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Your feedback

  • Samera Naji from Allerton "waiting time"
    Department: D1 Outpatients Clinic Date of visit: 30/3/16

    Just a thought but would it not be better to have a two tier waiting system for blood test where 10 and under are directed to one room and 0ver 10 to another. The younger children understandably take longer to test while the older children are in an out in minuites. This would prevent a back log and nurses could then take pacients from the other age group if they have any spare time. I suggest this as we waited 2 hours to be seen today and I think it could have been avoided if there had been a two tier system or at least give it a go. Thank you.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thank you for getting in touch Samera, and sorry your experience didn’t meet the high standard we would expect. Thanks for sending us your idea – we are always looking for ways to improve services for patients and families and have sent your message to the service manager for this area. If you have any further comments please do get in touch with our PALS (Patient Advice & Liaision Service) team at

  • Rachel Stanley from Widnes "very disapointed, see senario below-PALS involved"
    Department: phlebotomy Date of visit: 17/3/16

    I was very disappointed by some of the staff attitudes on my first visit to your hospital today. I attended outpatients with my son who has Autism and is hearing impaired. Following an assessment by the doctor, my son required bloods taken, and we were asked to go to the ground floor blood clinic and hand in some labels. We handed in our labels and sat in the waiting room . After 30 minutes I enquired how many patients were before me, as my son was becoming a little stressed with the noise in the waiting area, and that he hadn’t had any numbing cream applied. I was told that patients are not seen in any particular order, and that it wasn’t her job to offer me cream, its up to me to ask when I handed the labels in. I then went into the blood clinic and spoke to a nurse, explained the situation, and requested the cream to be applied to my son. Again I was told it was up to me to ask and that generally most children don’t need the cream. I explained this was my first visit to the hospital , and that my son is autistic and very anxious about having blood taken. While waiting for the cream to work, I asked if there was a sensory room or quiet area we could wait as he was becoming more distressed by the noise in the waiting area, but I was just told that there wasn’t any suitable area to wait. When my son eventually had his blood taken, the staff were pleasant and professional but despite being informed that he was autistic and was very nervous, no play/distraction therapist attended. The reception staff and nurse spoke to me in a patronising and condescending manner and appeared to have no autism awareness, or even demonstrate basic understanding for a first time visitor to your hospital. I appreciate there may be a breakdown in communication between clinics, perhaps the cream could have been applied in outpatients, or I could have been informed that I had to ask as soon as I gave my labels into the blood clinic, or even an information sign in blood clinic reception informing patients that they need to ask as soon as they book in if they require cream for their child. There is no excuse for the way I was spoken to, and given the fact that my son has autism, we had an unnecessary extra half hour wait. It would perhaps be a good idea to highlight on any forms that a child has autism, so staff can be prepared, and include autism awareness training for all staff.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Rachel. Firstly, thanks very much for your detailed feedback and thanks for taking the time to get in touch. Please rest assured we take patient experience very seriously. We are currently looking at ways we can improve the experience of visiting Alder Hey in the Park for children with autism and hope your next visit is much more positive. Your comments have been passed to our PALS team who are a good point of contact if you do have further issues. You can also contact them directly at

  • Paige from Crewe "5 star"
    Department: Endocrinology Date of visit: 10-03-16

    I visited the endocrinology department with my daughter for a 4 hour hormone measuring blood test. Every single member of staff was lovely and welcoming. They made us feel comfortable and provided many toys for our daughter. Also, offered us a free dinner at the end of our appointment. I can’t praise the doctors and nurses enough. They were all brilliant and the new hospital is fantastic. The hospital has offered to transfer my daughter to a hospital closer to where we live, but Alderhey is completely worth the travel and I will always choose to stay here. Fantastic!!

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Paige – thanks very much for your feedback, it’s great to hear you and your daughter had a positive experience here!

  • Brian Ainsworth from Blackburn "Excellent "
    Department: D1 Outpatients Clinic Date of visit: 01/03/2016

    Great staff as normal only negative was you now check in on arrival at main door , then told on the screen to go to outpatient, where we checked in again!! This time told to go all the way back for an X-Ray !! which was next to where we started.. Could the 1st check in not have send us to X-Ray department?

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Brian. Now we’re settled into our new hospital we’re looking for ways to improve patient experience even more so this is really useful feedback. Thanks for getting in touch.

  • Phil from Liverpool "Professional and friendly"
    Department: Emergency Department (A&E) Date of visit: 2nd February 2016

    Thank you the staff in A&E on Tuesday night. Regardless of the fact that there was a emergency and other more sick children in the waiting room, the doctor that we saw (i wish I had taken her name) was very thorough and patient with our daughter Florence. A five star experience and the new hospital looks fantastic. Thank you.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thank you Phil for your kind words, it’s fantastic to hear you had a positive experience in the Emergency Department and we hope Florence is feeling much better now

  • Jan from AED "Dissapointed"
    Department: Emergency Department (A&E) Date of visit: 10/12/2015

    Why has no consideration been given to the privacy and dignity of our children on entering AED in the new build? My son was distraught by me sharing the delicate reason of his attendance in front of 2 different lines of people. No screen, no cubicle, no suitable distance away from the crowd.
    Our children deserve the same level of privacy and respect of dignity as you and I.
    Please rectify this before another child is emotionally traumatised.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding to your message. We’re sorry to hear your experience of our Emergency Department was not of the high standard we expect. Since our move to Alder Hey in the Park we have been continuously looking at ways we can improve the experience for our patients and their families and your message has been forwarded to the manager of the Emergency Department. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch; if you do have any further comments please contact the PALS (Patient Advice & Liaison Service) team at

  • Katie Gardiner from Preston "Hospital Amazing - Entrance & Exit to Car Park less so"
    Department: Outaptients Date of visit: 03/12/15

    As a frequent visitor to the old and new hospital I am full of praise for both places. My only complaint about the new hospital is the entrance and exit to the car park. As a driver of a large disability vehicle the entrance and exit sites are very tight with high curbs either side. Why is it necessary to have such high curbs, can they be lowered to make life easier? The only other problem with the car park is the monitoring of the disabled spaces, i have witnessed on more than one occasion the disabled spots being abused my non blue badge holders, i suggest a better enforced policy to issue car parking tickets as there is nothing to deter anyone from parking in them.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Katie thanks for your message. We are aware there are issues around the multi-storey car park for some wheelchair accessible vehicles. As an alternative please use the Eaton Road entrance and park in the Emergency Department car park where you will have easy access to the main entrance of the hospital.

    Department: Ear Nose and Throat Date of visit: 03/12/2015

    This is the first time I have been to a clinic at the new hospital. We found the ground floor very chaotic. After booking in via the computer we then waited around 1 hour for my sons name to be seen on the screen. We then made our way to a smaller waiting area where we waited a further 45 minutes. Not one person offered us an explanation as to why the clinic was running so late and I had to ask what was happening in the end. In the smaller waiting room there were not enough seats for people and there was certainly not enough for young children to do. I was also given two different explanations from a nurse and from a doctor as to why we had to wait so long so still did not know exactly why. I think if we were booked in by a person we could have been told the clinic was running so late and therefore made a decision as to whether we stayed or rebooked. I also think we should be updated on how long clinics are running late throughout the time we were waiting. I certainly understand that staff are under pressure and all the staff we did meet were professional and friendly and cannot fault them in this way. Overall it was not a good visit.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thank you for your comment and apologies for the delay in responding. We’re sorry to hear your visit didn’t meet the high standard we expect and have forwarded your comments to the service manager in this area. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch; if you do have any further comments please contact the PALS (Patient Advice & Liaison Service) team at

  • Alder Hey from Blackpool "Wondeful"
    Department: Paediatric Surgery Date of visit: 12th November 2015

    Hi my 12 year old son is currently receiving treatment under the orthopedic team Mr Harvey George and he had to have an operation on 12th November. The care so far has been wonderful both to Ben and to ourselves as Ben’s parents. Nothing is too much trouble. The anesthetist who dealt with Ben on the day of his operation was just wonderful he made Ben feel very calm and answered any of Ben’s questions that he had in a way that a 12 year old understood and throughout the whole process made Ben and myself (as Ben’s mum) feel very relaxed and re assured as possible at a very anxious and stressful time he gave a 110% into his job and was a very caring person it made a big difference thank you to whoever you were!

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Debbie thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. It’s really great to hear you’ve had a positive experience as a family as that is what we always try to achieve.

  • Tony Amer from Alderhey childrens Hospital "late "
    Department: Ear Nose and Throat Date of visit: 11/11/15

    Our sons appointment in ENT was booked for 12pm but we were not seen til 1.30. We have a suggestion/observation which would stop people being called to the approprate waiting area when the clinics are running very late.If we hadn’t been called we could have eaten and had drinks in ground floor reception instead of sitting in the 2nd floor waiting area. We would need to have been told on the screen how late the clinic was running and would call us up when closer to the time. One final point, we noted that the toilets were dirty and bins unchanged leaving a bad odour and that one of the soap dispensers had no soap in it. Realise that teething problems occur in early stages of something new but also feel hygiene is such a priority and not be overlooked. All this said, we have always been impressed with the quality of care received and the professionalism of your team and again this was no different to what we received today. Just felt it a tad disappointing and left hungry and thirsty when this could’ve been avoided.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Tony thank you for your detailed feedback following your visit. Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding but we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your experience in more detail. Please could you contact our Head of Patient Experience on 0151 252 5919?

