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Welcome to Alder Hey – the UK’s first cognitive hospital

An Alder Hey volunteer speaks to a familyAt Alder Hey Children’s Hospital we are designing cognitive computing technology that will improve the patient experience.

Here you can read about what it means for Megan, her family and the clinicians involved in her care.

Megan, an Alder Hey Children’s Hospital patient

Megan has to go into hospital as she has a lump, and nobody knows what it is. She’s a bit nervous as she’s never been into hospital before and doesn’t know what to expect.
Before she heads in to hospital Megan and her parents download the Alder Hey app. She spends some time designing her own avatar, choosing the way it looks. She loves safari animals (a giraffe is her favourite), so she creates the best one she can. Once she’s happy she saves everything to the app.

Sitting down with her parents, Megan takes a virtual tour of the hospital looking at the room, talking about the procedure

She’s still nervous, but she knows what to expect. As the day of her operation gets nearer, Megan has more questions to ask. She knows that the app is always there whenever she needs it.

Matthew and Claire – Megan’s parents

Matthew and Claire are trying to stay brave for Megan, but they have lots of questions themselves. Matthew is concerned about how to get to the hospital, where he’s going to park and about how long the procedure will take. Claire is worried about what might happen, and what the lump might be.

When Megan has gone to sleep, they load the app and begin to ask it questions. Notepad in hand, Matthew writes a list with all the information he needs to know for the journey to the hospital.

The night before the operation Claire spends some time with the app asking some last minute questions about the procedure. When she gets in the car to take Megan to the hospital she can talk confidently about what is going to happen, putting Megan at ease.

Once Megan is out of hospital, Claire checks back regularly with the app, just to make sure she’s caring for Megan in the best possible way.

Raj – Alder Hey Clinician

Raj is due to operate on Megan. Before she arrives he’s able to take a look at her profile and sees that Megan’s favourite animal is a giraffe.

He doesn’t have a picture of a giraffe, but when she arrives, he opens his wallet and shows her a picture of his daughter with her cat, which makes her smile.

Looking at the questions Raj talks through the procedure with Megan, explaining what will happen and how long it will take. He uses superhero characters to help Megan feel a little bit braver.

He can also see that Claire, Megan’s mum, has asked lots of questions about the anaesthetic so, while Megan is saying goodbye to her dad he takes her aside and talks to her about the procedure and its safety.

It’s a normal day for Raj, but he’s happy to spend a little bit of time making Megan feel relaxed.

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