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Restored Nelson Memorial Relocated Near Alder Hey In The Park Site

The restored Nelson's Memorial sits in its new home in Springfield Park, next to the new Alder Hey in the ParkCommissioned in 1806, the Nelson Memorial had to be removed from its location while the new Alder Hey Hospital is in construction. Now renovated and relocated, the obelisk stands in Springfield Park.

A ceremony marking this event was hold in the park on Friday 14th March by the Friends of Springfield Park. Alongside the Lord Mayor, Gary Millar, representatives of the Royal Naval Association and RNA band attended.

Tony Concepcion, Chairman of the Friends of Springfield Park, said: “We’re here today to celebrate the new location of the column in a prominent part of the park and retaining part of our history.”
The memorial was erected by Mr Downward to commemorate the death of Lord Nelson.

Tony Concepcion said: “He was one of the most famous commanders in the British navy, during the Napoleonic wars, in 1805, when he fought this battle of Trafalgar, which was off the coast of Spain. It was a combined fleet of French and Spanish navvies.

“Lord Nelson actually won a famous victory and it’s still celebrated today.

“In honour of Lord Nelson, Mr Downward was going to dedicate this monument to the city of Liverpool. At the time, the city fathers thought it wasn’t grand enough.So he put it in the ground of his own home. This park was purchased by the city council in 1907 but when the new Alder Hey Hospital was being built, it had to be relocated.”

When the construction will be over, the new Springfield park will offer a multi-use games area, a play area football pitches and several seatings.

This article has been reproduced from Bay TV Liverpool which includes a video about this story.

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