  • Anita from Liverpool "Great staff / patient treatment but I observed a few minor teething problems with the new building!"
    Department: 4C Date of visit: 08/10/15

    I attended A & E with my brother and nephew – who was having respiratory problems. He has a heart /lung condition is monitored by the wonderful staff at Alder Hey (sorry I can’t mention everyone here, I know it is a team effort) but Dr C Jones, Dr Siner and Dr Jones come to mind). Anyway, A & E appeared to be extremely busy that day so understandably noisy. We gave our details in at the very busy reception desk (noticed my brother had to repeat information probably due to the noise, it situated right by the access /egress doors too), then queue at the triage desk, perhaps this could have been designed a little better (just feedback). The triage nurse listened to the symptoms and the patients PMH , as William was having difficulty breathing she arranged for him to be seem very quickly as we suspected he needed oxygen. He wasn’t having a blue episode so we hadn’t called for an ambulance – I drove to the hospital. The A & E staff attended to him and tried to make him comfortable, they explained everything to his father and arranged test as quickly as possible. He was after a number of hours (understandably) transferred to 4C and looked after by the staff /team on that ward. The chef had tried to tempt him will lovely food throughout his stay but sorry he didn’t have his usual appetite!
    Onto the negatives – teething problems – I know there are problems with some of the doors throughout the building, there seems to be a wind tunnel around A&E
    I happened to get stuck in the lift for 20 minutes, on one visit with a chap from IT. I pressed the buzzer and spoke to a man I believe part of security to request assistance. I also reported this to reception when the lift final did open of its own accord! No harm was caused but if a child or elderly person they may become distressed. I noticed there was no signs placed in the the lift on the action to take?
    I mentioned this to the ladies on reception. Also it seemed the person I contacted (by pressing the button in the lift) may have tried to contact us back, the control panel lit up green but we could not hear anything, so thought it was important to mention the above so it can be rectified.

    Keep up the good work


    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Anita. Thank you for your detailed feedback following your visit. Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding but we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your experience in more detail. Please could you contact our Head of Patient Experience on 0151 252 5919?

  • Lynne Rooney from Wigan "Unimpressive"
    Department: Medical daycare Date of visit: 19/10/15

    Today was our first visit to the new hospital and I thought it looked great.
    We attended at 8.45 for a 9am appointment on medical daycare with my 3 yr old son who had been fasting since 6pm the night before. At 9.20 I had to ask how long it would be to be seen as I knew the test took 3 hrs and my son was nil by mouth until after the test.
    A short time later we were taken onto the ward and he was weighed. At 9.50 the nurse came to say my sons prescription was not where it should be and that someone had gone to chase it up at the pharmacy.
    At 10am we were informed that the prescription wasn’t there and it would take up to 2 hrs to get another one! I am unsure why it would take this long but seeing as though this meant my son would get no food or drink until after 3pm we felt we had no other alternative other than rearrange the appointment.
    We have had this appointment booked since 12/08/15 and both taken time off work to attend today.
    Obviously it was not the nurses fault who were on the ward today but this needs looking into. Who should have ensured the script was where it should have been?
    It is difficult enough trying to explain to a just turned 3 yr old that he can’t have breakfast but to deny him his lunch too would have just been cruel.
    I think you should endeavour to see children who are fasting as close to their appointment time as possible in order to prevent them having to sit in a waiting room full of people eating crisps and drinking coffee and juice in front of them. Very disappointed today.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Lynne thank you very much for your detailed feedback and please accept our apologies that your experience did not meet the high standards we expect. We have passed on your message to our Patient Experience team and the ward manager and although some time has passed since your visit, if you would like to speak to somebody about this please contact who can take some details from you and assist with your enquiry.

  • kath from Bootle Liverpool "frustrated"
    Department: D1 Outpatients Clinic

    My sons appointment has been cancelled 6 times over the last couple of months. Each appointment that has been made I have had to cancel other appointments to fit in with Alder Hey. only for them to cancel yet again.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Kath. Thank you for comment and apologies for the delay in responding. We hope you were able to resolve your issue with arranging an appointment. If you have any similar experiences in the future our PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) team can assist with resolving your issue – they can be contacted directly on

  • Douglas from Liverpool "The worse out-patient services"
    Department: respiratory Date of visit: July- August 2015

    Is everybody having a hard time getting out-patient clinic appointment? A complete chaos that I have never seen in my life. I worked in NHS for over 20 years and never seen anything like this. Just because the hospital is moving and there is a new electronic system you can not neglect your duties towards the patients. A sick child stops everything in your life and I hope you understand that. Frankly I don’t care if you are moving to the moon or having the latest technology, I just want my child to be sorted. Stop blaming the move and the new computer system and get the out-patient clinics sorted so children are seen and treated.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Douglas. Thank you for comment and apologies for the delay in responding. We hope you were able to resolve your issue with arranging an appointment. If you have any similar experiences in the future our PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) team can assist with resolving your issue – they can be contacted directly on

  • antonia from liverpool "Bad attitude"
    Department: Emergency Department (A&E) Date of visit: 27.07.2015

    I am not happy with the way I was spoken to in triage in a&e while taking my son there because he was ill, I lost my daughter in this hospital in 2013 anytime my other children are sick I’m going to be worried, when this triage nurse asked me what was wrong when I told her my son had a fever and his heart was racing and I phoned an ambulance I was told I should not have phoned an ambulance because that’s no reason to phone an ambulance, bare in mind I have already lost one child and a high heart rate was one of her symptoms you can see why I would phone an ambulance, then when I mentioned I phoned an ambulance because my daughter died and was neglected in this hospital was then told I shouldn’t be saying things like that. it is bad enough me coming back to this hospital anytime due to the memories of when my daughter died this woman made me feel ten times worse not happy at all.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thank-you for raising your concerns to us, Antonia. We want all of our patients and families to have a positive experience and we are sorry that you have not had one. Elaine Kelly, Operational Manager, is looking in to this for you and has e-mailed you directly for further information.

  • Adrian Hornby from Blackpool "Excellent !!!!!!!!!"
    Department: E2 Date of visit: 17th July 2015

    My little girl was diagnosed with Hip Displacia in April and we came for her corrective surgery in July, when she was 18 months old. We were worried, apprehensive and felt completely vulnerable putting our little girl through such a procedure. All I can say it the staff and facilities at Alder Hey were excellent, the staff, from the doctors to the nurses was faultless. The nurses in the E2 department were fantastic in every way possible. Their care and professional approach was amazing. They made us feel at ease and had our complete trust. Having Ronald McDonald House just took another worry off our shoulders. In all an amazing place.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thank you for the very kind words, Adrian, it’s great to hear about your positive experience and we know the E2 staff will be delighted to read your message!

  • Carla Painter "First Class"
    Department: K3 Date of visit: 30/05/2015

    The nurses, doctors and domestics are amazing! It’s our first visit to this internationally known hospital. The things I cannot believe is at the weekend there is only one emergency theatre list and on a week day only one emergency theatre which is shared with all specialities! What type of impression does this give! Children waiting from a Friday till Monday for surgery then day after day being cancelled, this is due to funding I understand this but surely this care is priority not building a new shiny hospital! The commissioners need to get things sorted! As every child is special and deserves good care!

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thanks for your message, Carla. The emergency theatre is a dedicated 24-hour emergency service that runs in line with national guidelines. Around the time of your visit there was an increase in demand for capacity for clinical emergencies. The emergency service is being reviewed to support improved patient experiences for all and the move to our new hospital will improve capacity and patient experiences. All patients’ care and experiences matter to us and the move is vital to provide this service for the future.

  • Bill Brandwood from macclesfield "Always well looked after."
    Department: L1 Date of visit: 19/5/15

    My son William Caldwell, has been visiting the hospital for over 8 years now, for his treatment. I have to make it known that Lyn James,his nurse in Laser is the best nurse in every concievable way. We have been on a couple of occasions for his hand and arm to be accurately measured for his pressure garments and they have been totally wrong. But as soon as i contact Lyn James, she gets us in, measured precisely, and cared for in a way that honestly only mothers can do. If all other staff took a leaf out of Lyns book, there wouldnt ever be a single issue, and the patients would be caredfor in an unbelievably good way. She is the best of the best. Bill.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thank you Bill for your incredibly kind words – we will certainly share them with Lyn!

  • Cerri from Liverpool "Fantastic "
    Department: D1 Outpatients Clinic Date of visit: 06/05/15

    Big pat on the back to all the nurses and doctors who work here,they never stopped,brilliant with my son who was nervous as it was his 1st visit and everyone we met had a smile on there face I take my hats off to each and everyone of these Angels and I hope they get the recognition from the people at the top that they deserve

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Cerri thanks so much for your kind words!

