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Surgery at Alder Hey

Digital fish tank in the Surgical Day Case Unit at Alder Hey in the ParkBefore moving into the the new hospital extensive work was done to ensure that all of our services were patient centered. The result is a new approach for the surgical day case unit with an improved patient journey.

The surgical day case unit has four dedicated theatres and treats over 8,000 patients each year.  The improved service allows more patients to be treated and more minor emergency procedures to be carried out as day cases.

Creating a digital fish Patients waiting for surgery have their own reception area with a fabulous digital fish tank to distract patients while they are waiting – they can create their own fish and then watch it swimming in the enormous digital aquarium. The unit was designed with input from patients and clinicians leading to a clear and efficient patient pathway. This means that patients now come into the unit in one of four slots over the day reducing their waiting times.

Find out more about  attending the day case surgical unit under the your visit section on our home page.

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