr Francine Verhoeff    
Dietician – Adele Lloyd
Nurse Practitioner – Emily Conway
Assistant Psychologist – Heather Havlin
Support Worker – Charlene James
Specialist Systemic Family Therapist – Denise Swift 
Administrator – Dan Short
Locality Manager – Kate Walker

Description of Roles

Consultant Psychiatrist – The consultant Psychiatrist is responsible for periodic reviews of each case, as well as prescribing medication and reviewing patient’s medication. Our consultant Psychiatrist is also our clinical lead for the service. The Consultant is also responsible for overseeing and delivering evidence based treatment strategies for children and young persons (CYP) presenting with eating disorders. The role also includes delivering an adapted version of specialist supported clinical monitoring with a view to preventing inpatient admissions and supporting CYP to achieve meaningful physical and psychological recoveries in the community.

Consultant Paediatrician – The consultant Paediatrician is responsible for the physical health during your treatment with the Eating Disorder service. Providing consultations at regular intervals, the Paediatrician is responsible for making sure you are physically well during your treatment.

Clinical Psychologist – Our Clinical Psychologist tends to use therapy rather than medication and is responsible for overseeing the different therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). 

Dietician – The team’s dietician is responsible for providing dietetic input for patients in the Eating Disorder service. The dietician can also create meal plans, tailored to your needs, to ensure you are getting the correct nutrition. The dietician can also provide education around nutrition and calories.

Nurse Practitioner – The Nurse Practitioner provides a vital link between the Mental Health aspect and the Paediatric input within the service. The Nurse assists in assessments with other clinical staff, and also engages in individual work and provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Assistant Psychologist – the assistant psychologist provides low level intervention, including self-help work and work around body image. The assistant psychologist will also be responsible for the distribution, collection and input of the Routine Outcome Measures (ROMS) which you will be asked to complete at various points of your treatment.

Support Worker – Responsible for collecting additional information for new referrals received by the service. Also supports in appointments for other clinical staff, including Family Therapy, Nurse Consultations and Psychiatry appointments. The support worker will also be available for Home Visits, if deemed clinically necessary.

Systemic Family Therapist – the Systemic Family Therapist provides therapy that involves the entire family setting. 

Administrator – The administrator’s role includes receiving all referrals, contacting patients for appointments, typing clinical letters and liaising with other services when appropriate.

Information for health professionals

Telephone number: 0151 282 4911

Fax number: 0151 293 3698

Email details: 

The service can be contacted any time between 8 - 5, Monday to Friday.  

Referral process
Self-Referrals can be made by contacting the Single Point of Access Team (SPA) on 0151 293 3662.

Professionals can download the referral form here.

Referral form is available on EMIS.  Community workers (School Nurses etc.) can refer via the hyperlinked form.

Please fax to 0151 293 3698 / email to

Referral triage process
Once a referral is received, this will be clinically reviewed and triaged as appropriate.  We aim to see all urgent cases within 1 week of referral and routine cases within 4 weeks of the date of referral.

If you have any queries, please contact our Administrator on the above number, who will then deal with and redirect the call as appropriate.

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