  • Ian Westmoreland from Castleford "The staff are great!"
    Department: Medical Research Unit Date of visit: 29/04/2015

    After spending a night and 2days with my grandson in the Medical Research Unit. I would like to say the staff are great and so professional Ian W.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Ian, much appreciated!

  • Helen reynolds from liverpool "Frustrating"
    Department: Fracture clinic Date of visit: 27/4/15

    My son attended AED on Saturday with a ?fractured finger. He was seen in AED following an x Ray. He was seen by a nurse practitioner in AED who said she thought there was a fracture. She splinted it, gave advice and booked a fracture clinic appointment. It was quiet so we were dealt with quite quickly.

    Our fracture clinic appointment was 9:20am. We arrived just after 9 am. We waited nearly an hour before we were called into the clinical area and then another 15 mins before we got seen. No apology. No acknowledgment or reason given for the delay.

    We eventually saw a registrar. He told us the bone wasn’t broken but it was a ligament sprain. He gave us some advice and discharged us!

    Why couldn’t a doctor or radiologist looked at the x Ray when we were in AED to save us a trip back???

    Why couldn’t a doctor or radiologist not have telephoned us to tell us the news and check over the phone how he was doing and discharge us without the trip in?

    This is not the first time this has happened. We had a similar experience with a different sport injury a couple of years back.

    It seems such a huge waste of resource from NHS point of view and a huge inconvenience for us. I knew they wouldn’t do anything today but as a parent i take my child because that is what the professional has advised. So frustrating.

    What made it worse was seeing the nurse staff/reception staff stood around the desk on their mobiles, chatting about holidays! I would suggest if they are not busy that’s fine….but at least look busy,,, or use the time to appease frustrated parents!!!

    I work in the NHS and wouldn’t dream of leaving a patient waiting for that length of time without explanation and apology. I also see the massive cuts in some services and feel so frustrated that money is wasted by alder hey.

    Don’t get me wrong. Alder hey is a great hospital. We’ve had good service there in the last overall but this particular service seems archaic and inefficient.

    The doctor himself was very pleasant and I have no complaints about any individual. Just the service itself.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thank you for your detailed comments Helen, and I’m sorry to hear your experience on this visit was disappointing. We will pass on your suggestions about processes to our team.

  • Sam from Aintree "A stressful time made easier"
    Department: K3 Date of visit: 17th April 2015

    My daughter was admitted to k3 on 17th April with a very distended tummy and was unable to keep anything down.the staff on the ward were amazing and really took good care of my princess. I cannot fault the hospital in any way. We would like to thank in particular nurses Sarah, Laura and Amy.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Sam. It’s great to hear you had a really good experience on K3 – thanks for getting in touch!

  • Lisa from St helens "Waited for a long time in a dirty rubbish stewn waiting room"
    Department: Emergency Department (A&E) Date of visit: 26.3.15

    I brought my daughter in to a&e last week. I was triaged in the entrance area but then went into the waiting room next door to wait to see a doctor. I was shocked at the amount of rubbish that was strewn all over the place, sandwich boxes, drinks bottles, sweet wrappers and by the dirty floor. Other parents also commented on this. We have been to alder hey a&e on previous occasions and it was never like this. We waited a very long time to be seen and when we eventually left, the waiting room was in the same state. If patients are expected to wait a very long time then can this environment be made more pleasant for them please. A rubbish strewn waiting room in a hospital does not give a good impression. Have no issues with the actual medical care received at all, as usual this was good.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Lisa thanks very much for your comments and for letting us know about the department. We are always looking to provide the best possible services so we will look into why the department had so much litter on that day.

  • Fflur from Anglesey "Brilliant!!"
    Department: Rheumatology Date of visit: April 2011

    In April 2011 I was rushed into Alder Hey after being unwell for about 4 months and the thought of having to go to a children’s hospital in Liverpool seemed so scary as an 14 year old. The staff made the time I was there so much more bearable and nothing was too much hassle. I have been coming backwards and forwards here for the last 4 years and now being an adult I have been discharged from Alder Hey to my local hospital and it isnt quite like the friendly faces of Alder Hey!! I will be raising money next month to thank the staff of this fantastic hospital for everything they have done and I am looking forward to going back there in a slightly better health than 4 years ago!

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Fflur thanks so much for sharing your experience. It’s brilliant to hear you’re fundraising for Alder Hey and if you need any support with that, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our charity.

  • Jeff from Liverpool "Very poor"
    Department: M1 Date of visit: 2/3/15

    Brought my son for his clinic appointment before having to go on a night shift myself in work.
    At this moment in time the appointment is 40 minutes late and we’ve still not been seen!
    Had to take two children out of school early to make sure we were here on time.
    Never had an appointment actually on time! Even when come for an early morning appointment.
    When I asked the reception staff how much longer it’d be she just said “they’re always late!”
    Have complained to PALS in the past but never got a response.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Jeff thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to hear you had a poor experience with your appointment. We are always looking to improve our services so we will look into this.

  • Tony McElhinney from Derry, N. Ireland "Amazing!"
    Department: Neurosurgery Date of visit: 24/09/2014

    In September 2014 our 17 year old son Luke who has Epilepsy was brought to Alder Hey for brain surgery. He needed to have 2 brain operations 1 week apart – 1 to place wires on his brain to allow the surgeons to see exactly where his seizures were coming from, and the second op to remove small troublesome areas of the brain.
    Thankfully the operations went very well and his seizures have reduced as a result!

    During what was a very nervous and stressful 2 week period for all of us, all of the staff were amazing! Communication & empathy are such important parts of the caring process, and all of the staff – the surgeons, nursing staff, neurologist, Epilepsy nurses, play worker, EEG nurses – were fantastic in this regard. Luke was given so much great care that at times it felt like he was the only one on the ward.

    Being from Derry in N. Ireland, being able to avail of MacDonald House for the 2 week period was also priceless and helped us cope.

    All in all we can’t speak highly enough of Alder Hey and all the team! Our special thanks go to Ben & Andrea (Epilepsy nurses), Dr. Sasha Burn (surgeon) & Dr Anand Iyer (neurologist)…..we can’t thank you and your teams enough for everything you’ve done for Luke…and for giving him the chance of a better life!

    Tony McElhinney and Anna Quigley

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Tony thanks very much for sharing your story, it’s really appreciated and it’s brilliant to hear the team were a great help to you during your stay here.

  • Laura and neil parry from Crosby liverpool "World class staff and care."
    Department: Neurosurgery Date of visit: 29th Jan 2015

    Our son was recently diagnosed with a mid brain tumor and hydrocephalus. The treatment and care that he received was world class. Dr Conor melluci and Dr Matt Bailey and the whole neurosurgical team really do perform miracles everyday. We can never thank them enough for all that they did for our son. We were always kept informed and were listened to and had a massive amount of trust and belief in our surgical team. Also for all of their amazing care we thank the team of nurses, especially Mandy, Anthony, Emma, Emma and Emma, Sinead, Deborah and Ursula for whom nothing was ever too much trouble. We can never repay your kindness but wil always think of you as our Alder Hey family.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Laura and Neil. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us and for your lovely comments. We will pass them on to the team!

  • Natasha king from Cheshire "Fantastic experience provided by world class staff"
    Department: Neurology Date of visit: 2/1/15

    My son needed to see a specialist we received an appointment to see Dr appleton who can only be described as amazing. He is professional approachable knowledgable and very caring. I can’t praise the service aldery hey provide enough. Thank you

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Natasha thank you so much for your comment – we’ll pass it on to Dr Appleton!

  • Cheryl Joyce from Kirkby "Helpful and understanding of autistic son"
    Department: Emergency Department (A&E) Date of visit: 11/02/15

    My son, age 8, had a fall in school and we were advised to get him checked as he has autism and is non verbal and his arm looked swollen. When we arrived the triage assistant sent us straight to minor injuries, we waited about forty minutes to be called and by then my son was getting agitated. They asked us to go for an X-ray but called them ahead to ask them to put us to the front of the list, then when we returned to minor injuries instead of waiting in the waiting areas they let us use the sensory room where we ended up staying for a couple of hours and in between waiting the nurses came in with toys for my son and younger sibling to play with and even offered them juice and sandwiches. We needed to see a consultant so the nurses informed us of when it was anticipated the consultant would be free instead of waiting we went to the canteen and returned at the anticipated time. Due to the complex nature of my son’s case it took 7 hours in total to decide what to do, this wait was long and hard, but would have been ten times harder if we would have been left in the waiting room among crowds of people. I wanted to commend alder hey staff on their help and understanding of my son’s special needs and would recommend them to other parents of children with autism, don’t be afraid to speak up, the staff are knowledgeable, they will help with queuing and keeping your child calm during long waits or busy periods. Thanks!

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Cheryl, thanks so much for sharing your story with us. It’s fantastic to hear your experience was so positive overall.

  • Jenny Power from Skelmersdale "Exceptional"
    Department: K1 Day Case Unit Date of visit: 05/02/2015

    We had to rush our injured 3 year old in at 8am (which is no easy feet with a 4 & 7 year old) but we were seen in minutes, and booked onto K1 within the hour. The staff in both L1 & K1 where exceptional with both their personal and professional care they provided. We were in and out with 5 hours. Priceless service and a credit to the NHS.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thanks for your comments Jenny, they are much appreciated!

