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Welcome to Alder Hey – the UK’s first cognitive hospital

At Alder Hey Children’s Hospital we know a lot about our patients. We know that a visit to hospital can be a difficult experience. We know that you may be anxious about the environment or nervous about your treatment.

We know you will have lots of questions about everything and that these questions won’t stop as soon as you leave the hospital.

It’s this insight into our patients that has inspired Alder Hey to become the UK’s first cognitive hospital. Working with the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Hartree Centre and powered by IBM Watson we are investing in a range of new cognitive computing technologies that will transform the way services are provided – delivering genuinely personalised care for patients.

The cognitive hospital isn’t being created for our patients, it is being created by them. Our vision is to create the world’s first living hospital.

Becoming a cognitive hospital will also support us to improve the services we deliver, raise quality and help us to save money for the NHS.

In this section you can understand what exactly a cognitive hospital is and why we want to create one as well as hearing from some of those involved in managing the project.

You can learn how patients are already helping us to shape the hospital of the future.

Welcome to Alder Hey – the UK’s first cognitive hospital.

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