Community services

Community services

Alder Hey runs a range of community services in Liverpool and Sefton.

Clinics are often held in schools, nurseries or at home, making it really easy to get to an appointment.

Care of Next Infant

The Care of Next Infant (CONI) scheme was set up by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (UK). It aims to support parents in caring for a subsequent child following a sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI). The term 'cot death' is no longer used as it was misleading and suggested that sudden infant death occurred only when a baby was asleep in their own cot, which is not the case.

Every year in the UK over 300 babies, the majority of whom appear to be perfectly healthy, will die suddenly and unexpectedly.

Whilst some can be explained after investigation, many cannot. Each one is a tragedy for the families affected.

Eligible families will usually be referred to the local CONI co-coordinator by the Midwife, ideally at the ‘booking’ visit. The CONI co-coordinator will make initial contact and offer a home visit.

There is evidence that specialist professional care and support for parents in the first few months of a new baby’s life can help alleviate anxiety. It can also be of value to families by providing an additional source of support and advice.

What CONI offers

The Care of Next Infant (CONI) scheme provides a range of support and advice for parents including:

  • Regular additional home visits by the family Health Visitor, so families can seek support and advice.
  • A symptom diary to record the baby’s health, which then can be discussed with the family Health Visitor.
  • The use of 'Baby Check' booklet to help decide when the baby should be examined by a Doctor.
  • Close monitoring of the baby's growth and the use of a Sheffield weight chart to detect changes quickly.
  • The loan of an apnoea monitor which picks up movements as the baby breathes.
  • One to one training for the family on infant resuscitation.
  • A room thermometer and guidance on infant bedding and clothing.
  • GP notification that the family is on the CONI scheme.
  • Support from the Community Paediatrician.

How to Enrol onto CONI Scheme

Families are eligible to be enrolled on the scheme if they meet one of the criteria below:

  • Either parent has previously experienced the sudden unexpected death of their child in infancy.
  • A family has a surviving child from a multiple birth, where one baby has died unexpectedly.

If you think you are eligible to be enrolled on the scheme but have not yet been referred, please discuss with your Midwife or Health Visitor.

Contact us

Please call us on 0300 7900 224, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm or leave a message outside these hours.

You can also email us at

Children's Audiology Services

Please visit the community service information tab on the Audiology service page.

Children's Community Matrons

Children's Community Matrons are experienced senior nurses and advanced practitioners who specialise in caring for children with complex health needs.

Your child’s community matron will be able to clinically examine your child and prescribe medication if required. A community matron will make sure your child’s journey of care is as smooth as possible. This will hopefully mean less duplication and fewer unnecessary trips to the hospital or doctor’s – saving you time and effort.

They will plan and coordinate ways of meeting all your child’s health and social care needs. Above all, your community matron is someone who is there for you and your child, and will make sure your views are heard, so you can feel in control when decisions are being taken about your child’s health.

They will act as your child’s ‘case manager’ – the single point of contact for care, and they are able to offer support or advice and will work closely with you and your child to plan and manage your child’s care and treatment. They will work alongside hospital and community based Paediatricians as well as your GP and the Children’s Community Outreach Team.

The community matron will also work in partnership with other professionals involved with your family, for example, Health Visitors, School Health Practitioners, Social workers, teachers and respite facilities to co-ordinate, manage and evaluate the package of care you receive.

The Community Matrons will be available to attend and support you during multi-disciplinary meetings or clinic appointments if you request.

You can expect your community matron to visit you each month if your child is well or there are no problems. If your child is unwell or you have concerns the community matron will visit more frequently.

As soon as you have any concerns/worries/queries about your child’s health or you have any concerns ring your community matron immediately

Contact us

Each matron has a mobile phone and can be contacted during working hours. There may be occasions when your matron may not be able to answer the telephone immediately. A message can be left on the voicemail and will be replied to as soon as conveniently possible.

Main office number: 0151 295 9700


If you have any concerns regarding your child’s health you will be able to contact the community matron who will either visit you at home or offer advice over the telephone.