  • V Alderton from Merseyside "Very poor. Not impressed"
    Department: Gastroenterology Date of visit: 04/02/2015

    had an appointment today at 15.10. On arrival, the nurse was unable ti weigh my son due to the lack of hoisting facilities for disabled service users. I find this unacceptable i this day and age. As a flagship children’s hospital, I find it ridiculous that such a simple requirement was not made available, and the hospital is doing a disservice to all it’s older disabled patients. Having arrived early for the appointment, we then waited as is always requested, we waited until 45min after his appointment time, with no notification from the desk staff that the clinic was running late. By this time, my son was getting agitated and upset partially, through boredom through sitting waiting, but mainly due to the excessive noise caused by boisterous children in the waiting room. You may say children will be children, however, my son is autistic and cannot tolerate young children. Had we been given notification of the late running of the clinic, and a revised time of his appointment, we would have been able to have removed him from the waiting room, and took him for a walk or something similar, as it was, after 45min we had to leave before he had seen the doctor because he was getting too agitated and upset and when he does get too upset it can take hours to calm him down and we as parent’s were not prepared to see him that upset for the sake of a hospital appointment, because my son is 18, we have now asked for him to be transferred to adult services, even though the doctor was happy to see him until he left school at 19, which I was hoping to do. I feel very let down by Alder Hey, and feel that for older children, their appointments should be kept separate from younger patient’s. For example, under 13’s in the morning and 13+ in the afternoon, and if it is documented that a service user has autism, then the appointments should be prioritised which would save any distress or agitation.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thank you very much for sending us your comments, and I’m sorry to read about your disappointing experience. We will pass on your suggestions about clinic services to the team.

  • Julia from Warrington "First class care"
    Department: Early Bird Clinic Date of visit: January 2015

    We visited Alder Hey after being referred there by Warrington A & E. We were given an time to arrive and they never kept us waiting. Their care was excellent and they explained everything very clearly.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Julia, thank you very much for sharing your comments with us, it’s really good to hear you had an excellent experience!

  • Kerry Leadbetter from Skelmersdale "Life changing after giving birth to my 2nd child"
    Department: Neo-natal, intensive care, m3, plus others Date of visit: June 2011

    I gave birth to Daniel on 2nd June 2011 at ormskirk hospital, after a few hours of trying to give Daniel his first feed, and no bowel movement off him, I knew something was wrong with the swelling getting better of his stomach area, I was told he may have a blockage of some sort, Daniel was taking to Alder hey on the 3rd june to under go a 6 hour operation at 36 hours old due to his bowel perforated.
    Daniel was taking to neo natal, then ended up in intensive care then back to neo-natal he spent the first 3 months of his life at alder hey, he had what should of been his 10 day heel prick at 2 days old we were then taking into a room to be told my baby had cystic fibrosis, which I had never heard of, heart broken but with the support from cf specialists, nurses, surgeons and many others we got through it and Daniel still goes for regular check ups, hospital is like home from home.
    thank you all

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Kerry, thanks so much for sharing your story with us and it’s really good to hear your Alder Hey experience has been positive.

  • Grace from Liverpool
    Department: Neurosurgery Date of visit: April 2010

    I was born 3 months early with Hydrocephalus (a build-up of CSF on the brain). ever since then, I have been coming to Alder Hey for various operations and scans. My last visit was to get a shunt fitted and, as usual the care from Mr Conor Mallucci, The neuro nurses and staff on neuro HDU was faultless.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Grace – thanks so much for your comment, it’s much appreciated!

  • Emma Edgerton from Netherley "Clueless "
    Department: D2 Date of visit: 11 dec 2014

    Had an appointment for 10.30,didn’t get called in till 12.30 meanwhile about 50 other people were getting called in. And then to be told to go for an xray (another hour wait) and come back (another hour wait) is beyond the joke. Very disappointed indeed. Terrible organisation.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Emma, thank you for getting in touch. Sorry you had a disappointing experience; we will look into your comments and update this reply as soon as possible.

  • Sara Lalor-Smith from Isle of Man "The worst experience of our lives made so much more bearable due to the fantastic care at Alder Hey"
    Department: PICU Date of visit: 6 June - 2 Sep 2013

    We were on holiday in Turkey 3 June 2013 when a drunk driver ploughed in to us while we were walking. The car missed my husband and 12yr old twins but bruised me and hit my 10yr old son head on crushing his legs against a wall. He was flown by air ambulance from Turkey direct to Alder Hey arriving on 6 June.

    He was on the Intensive Care Unit for a week where he had a 20 hour operation to amputate his right leg and pin his left leg back together. Due to the number of skin grafts and specialist care he needed he was moved to the Burns Unit. He had around 21 trips to theatre and a variety of other problems but was cared for round the clock by a wonderful team of surgeons, nurses, pain team, anaesthetists, dieticians, physios, porters and many others.

    My husband and I stayed for the 3 months and were with my son from 8am to 9pm every day and were always made to feel welcome by all the staff.

    We have now been home for over a year but go back regularly for follow up appointments. My son doesn’t like to go back because it was obviously a traumatic and painful time for him but for me and my husband it’s like going home (we lived in Mac House for the 3 months). In spite of it being a place for sick children Alder Hey is a warm, caring and positive place too that I shall be eternally grateful to for looking after us all so well. Thank you x

  • Zahraa from Blackburn "The staff could not have been any nicer, they made me feel at home..."
    Department: Gastroenterology Date of visit: 08/12/10

    I was 11 when I was referred to Alder Hey and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. When I first got told that I had to come in for an endoscopy and treatment, my life changed forever as I had been in good health my entire life up till then. I remember waking up after the endoscopy with a GNT in me, not knowing what it was or what was happening. When I got told I had to go through treatment and was not allowed to eat for 6 weeks, I was devastated. But with the support from all the staff at Alder Hey, my stay was not as bad as I thought and was instead made enjoyable. I will be forever grateful to the amazing people working at Alder Hey. Thank you so much Alder Hey…

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thanks so much your comments Zahraa, it’s great to hear you had a positive experience!

  • Jessie from Winsford "So greatful for the care that I got, the staff are amazing"
    Department: K2 Date of visit: 08/07/2014

    I’m 14, and I was at Alder hey for 11 hours altogether for my ablation (heart operation). I had expected the day to be one of my worst ever simply due to the reality of having an operation on my heart, but my nurse (Amy) was so kind and even the small things like chit-chat as we were walking to the operation theatre helped so much. All of the nurses on my ward seemed like they generally cared and liked there job, and were so friendly. The only thing I could say wasn’t the best was my ward was slightly cramped with beds and not too up to date looking but with the new building soon I’m sure that won’t be a problem anymore! I’m always going to be thankful to Alder Hey because of both them improving my life and making me non-reliant on tablets to keep my heart normal and for the care that I got when I was there. And also thanks to my experience while I was there, my want to work in the medical area has been fuelled and I hope that I can be a nurse when I’m older and help children/teens through their time at hospital like Amy did me,
    Thank you for everything Alder Hey! 🙂

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Jessie – thanks so much for emailing us. We always like to hear the opinions of patients as well as parents so it was fantastic to hear you had a really good experience at Alder Hey. It’s also amazing that you are thinking about becoming a nurse – good luck!

  • Samantha Edmondson from Stoke-on-Trent "Absolutely Brilliant"
    Department: K2 Date of visit: 22/04/2014

    We had to stay at Alder Hey hospital for a week whilst our 6 week old daughter had an operation on her stomach. Upon arrival, all the staff were friendly and polite, nothing was too much trouble. 2 different surgeons came to speak to us and explained everything in great detail and reasured us that everything was going to be ok. I carried my daughter to the operating theatre which i was thankful for as i got to meet the staff that would be caring for her during her operation. All i can say is that Alder Hey is fantastic.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Samantha – thank you very much for your comments, it’s great to hear you had a positive experience.

  • Sharron Neilson from Warrington "Excellent experience for child and parent. Welcoming and knowledgable staff"
    Department: K3 Date of visit: 27/10/2014

    Admitted via Direct Admissions ward. Calm, friendly Staff. Quick admission then seen by Surgeon and the anaesthetist. Walked to theatre which is calming for the child and not unnatural. Taken to K3 to be introduced to staff and area in which child would be staying. All very reassuring to parents. All Staff very helpful, chatty and go out of their way to help. Excellent experience. The Ward Manager must be proud of her team. A massive thank you to Mr Ram D for his skill and experience and to the pain team and Physio.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thank you Sharron for your comments – we’ll pass them on to the teams involved!

