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What to expect

What to expect at Alder Hey in the ParkOur staff see many families regularly and have built great relationships with them, but if you haven’t visited us before, you’d probably like to know a bit about us and some information about what you can expect when you get here.

What makes us different?

We don’t just care for children, we care for families. We know that whether it’s a routine outpatient appoint or an overnight stay in hospital, we are here to look after the whole family. Coming to hospital can be a scary thought, so that’s why we place such importance on things like art and play.

Why might you be referred to Alder Hey?

Although many of our patients come from the North West and North Wales, we treat children and young people from all over the UK and beyond. We’re a children’s hospital, so you may be referred to us because our staff are specialists in children’s health.

Things to think about if your child is being admitted for treatment, day case surgery or an operation…

  • Check your admission letter – if your child is being admitted for an operation it’s really important to follow the instructions about starving – it will be cancelled if they aren’t starved. We ask you to starve your child as it is unsafe to have an anaesthetic after eating or drinking. Food or drink can enter a child’s lungs causing potentially life threatening complications if they are not starved properly.
  • Certain procedures carry an increased risk if the patient is pregnant. All hospitals, including children’s hospitals, are required to check for pregnancy before carrying out procedures such as anaesthesia and surgery. This applies to girls aged 12 years or older.
  • Make sure your child has removed all jewellery, nail varnish and makeup – it can interfere with medical equipment
  • Make a list of what you might need to bring whilst you’re in hospital
  • For most surgical procedures, your child will be able to wear their own pyjamas, as long as they are made from cotton and have no metal fasteners
  • Food is allowed on the surgical day case ward but only for patients who have had their operations
  • For day case surgery, you’re welcome to bring another adult to wait with you but we’re short on space so please only bring one person

What to expect when you’re coming to us for…

Or you might be looking to read about preparing for an operation, or going to theatre.

Please be aware – Alder Hey is a no smoking site

Alder Hey is a no smoking site - inside and outAlder Hey in the Park is a no smoking site, that means you can’t smoke anywhere –  inside and outside.

If you want to smoke you have to leave the Alder Hey campus completely and go to the public roads.  If you do smoke on site you will be asked to stop.

If you are a smoker please prepare yourself in advance for not being able to smoke while you are with us.

Exposure to second hand smoke can have serious health consequences for young patients, families and staff and cigarette butts spoil the environment at our new hospital. We thank all our visitors in advance for not smoking on site.

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