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Robot Ward At Alder Hey!

Jack Hutton, Chair of Alder Hey Children and Young People's Forum demonstrates the robot to AntoniaChildren and young people were given a chance to have their say about groundbreaking technology in Alder Hey’s new hospital …and there was a unique surprise in store.

Patients on ward M3 gave their feedback to a special visitor on Wednesday; a robot controlled by Jack Hutton, a former patient and the Chair of Alder Hey Children and Young People’s Forum

The robot is one of the innovative ideas brought by BT, who are supporting Alder Hey in developing world leading technologies for the new Alder Hey in the Park, set to open in 2015. Together, Alder Hey and BT are working with staff, patients and families to develop technologies that will improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Alder Hey patient Hayley Lai tries out the robot on ward M3

Former patients and their families joined Alder Hey staff and BT representatives at a special event recently to discuss plans for innovative technology in the new hospital. Some of the ideas for the new Alder Hey in the Park include, children creating their own personal ‘avatar’ prior to arrival in hospital for use on a brand new ‘Patient Entertainment and Technology System’. Other developments include a facility where children can create their own journal during their time in hospital. During the event recently, children and young people were able to use the robot to communicate with others via the robot’s screen, and controlling it to move around the room.

Jack Hutton, 19, attended the event and he is now looking forward to using the robot at Alder Hey to find out what other patients think of their ideas!

Jack, said, “It’s been fantastic today to see how technology can be used in a children’s hospital like Alder Hey. It’s what children and teenagers expect these days. It’s been exciting working with doctors and nurses at Alder Hey to give them a patient’s perspective.”

David Powell, Programme Director of Alder Hey Children’s Health Park said: “Alder Hey in the Park brings an amazing opportunity for us to have the very best technology; most of which will be the first of its kind in a hospital environment. Our patients and families have been right at the heart of the design for the new hospital so it makes perfect sense to involve them in decisions about the technical systems which will all help improve a patient’s experience.

“Bringing a robot to a ward for the first time is a fitting way to demonstrate our aim of becoming a world class facility and is certainly a fun and exciting way to engage our patients. We have already involved our staff, children’s forum and families in developing our ideas and I’m now looking forward to hearing what patients on our ward think of them!”

Rachael Harrison, BT lead for Alder Hey, said: “BT and Alder Hey are working together using innovation and technology to build a healthier future for children and young people. It was a natural fit to ask the children what they thought of the ideas – after all, the new hospital is inspired by them. By creating a new world of care, Alder Hey is transforming the way people are looked after.”

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  • Really great to see technology and clinical outcomes joined at the hip and ultimately driving a positive patient experience.
    Love the avatar idea too.

    Great job!

  • Sounds like a great initiative! Well done!

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