  • R manning from Cheshire
    Department: B1 Outpatients Clinic Date of visit: 14/10/2014

    Every single visit we come in at the alder road entrance and have to walk through what I would describe as a smoke walk way.
    My daughter attends appointment for her severe asthma and has resorted to holding her breath to get in. Disgusting.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Rebecca – thank you for your comments. A response from Liz Grady, our Health Promotion Practitioner is below:

      Many thanks for raising your issues of concern regarding smoking issues in our hospital grounds. As health promotion practitioner for the Trust I have been working with colleagues for some time to address issues around this area. We have seen an increase in smokers on our site, I want to assure you that we are taking action to deal with this. I have raised this issue recently at our staff governors meeting and in the next few weeks we will be launching a new campaign to tackle this issue. There will be new posters and banners installed in the problem areas and also a clean-up of the areas on a daily basis so smokers do not see cigarettes butts and think it is ok to smoke. We have also recently recruited two smoking security officers to support us with maintaining this issue. Within this role they regularly walk around the site and politely ask families to distinguish their cigarettes and signpost them to areas off site that they can smoke.

      We are also in discussions with colleagues from other hospitals across the Cheshire and Merseyside area, there are suggestions for a media and promotional campaign that states that all our hospitals are smoke free this includes our grounds and car parks. I’m happy to keep you updated on this as we receive further correspondence about it.

      With regards to our new site this was discussed with our Chief Executive and Chairman of the Trust recently and we plan to put a strategy together before we move around this area as we will not tolerate smoking on our new site. It will be easier to manage our new site as we will have less doorways and exits and there will be two main doors one from the car park and one from the road and a further entrance at Accident and Emergency. As our new site will be within a local community park we will be looking at how we will maintain this to be smoke free.

      We are committed to ensuring the air that our patients, children, families and staff breathe is smoke free and we will continue to work to ensure this is achieved. I hope this email answers your concerns raised, please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require any additional information.

  • Alyssia from Bacup "Great "
    Department: B1 Outpatients Clinic Date of visit: 10/10/2014

    I just find alder hey amazing! I love it and I come regularly. It doesn’t feel like a hospital! Thanks so much!!

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thank you Alyssia for such a positive comment, it’s great to hear that you regularly have a great experience here!

  • samantha from bolton "Fab staff that make you and your child feel welcome and looked after"
    Department: K3 Date of visit: 15/09/2014 ongoing

    I have been on k3 with my daughter since 15/09/2014 on going, the staff, nurses, doctors, laundry staff have been like our family for the past 2 and a bit weeks, always making sure were OK, making sure we have everything we need etc, I can’t thank the staff enough. My daughter has taken a particular liking to Amy, Jenny and Laura who have taken the time to chat to my daughter when I have nipped off the ward (they have made our stay extra pleasant).
    One thing I have noticed is that this ward has no play workers, I’ve been told play workers are on other wards, but not this one which I can’t understand why? Even when one has been requested, still no play workers have entered this ward since I have been here. Why isn’t there one? And can the children have one?

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Samantha – thank you very much for sharing your experience. We’ll look into your query about play specialists and update this message when we have a response.

  • Tony & Lisa Amer from Surgical day case "Fantastic care."
    Department: K2 Date of visit: 30th September 2014

    All medical professionals kind,caring & competent. The only issue we have is with the administration clerk who was the first person we met when entering the ward. She either had a bad day or she is always rude and unhelpful to parents. As she is the person you first meet it was a very poor first impression. At one point we left the ward to get a coffee while our son was in theatre but when we quickly returned and rang the bell there was no answer but luckily a member of staff used her card to let us back in. We were shocked to see when we went in that she was sitting by her desk and obviously couldn’t be bothered to answer the intercom which we thought was disgusting,such a shame as she lets the rest of the wonderful team down.Thank you to everyone else.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Tony and Lisa. Thank you very much for your comments and we’ll pass them on to the team. We will update this message with a response as quickly as possible.

  • Sarah from Liverpool "Long wait / poor communication "
    Department: Emergency Department (A&E) Date of visit: 18/9/3014

    My daughter is 16months old, first time we have ever visited the hospital with her…so as you can imagine for any parent this is very scary. We were told by the NHS walk in centre to go straight to a&e as my daughters respiratory levels were too high and her temp kept going up despite taking her clothes off and despite giving her paracetamol. When we arrived at alder hey the only quick thing was getting booked in…waiting to see the triage nurse was painfully slow, especially when all the staff were having a giggle and chatting away. My thoughts, there is sick children here it isn’t the right time to be doing that. Once we did see the nurse we were told to sit at another waiting room, where by the way it was absolutely freezing. Sitting with a young baby in temperatures like that is not normal, understand it should be cool…but that was freezing.
    3 & 1/2 HOURS WAIT!!!
    We where finally called in, the doctor basically said it’s been a waste of your time judging my your notes!! They shouldn’t if sent you!!! Why we had to wait 3 & 1/2 hours to be told that is beyond me. Her temp had dropped, which is not surprising sitting in that waiting room for that amount of time. We provided a urine sample which needed to be tested, advised 20mins for the results so was told to wait patiently in cubical, then 5mins later kicked outside again into the cold waiting room. 20mins passed still not news, 1hours passed still no news. Finally 2HOURS later we knocked and had to ask for the results. We were told for to a shift change over things had been further delayed and they forgot to call us back in!!! We are not happy with the service at all, totally understand you are trying your best but waiting that long is not acceptable. Your staff do this day in and day out however we done!! We need to make sure our child is number 1 at all times, not once did your staff make us feel that. Systems need to be looked at to speed things up, I’m sure it’s not going to be the last time we visit the hospital which I’m not actually dreading. I’m sorry to have to share this I think feedback is important, thanks

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Sarah. Very sorry to hear you had a bad experience at our Emergency Department and we will pass your comments on.

  • Julie Roy from Liverpool "Fabulous staff throughout"
    Department: A&E Date of visit: 13/09/14

    After a fall in the park resulting in a nasty fracture for our 4 year old daughter, we can only say how impressed we were with every member of your teams that we came across. Jenny (ENP) in A&E, Julie & others who assisted, were so kind, professional & caring. The orthopaedic medical staff were fabulous, staying on to perform surgery late Saturday night & the nursing staff on E2 were excellent, with special thanks to Marion on nights. You should be very proud of your staff! Thank you.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Thanks Julie for the feedback! We’ll share this with the teams and hope your daughter is feeling much better now

  • Louise Flooks from Liverpool "Caring, conscientious staff, on top of their job"
    Department: Winter ward Date of visit: 14 - 17 august 2014

    I felt my daughter was in safe hands and that the staff were also sensitive to my needs as a parent to have a peripheral input into her care. I felt that at all times the staff were on top of their duties and the obs routines were run like clockwork.
    A big heartfelt thank you to Amy, Gill, Emily and Jessica on winter ward for making our stay as stress free as possible.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Louise – thanks very much for your comments, much appreciated! We’ll pass them on to the team!

  • glenda from liverpool
    Department: K1 Day Case Unit Date of visit: 15/7/14

    my son went in for dental surgery and the staff on the ward were excellent with him please could you let the staff know i most appreciated all the help and support they gave to me and my son thank you very much

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Glenda – thanks very much for your comments, we’ll certainly pass this on to the team!

  • Alfie birkin from K1/m3 "Caring attentive and reassurring"
    Department: K1 Day Case Unit Date of visit: 14/7/14

    I came in as a day patient but i a reaction to the aneasthetic and was vomiting so i had to stay overnight. The nurses were great and may me feel safe . I was moved on to m3 and the room was great and really clean. Mr lamont is a really lovely doctor who helps you totally relax.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Alfie – it’s great to hear from our patients as well as parents so we’re really glad you took the time to share your thoughts with us. We’ll pass on your comments to Mr Lamont and the M3 team and hope you’re feeling much better now!

  • stephen doran from United Kingdom "Fantastic, engaging staff team"
    Department: D1 Outpatients Clinic Date of visit: 09/07/2014

    My daughter attends this clinic and because of the brilliant staff, who are engaging, friendly, make everything about my child and the experience so friendly. My daughter is not afraid, she is more confident and really likes the staff

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Stephen thanks very much for the positive feedback, it’s great to hear! We’ll let the team know today.

  • glenda from liverpool
    Department: Audiology Date of visit: 4/7/14

    i visited with my youngest son for a hearing test. the staff were very considerate with us especially as my oldest son has special needs and were very kind to him. i just hope i get the same treatment when my eldest goes in for surgery 15/4/14.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Glenda thanks very much for taking the time to send your feedback – we’ll pass this on today!

  • danielle dempsey from liverpool "excellent care"
    Department: Ear Nose and Throat Date of visit: 27 june 2014

    My son has just had a operation he’s is only 22 months old.from the minute we got to alderhey hey me and my son was looked after by the direct admissions unit until my son went for is operation the staff are very nice very friendly answered all my questions, I would like to thank my son’s ears nose and throat doctor Dr Clarke he is one in a million for all what he done for my son done everything he could for him and could not have done any more,also my son was kept in over night on ward k3 again the staff were lovely and looked after my son from when he got back from is operation untill we was discharged

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Danielle – great to read your comments, thanks very much for sharing your experience!

  • Lucy Plummer from Wirral "Fantastic staff when we eventually got our baby in for his operation."
    Department: K2 Date of visit: 23/05/13

    Our son was diagnosed with tetrallogy of fallot in Jan 2014 when he was 3 months old. Following on from this we had regular checkups until he was scheduled for his operation on 22nd May, this date was then changed to the 29th May and then again to 20th May.

