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Springfield Park Update

Alder Hey in the ParkAlder Hey has been in wide consultation with local community representatives, our staff and families of patients at the hospital over the past months over plans for Springfield Park and associated developments.

Since the outline plans were developed by Alder Hey and the Council and submitted in December, we have listened carefully and we understand people’s concerns. Therefore we jointly agreed with the Council to take additional time to consult more widely with the local community and enhance the plans.

As was always the case, we will take the views of all our stakeholders into account for the final planning application. Our intent has always been to greatly enhance the area and create something special for the whole community, that vision remains unchanged.

Your comments

  • Complete lies, the plans for 424 dwellings would have destroyed the local area and alder hey don’t care, they never have.

  • After the local community had absorbed all the disruption, congestion and difficulties of building a new hospital, after you whinged for years about it, you decided to change the deal and go back on the promise you made. I will not support any planning application you make and will work with the community to oppose it in the interests of the trusts reputation, patients, staff and community.

  • Do we not post comments on here if they’re critical of the trust’s decisions? Doesn’t seem right to me. It sends a bad message to people that you’re also asking to speak out if they see something wrong. Do not moderate these comments!

  • You can do something. On the website you can join the trust as a member (free and takes 2 mins). With this power you can vote by ballot and vote out the chief exec and also stand for election if you want. Spread the word to join the trust as a member and we can inject some direct democracy upon Alder Hey.

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