The community matron will have good links with all the doctors involved in your child’s care and will be able to link in them with the aim to reduce hospital admissions. However if admission is unavoidable we will continue to support you and your child’s throughout the stay and support an early return home.

Children's Bladder & Bowel Service

Please visit the community service information tab on the Urology service page.

Children's Dietetic Service

Please visit the community service information tab on the Nutrition and Dietetics service page.

Occupational Therapy

Children's Physiotherapy Service

Speech and Language Therapy

Please visit the community service information tab on the Speech and Language Therapy service page.

Smithdown Children's Walk-in Centre

Smithdown Children's Walk-in Centre is specifically designed, for the care of children 0 - 15 years with minor injuries and minor ailments with access to an X-ray facility on site at the York Centre.

You do not need an appointment to attend the Walk-in Centre.

More than 90% of episodes of care are routinely completed at the Walk-in Centre. If the child cannot be treated then they will be referred to Alder Hey or their GP as appropriate. Smithdown Children’s Walk In Centre also takes referrals from GPs and other Walk in Centres. If the child could not be treated then they would be referred to either Alder Hey Hospital or their GP or the Walk In Centre. As with all Walk-in Centres: Children will be seen by an experienced nurse practitioner.

Find us

Smithdown Children's Walk-in Centre
Smithdown Road (near Asda Supermarket)
Liverpool L15 2LF

You can call the walk-in centre on 0151 285 4820. Car parking is available via Titherington Way.

Opening Times
  • 8am to 8pm: Monday to Friday
  • 10am to 4pm: Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. Please note Smithdown Children's Walk-in Centre is closed on Christmas Day.

X-Ray facilities are available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Willy Russell Centre

Please visit the community service information tab on the Willy Russell service page.

Vaccination and Immunisation

The Vaccination and Immunisation service exists to ensure the safe and effective delivery of all vaccine programmes within Liverpool and to maintain standards of clinical excellence. There are a variety of vaccinations that need to be given at specific points during childhood, in order to protect against disease in later life.

Some vaccinations will be delivered via the Health Visitor/Family Health Nurse and others by School Nurses e.g.

  • All baby and toddler vaccines
  • Pre-school boosters
  • Adolescent boosters, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio and Meningitis C vaccines
  • Human Papilloma Virus vaccine for Year 8 girls
  • Catch up programmes for children who have missed some vaccines

The Vaccination and Immunisation service coordinates the school programmes, along with the School Nurse team leaders.


Find us

Vaccination sessions will be held at a variety of clinics, children’s centres and GP surgeries throughout Liverpool.

Childhood Immunisation clinics are often discussed during an appointment with the Health Visitor and the nearest clinic and times may be written in the child’s red book or entered in the child’s eRedbook. Parents should contact their named Health Visitor or GP for further details of Immunisation clinics.


Referral Information

  • Consent to Immunisation form generally completed at first Health Visitor review
  • Child Health system will then automatically generate childhood immunisation appointments
  • Individuals new to the Country are assessed and immunised by specialist Health Visitors
  • GP surgery can also supply vaccines for new residents and monitor the population to provide other adult vaccinations at appropriate times
  • TB team specialise in Tuberculin skin tests and targeted BCG vaccination. The contact number for the TB team is 0151 295 3874. The team will send TB Service Referral forms out to Health Care Practitioners wishing to refer patients to the service. However, the skin tests and BCG vaccination for Occupational or travel purposes are no longer provided by this service but by the Well Travelled Clinic, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, L3 5QA. Phone number:0151 705 3223.

Changes to Recommendations: Administration of Multiple Live Vaccines

Public Health England have released new evidence based guidelines on the administration of live vaccines. In the majority of cases, the old 4 week rule of thumb is no longer applicable except for MMR & Varicella/Zoster, which must be administered either on the same day or 4 weeks apart.

Yellow Fever and MMR must not be administered on the same day but 4 weeks apart (except for emergency cover, give the 2nd MMR after the 4 week period).

More information is available from the Public Health England website.

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