    Whilst I can’t fault the staff in any way the bed situation is ridiculous, we arrived for his pre-op day the day before his op only to be told there wasn’t a bed so we’d have to go home and await a call, the following day we receive a call to be told there was a bed so off we went to the hospital only to be then told surgery for the day was running late so we would have to go home again and come back Friday, Thursday evening we get a call to say may not be a bed and to await a call on Friday morning which when it came was good news, there was a bed so off we went and he did end up having his op. While on paper this might not sound bad the stress this put us under and my other children was almost unbearable to the point of when he actually went down for his op I was so relieved rather than upset as I had expected to be, we spoke to many parents who this had happened to, our son sailed through his heart operation and the following day was fit for the ward but there was no bed on the ward so we took up an intensive care bed for 3 days, in fact had we been there one more day he would have ended up being discharged home from the intensive care unit.

    It was then we could see for ourselves the constant juggling the staff have to do with people in the wards and also why operations have to be cancelled etc. The surgeon himself said it is so frustrating to have the whole team there ready to operate but then cant as there isnt a bed. I spoke to one of the intensive care nurses who was actually telling me to complain about it as it’s only going to get worse as there are even less beds in the new hospital.

    Our little boy was home 4 days after his heart surgery which amazed us and also some of the staff, to see him recover so fast from when he came around from surgery was unbelievable, we are very grateful to the staff on ICU and K2 that looked after Harry but for such a prestigious hospital there needs to be more facilities to cope with the demand that is there for the service.

    Thankyou for fixing Harry, he is like every other 8 month old baby now.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Lucy – thank you very much for taking the time to get in touch and leave such detailed feedback. It’s great to hear such positive feedback about our staff and we’ll let the teams on ICU and K2 know you’ve been in touch. Regarding the issues you experienced with beds, one of our staff has emailed you and we will hopefully update this response with more information when we have it.

  • Rebecca Keating from Liverpool "Caring staff made a difficult time better "
    Department: E2 Date of visit: 6/06-9/062014

    The staff made a very difficult time for a little girl & extended family much better thank you so very much

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Rebecca – thank you for your feedback, it’s really good to hear our staff made a real difference to the family.

  • ellie mcintyre from north wales "amazing caring staff"
    Department: ICU Date of visit: january

    I can not thank ICU and C2 enough for everything, even though I can’t remember ICU that much what I do remember is the staff, especially Janet. they we’re amazing and always made me smile and laugh. When I got to C2 I was really scared, but the nurses we’re really good and made me feel comfortable there, they we’re all thoughtful and helpful, THANKYOU:-D

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi there Ellie – thanks very much for leaving your comments. It’s really great to hear about Alder Hey from a patient’s point of view and we’re glad you had a positive experience. We’ll pass on your kind words to our ICU and C2 teams!

  • sarah from ormskirk "excellent"
    Department: Urology Date of visit: 8/5/14

    This was the second time I have visited the urology dept for my daughter Daisy’s problems and I cannot thank the urology consultant (Caroline Sanders) enough. For nearly 2 years now I have been back and forth seeing numerous doctors- my own GP, locums, A and E Drs, out of hours Drs etc and and have had no acknowledgement that my daughter had a problem even though the teachers at her school were sending her home with strict instructions that she must go straight to see a Dr as she was showing signs of being very uncomfortable crossing her legs and not being able to sit (I know now- thanks to Ms Sanders that this is called Vincent’s Curtsey) I also on many occasions said to Drs that the problem was worse after certain foods- every Dr I expressed this to simply said it was a coincidence, however after speaking to Ms Sanders I had the relief of finding out it was not and it seems like the foods I had suspected were indeed an irritant to my daughter and making the situation worse something that was ‘music to my ears’ after being told by Drs that ‘I was fussing to much’. I cannot thank Caroline Sanders enough I only wish I had seen her nearly 2years ago to save my daughter from a lot of discomfort and my husband and I a lot of stress and worry. Thank you!

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Sarah – thank you so much for leaving your detailed comments. We’ll pass these on to Caroline today!

  • Hilary Inglis from Liverpool "Outstanding care and perfect professionalism"
    Department: A+E Date of visit: 8/6/2014

    My 12 year old son was admitted for emergency surgery. As a mum first, and health professional[ GP] second I cannot praise the staff of ward E2 and theatres highly enough. Sister Lisa and Staff Nurse Lizzi with their good humour and child centred approach in all they do are an absolute credit to the NHS and to Alder Hey. It was a privilege to be on the receiving end of such exemplary care. The surgical and anaesthetic teams communicated brilliantly with my son in a superb age appropriate way which banished any anxiety [in both him and me!]
    Thanks Alder Hey I truly hope your new building lives up to the excellent standard of its current hard working dedicated staff.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Hilary – thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, we’ve passed these on to E2 staff for them to see

  • amanda johnson from manchester "supportive excellent staff"
    Department: icu Date of visit: 09/07/2012

    i cant thank this hospitals staff enough for all there support during the time i was there in 2012 my little boy had transposition of the great arteries and underwent an arterial switch operation, the care the staff gave to my son was 1st class and also the kindness and care they showed for me whilst i was there was amazing as i was terrified and suffering from sever shock they did everything they could to reassure me and make my little boy better so THANK YOU ICU AND K2 you saved my boys life i am eternally greatful…

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Amanda – thank you very much for sharing your experience. This will be passed on to our ICU and K2 teams for them to read.

  • Christina Campbell from Liverpool "Very long wait with little communication"
    Department: D1 Outpatients Clinic Date of visit: 04/06/2014

    After a wait of over one hour I had to ask at the nursing station if there was a hold up, she then told me to wait near the plaster room which I had done since i had arrived. I was eventually notified to go to the plaster room on the screen. I got to the plaster room to find only 1 person working in there, Anthony, he is a credit to the team and seemed to be the only one doing anything. I then waited to see the Dr George who was obviously not available or on lunch. I was seen by another Dr who came in and dismissed us very quickly out of the clinic, this was probably because it was lunchtime. I suggest that they use the screen to inform patients to go to appointed clinics as the volume of noise and chaos in the waiting area, as you can barely hear them shout. Communication with the parents in the waiting areas would also help. Not a very good experience hope I don’t have to return soon.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Christina – thank you for your comments. We are very sorry to hear you had a poor experience recently. We are speaking to the team about your suggestions and will update this response when we have an answer. Thank you again for sharing your experience, we take all feedback very seriously.

  • Jodie Cooper from Wirral "Amazing staff"
    Department: M3 Date of visit: 1/4/2014

    My 5 year old daughter was transferred from Arrow Park for emergency surgery to drain her lungs as she had Empyema.

    Dr Sinah, his team and all the staff on ward M3 were truly amazing, professional and down to earth. I couldn’t have received better care if i paid privately.

    I hear people moaning about the NHS all the time but we are so lucky to have it available to us, Dr Sinah and M3 are a prime example of how good the NHS is.

    Thank you, Mia is now running around like she was a few months ago.

    It is a truly remarkable place.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Jodie – thank you very much for your fantastic comments. We’ll be passing this along to Dr Sinah and the teams today.

  • vicky fearnehough from liverpool "fantastic"
    Department: Winter Ward Date of visit: december 2013

    my daughter was admitted in december aged 3.5 weeks with broncilitis she was in for 8 days. two of the staff members who stood out was jess and amy. they made us feel like holly (our daughter) was the only patient which was fantastic. they were both so friendly helpful and caring

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Vicky – thanks so much for sharing your feedback with us, we’ll be passing on your lovely comments to the team today.

  • Tracy mcnorton from Liverpool "Fantastic doctor "
    Department: B1 Outpatients Clinic Date of visit: 20/5/2014

    My little boy Ellis who’s 6 1/2 has been under the care of dr anbu since he was 7 months old and I want to take the opportunity to say what a fantastic, caring and friendly doctor he is. He finally got discharged from his care today but I want to thank him for his care and dedication he’s shown to my son and us his parents, he is very professional in his work and I want to wish him a long and happy career at alder hey he is a credit to your hospital and for that I want to thank him so I hope you will pass on this message on our behalf.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Tracy – it’s fantastic to hear that Ellis has been discharged after six years. Thank you very much for your comments and we’ll make sure Dr Anbu gets to read them.

  • Joan Landry from huyton "rubbish. big let down"
    Department: surgery Date of visit: vatious

    Here we are waiting for various appointments for my son and each day via the post I get an appointment to see t the DDD doctor then later I get a cancellation letter. We are on our 4 th set now.
    We are as also waiting for surgery but apparently t the surgeon has took as management post and my son has gone to the back of the queue even though the op would be life changing for all of the family. Just because his op won’t make the front page of the Echo he should still be a priority.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Joan – thanks for letting us know about this. We have emailed you to find out a bit more information and will update this reply when we can give you a full response.

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  • yvonne conroy from Bootle "frustating"
    Department: opthamology Date of visit: 14/05.14

    Not acceptable to have a 9am appointment and not get called until 40 minutes later despite noting no one had been called previously. appointments should run as near to the time as possible or what is the point in having appointments system, no apologies , staff did not appear to be interested that i had another appointment this has led me to feel very let down, no communication from staff either. it is not acceptable if i had turned up late for an appointment , staff should be trained to at least apologise for clearly their delay .

