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Welcome to Alder Hey – the UK’s first cognitive hospital

You may not have heard of cognitive computing, but it’s likely that you will have heard of artificial intelligence. Cognitive computing is a system that enable humans to interact naturally with computers – and the results are genuinely amazing.

The short video from IBM above may help to explain what cognitive computing is.

How does it work?

Cognitive computing brings together a number of innovative technologies and systems. Using natural language processing the software can understand and make sense of the way we speak, picking out the meaning in our speech patterns.

The system can process this information, and provide intelligent answers to our questions.
Behind the scenes, Watson is able to continually learn, improving the way that it functions and performs, becoming more accurate as it progresses.

What is Watson?

Watson is the world’s leading cognitive computing system and it is the one that we have chosen to use at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

The technology has been developed for decades, and is already being used in a number of different areas and applications, including the medical sector.

You can get to know a bit more about Watson, by watching this short animation.

Is this brand new technology?

The technology that we are using is already out there and being used, we’re just using it in a new way – to improve patient experience.

In our everyday lives we’re already used to computers understanding things about us. Amazon for instance processes the information we give it to help us identify offers and products we may be interested in.

Facebook uses algorithms to help identify people and events, pulling these out for us automatically.
Siri and Cortana are two popular voice recognition systems that are already being used to help us interact with our devices using our natural voices.

At Alder Hey we’re using technology to help us create the hospital of the future.

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