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Finding your way around

Alder Hey in the ParkAlder Hey is one of the biggest children’s hospitals in Europe, so we know finding where you need to be is an important part of preparing for your visit.

Clear wayfinding and support is available around Alder Hey in the ParkThe main entrance to the hospital is on East Prescot Road, and if you are visiting by car you should use this route to access the multi-storey car park which has a direct entrance into the hospital, unless you are visiting the Emergency Department, which has a separate entrance off Eaton Road.

Next to the Emergency Department is an alternative entrance into the atrium.

The atrium is the main area of the building where you’ll find the main reception, shops and outpatient check-in consoles, as well as directions to wards and departments.

Please be aware – Alder Hey is a no smoking site

Alder Hey is a no smoking site - inside and outAlder Hey in the Park is a no smoking site, that means you can’t smoke anywhere –  inside and outside.

If you want to smoke you have to leave the Alder Hey campus completely and go to the public roads.  If you do smoke on site you will be asked to stop.

If you are a smoker please prepare yourself in advance for not being able to smoke while you are with us.

Exposure to second hand smoke can have serious health consequences for young patients, families and staff and cigarette butts spoil the environment at our new hospital. We thank all our visitors in advance for not smoking on site.

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