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Yvonne – thanks for sharing your experience with us. We have investigated this and emailed you, but we apologise for the clinic delay on that day. Unfortunately clinics do sometimes run over but we understand that this can be frustrating. Thanks again for taking the time to get in touch.

  • holly critchley from lowton "AMAZIN"
    Department: don't know what you call it but i had two heart ops Date of visit: when i was a baby !

    i was only a baby when i needed my first heart operation because my aorta was closed up. obviously i don’t remember this but i have been told amazing storys of how good this hospital is . my first one failed after 1 month so they did my second one luckily for me they decided to cut me on my side instead of my tummy so then when i got older my bikini would be able to hide it on holiay. the quality of care and professionalism is first class! id just like to thank everyone who did look after me X thank you !

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Holly – great to hear your story! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  • Caroline Downie from Warrington, Cheshire "First Class service of caring professional people"
    Department: Gastroenterology Date of visit: 10/05/2014

    We spent the day at Alder Hey K1 Day Case Unit with our daughter Kate yesterday. Kate had a Gastrointestinal endoscopy and biopsy procedure. We would just like to praise all the staff and everyone who we came in contact with during our time there. The quality of care and true professionalism is first class. We would just like to say thank you to everyone who worked on K1 Ward yesterday and to the anaesthetists and Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist who explained everything Kate and ourselves and took the time to ease our anxieties and make the whole experience as stress free as possible. I would especially like to thank the Senior nurses on K1 who looked after Kate. In the words of Kate, we arrived home “It went a lot better than I thought mum!”. Thank you.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Caroline – it’s great to hear you had a positive experience with our Gastrointestinal team and K1 ward. Thanks for letting us know about yours and your daughter’s experience and we’ll forward your comments to the staff who looked after Kate.

  • Lyndsey Williamson from West Kirby Wirral "The whole experience was incredibly calm quick and extremely personable."
    Department: Plastic Surgery and Burns Date of visit: 28th April 2014

    Our daughter Chloe came to Alder Hey to have minor surgery under the care of Dr Fattah of the plastics department.
    Both Dr Fattah and his team did an amazing job and and the result was more than what we could of hoped for.
    We were informed regularly with everything that was happening and Dr Fattah in particular, was extremely personable which makes the worry of parents remain to a minimum.
    We would like to express our upmost gratitude to Dr Fattah and his team.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Lyndsey – thanks very much for taking the time to share your experience, we’ll pass on your kind words to Mr Fattah and his team today.

  • nicola cantrell from macclesfield "fantastic hospital with caring and supportive staff"
    Department: B1 outpatients Date of visit: 19/10/2012 - ongoing

    My son was transferred to Alderhey on the day he was born needing an operation for TOF/OA (born unable to swallow) The care he received and is continually receiving has been fantastic. All the staff are incredibly hard working, caring and supportive and i cannot thank them enough! We were found a place in Ronald Macdonald house thanks to the help of Ronnie’s nurse so we could be closer to him. We continue to come to Alderhey as an outpatient and always receive excellent care in a very busy clinic! Brilliant hospital!

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Nicola – thanks so much for getting in touch, it’s wonderful to hear you continue to have a great experience here and we’ll be passing on your lovely words to the teams involved.

  • john bruce from liverpool " please Alderhey team help keep the changing places working and available"
    Department: opthalmology Date of visit: 22/04/14

    Dear Alderhey team Changing places change lives. . there are many families visiting alderhey including ourselves, who need a spacious toilet room with adult size changing table and overhead trackhoist to see to personal needs. We had to campaign long and hard but even now 1) on several visits the hoists have not been left in charging position, on this visit to changing place on D1 the hoist battery flat and as useless as a chocolate fireguard! we go to changing place on opthalmology corridor, hoist battery flat as well. Clearly no one is checking they are recharging.There is a phone number on wall. got through to hotel services. not us, try bio medical engineering. I have reported situation to PALS in the past and no improvement, no action. 2) a simple management plan is needed to better help children with disabilities . action plan Should include 3) reviewing need for clearer signage in Changing Places,4) decide who checks hoists as daily routine. 5) Consider posters in cafe and in clinics telling about other families about Changing places, where they are. promote Health passports etc. .6) Finally you do not have any learning disability liaison nurse or lead, to coordinate assistance for young people and their families and help hospital frontline staff to provide individual help and ‘ reasonable adjustments’ the phrase the Equality Act uses. PS do you really think only 17 blue badge disabled parking spaces is enough for the entire hospital!? British Standard recommends minimum of 6% of all spaces and Alderhey car park is way below that and many struggle with the shortage. pps there are lots of wonderful frontline staff, but managers need to get better at listening . I hope this message gets through

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello John – thanks very much for sending your detailed comments and for letting us know about the hoist batteries. The hoists in D1 and N1 are owned by staff working in those departments and D1 staff have now formed a rota to make sure the battery is charged nightly. N1 staff are also formulating a plan. The new hospital will have facilities that fully comply with recommendations.

      With regards to car parking spaces, we are aware that until we move into our new hospital next year, providing enough car parking spaces does present a challenge. If disabled car park spaces are all occupuied, there are overflow spaces in the staff parking area that can be used (there’s a bit more about that at

      In the car park at the new hospital, there will be over 70 disabled spaces available.

  • Janet Bradshaw from Preston "amazing"
    Department: Gastroenterology Date of visit: Nov 2012

    We were referred to Dr Dalzel by our local hospital , my son and I spent 5 days on B1.The care we received was second to none and we can not thank the staff there enough for what they did for us .

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Janet – thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience. We’ll forward your comments to Dr Dalzel and the team for them to read themselves.

  • toni lamb from ellesmere port "amazing "
    Department: K2

    I was admitted when i was a baby having a hole in the heart and needing to have a shunt put into my heart and the staff were all amazing throughout my life i had open heart surgery only a couple of years ago at the age of 17 so i would like to thank each and every member of the cardiac team for such excellent treatment unfortunately i am at that age where i no longer go to Alder Hey. But if it wasnt for the cardiac team at Alder hey back in 1993 i wouldnt be here to tell my story so once again thank you so very much

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi there Toni – thanks for sharing your story, it’s great to hear you have such good memories of Alder Hey! We’ll pass on your message to our cardiac team this morning.

  • Emily from Prescot "Life changing "
    Department: A2 Date of visit: Various

    I came to the hospital at only 6 months old after my parents discovered I had been born with no hip sockets, I went through two 9 hour and one 7 hour operations at the age of 6 months old, I was rushed to intensive care several times and from what my parents said they could not wish for a better treatment. My doctor was Colin Bruce and I owe him everything, I was his first bilateral operation so it was very worrying for my parents but we could not of wished for a better doctor. For the following 10 years I returned to alder hey for yearly check ups and the staff continued to be as amazing as they first where. I would be immensely great full if you could point me in the direction of how to get hold of Dr Colin Bruce as I would love to be able to make my personal thanks known to him. All I can say is you will be in the safest hands here and there is no place better for you or your child to be when you need help.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Emily – thanks so much for sharing your story, we think Mr Bruce will be delighted to read your comments and we’ll pass them on to him and the team today.

  • Claire from St. Helens "Best care possible with people you can trust. "
    Department: Neurology, ECG. Epilepsy. Cardiac. Ent. Respiratory and many more. Date of visit: Various

    For nearly 15 years we have been in debt to this hospital. Every dept have been outstanding. We genuinely would not have our son with us today if it wasn’t for Alder Hey. Your continued support has been reassuring and above all else, caring. Nothing negative to say just thank you.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Claire – it’s fantastic to hear you’ve had such a positive experience over such a long time. Thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us.

  • amy jones from United Kingdom "amazing"
    Department: Neurosurgery Date of visit: febuary 2014 onwards

    My 8 year old daughter was rushed by blue light to Alder Hey in February from Arrow Park after having a stroke. The staff there were amazing and I owe them my life for what they done for my daughter. She under went a 7 hour brain operation which was successful by Miss Pettorni and Baz. She is still not out of it but she is a different child to what we knew and each day getting stronger. Also Haley the nurse on HDU was Mollys favourite, all the nurses and doctors gave us there time and were the most caring people we have ever met. So a massive thank you to all in that ward. Molly wouldnt be hear today if it wasn’t for you all thank you xx

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Amy – thank you very much for sharing your story with us, it’s great to hear Molly is doing much better and we’ll let all the staff know about your comments.

  • Claire Popplewell from Isle of Man "Caring and supportive "
    Department: Oncology Date of visit: 31st October until April 14

    Me and my son were admitted on the 31st October to neurosurgery and we there for a month and they were absolutely brilliant they explained everything and if you had any worries they would put your mind straight as ease. Made me cope easier and not worrying do much. Then we were moved to oncology and the support there is amazing and all the staff there are lovely and took good care off my son.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Claire – thank you very much for sharing your positive feedback about our Neurosurgery and Oncology teams, we’ll be passing your comments on today.

  • Faye walker from North Wales "Outstanding... As always!"
    Department: Neurosurgery

    My son has been attending the neurosurgery department/ward since 2011 now and I can’t thank the staff enough for everything they have done for him.

    His last outpatient appointment was with Mr Mallucci and as always he goes through absolutely everything with us and answers any questions we have. Never makes us feel like we are on a clock when we are in the consulting room and that is why I don’t ever mind waiting to be seen as I know the right level if care and attention is been given to others families!

    Keep up the superb work that you all do!

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Faye – thanks very much for your comments about our Neurosurgery department and Mr Mallucci – we’ll pass on your feedback to the team today!

  • joyce from merseyside "helpful,careing, quick service"
    Department: Physiotherapy Date of visit: 1/4/14

    My daughter as been a few times to see Jo,she feels listened to an helped,the appointments are quick and made easily,staff are always kind and helpful in that department restaurant and reception we don’t have any complaints, ,

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Joyce – thanks very much for sharing your comments with us. We’re really glad your Alder Hey experience is a positive one.

  • Laura from Stockport, "Will never forget your kindness!"
    Department: Winter Ward Date of visit: 27.09.2103

    At less than 24 hours old our daughter was transferred from Stepping Hill Hospital NICU in Stockport to Alder Hey. We had been told it was likely that once she arrived at Alder Hey she would require immediate surgery.
    As soon as we arrived the staff on the Winter Ward could not of been more helpful. One nurse spent over an hour ringing hotels to find us somewhere To sleep and when she was unsuccessful she then walked the hospital for an hour to find us a room as the Ronald McDonald house was closed for the night. Each and every member of staff we encountered went above and beyond to help us and make what was a scary situation as easy as it possibly could be. This included a maintainer man that offered to find me a wheel chair after seeing I was clearly struggling not long after giving birth.
    The surgeons came straight to see Her (this was around 11pm on a Friday evening) and amazingly they agreed that she didn’t require surgery that evening and in fact at all. They too went above and beyond and explained everything in detail.
    We remained at Alder for a few more days whilst our daughter was observed and we stayed in the Ronald MacDonald House which the staff on the Winter Ward arranged for us.
    We couldn’t of been happier with the care our daughter received and also how well we were looked after too.
    Thank you! Your all amazing in my eyes!!!

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Laura – thank you so much for sharing your story and experience in so much detail – it was fantastic to read. We’ll share it with all the winter ward staff today.

  • Katie Lowndes from stoke on trent "Amazing"
    Department: A2 Date of visit: 5th april 2013

    I cant thank Alderhey enough for the help my baby boy received now im trying to track down the nurse who cared for him I know his name was Colin and he was the nurse in charge Im wanting to bring my son back to Alderhey so he can meet the man that saved his life. Riley was very poorly due to our hospital back at home discharged him with neo natal sepsis at four days old colin really looked after him told us everything we needed to know and answered all our questions. If you could help me track him down that would be fabulous x

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Katie – thanks for your lovely comments. We’ll pass them on to the team and see if we can track down Colin for you!

  • Lisa from Wales
    Department: D2 Date of visit: various

    We always have an excellent experience when we visit Alder Hey. The care our daughter receives is always great and thorough. The only thing I feel that lets the service down now is the new appointment system. Our appointment is always a lot longer than the 6 week time slot given which does concern me. It was great getting the next appointment when leaving clinic.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Lisa – thanks so much for providing your feedback – it’s great to hear that you always have an excellent experience. We will look into your comments about the appointment system and update this reply as soon as we can. Thanks again for getting in touch.

  • Beverley Lyon from St helens "very good and understanding"
    Department: spinal Date of visit: every 6 months and inbetween when needed

    My 6year old daughter has scoliosis and has to wear a Boston brace and has fluid in her spinal cord so we have checks and x rays every 6 months and mri once a year the staff at the spinal department are brilliant very helpful and lovely with my daughter as she isnt an easy patient she doesn’t like hospital even though she is in all the time. Really brilliant hospital and staff xx

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Beverley – we really appreciate you leaving your feedback and it’s fantastic to hear you’ve had a positive experience at Alder Hey. We’ll pass on your comments to all the staff involved.

  • Rebecca Cooke from Warrington "fantastic care for my little boy"
    Department: K2 Date of visit: 7-12 April

    Thank you so much to all the staff on ICU and K2 who did such an amazing job last week looking after my little boy after he underwent heart surgery. He’s making a great recovery and we’re now back at home. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from you all. You made a very difficult time so much easier for us. Thanks so much. 🙂

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Rebecca – we’re really pleased you had a great experience. It’s great to hear your son is making a good recovery and we’ll pass on your kind comments to the staff on PICU and K2.

  • Nigel Ecclestone from Wrexham "Over & above fantastic"
    Department: Oncology Date of visit: On going

    The whole oncology dept nurses doctors especially Dr Pizer .
    From the state of shock disbelief we were supported as a family .
    No one wants this experience to happen but the way we were looked after was way beyond expectations . Absolutely fantastic thank you all we know we still have a journey & support is only a telephone call away

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Nigel – thank you very much for taking the time to leave your feedback. We’ll be passing on your comments to the Oncology team today .

  • Fran Croston from Wirral
    Department: Neuro med Date of visit: April 8th 14 July 6th 13

    Will, 4, was admitted to PICU from APH on 2 occasions following status seizures. Thankfully his stays in PICU were short and he recovered without any problems. Once he’d been discharged from PICU, where the care he received was exceptional, we were transferred to a neuro med ward in July and a medical ward in April. The neuro med stay was sadly a nightmare. Will was experiencing the after effects of all the anti seizure drugs, we were pretty much just left to cope with him alone. On looking for something to keep him occupied, we discovered that there was no longer a playroom on the ward and due to ‘infection control’ there were no toys! In a children’s hospital??? After hours of trying to deal with his ‘hangover’ by ourselves, exacerbated by the lack of toys, I signed him out and took him home to his own familiar environment.
    Happily this time after his PICU stay we were transferred to ward C3, where they did have toys. Although he was still suffering the drug hangover, he was able to be distracted by the play therapist and toys there. After a short stay we were discharged home to continue his recovery. It was a relief not to be transferred to the neuro med ward after PICU after our previous experience there.
    I don’t wish to appear ungrateful, the care Will received in PICU and C3 was exemplary. However to have no toys on a children’s ward, in a children’s hospital is beyond comprehension.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hello Fran – thanks very much for sharing your experience in such detail. Your comments have been passed on to all the relevant staff and we’re just waiting for a full response from the Neurology team which we’ll publish as soon as we have.

  • Kelly rose from Litherland "Friendly, supportive and fantastic care"
    Department: NeuroPhysio Date of visit: 27.3.14 to 17.4.14

    My son has just had SDR surgery under Dr Pettorini and we have just been discharged after a 3 week stay. Miss Pettorini is fantastic, thorough, very calm and reassuring. All the doctors who looked after us were always very friendly and the nursing staff were fabulous. There was one lady who made this whole experience managable and that is Chris Sneade she was absolutely amazing she not only helped our son but made me and my husband feel at ease. She was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to meeting her again. Such a fab hospital thank you Alder Hey

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Kelly – thanks for sharing your feedback – it’s much appreciated. We’ll pass on your lovely comments to Chris, Miss Pettorini and the rest of the department today.

  • STACEY PAINTER from United Kingdom "waste of time"
    Department: Opthalmology Date of visit: 11 april 2014

    my four year old son and i attended an outpatients apt yesterday after being referred from aph hospital as the op my son needs can not be done there. when we arrived for our apt which we had waited for 10 months for we were told the consultant he should have been seeing was not in and were handed over to another doctor who said he could not make a decision about our sons op as it would not be him performing it also he said they like to wait until the child is 2 to do the op as I said he is now 4 and really suffering with eye infections and is taking time off school nothing was resolved and we were told he would be now given another app in 2 to 3 months. just frustrated as he has already been seen by consultant in aph and referred over to alder hey we finally thought things would be sorted out for him.

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Stacey

      Thanks very much for your comments. We will need to find out a bit more information so this can be looked into fully. Our service manager has emailed you and we look forward to your reply.

      We will then publish a response to your feedback on this webpage.

  • Tracy Allen-Lea from Merseyside "Professional, caring and supportive"
    Department: Dermatology Date of visit: 11/04/2014

    Our Son Alfie has been attending the Dermatology clinic for approx 6 months now- sometimes 3 times per week for dressings and bandages. When he first attended he was frightened and obviously the tretment onto very painful skin made him reluctant to return for his next treatment a few days later. The team in the clinic are amazing! Sophie, Debbie and Amy have made a distressed little boy actually look forward to attending and made bandaging fun, managing to take his mind of what they are doing and really putting him at his ease.Singing Batman songs, talking about Super Hero’s (as they know he likes these things) and also praising him for not scratching! I cannot praise them enough for their time, energy and support shown to us all as a family in what is often a very busy clinic!

    • Matthew Dunn Alder Hey Post author

      Hi Tracy

      Thanks so much for being the first to share your feedback with us! We’re so pleased you had a great experience in the dermatology clinic and we’ll pass on your message so the team can see for themselves.


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