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Planning Applications Submitted For Springfield Park

Artist's impression: How Springfield Park could lookAlder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust has today submitted a planning application for the re-instatement of Springfield Park. The document outlines proposals for a new state-of-the-art park to be created alongside the new Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

These proposals follow an innovative land swap agreement that was made between Alder Hey and Liverpool City Council, enabling the new Alder Hey hospital to be built adjacent to its old building on part of Springfield Park. This agreement was made under the condition that the parkland would be reinstated once the old hospital buildings were demolished. The new hospital opened in October 2015 and with demolition expected in 2017, the full plans for the creation of a unique health campus within a park are now being laid out for wide consultation for the first time.

This new park will sit alongside a residential development that also incorporates green space. Although it will be configured differently than the previous park, we wish to reassure the local community that nine hectares of green space used for the new hospital will be returned and park facilities will also be much improved.

Springfield Park: Before Alder Hey in the Park was built, and after

Since the initial land swap agreement, there have been continuous discussions with the Council and local community groups about the future use of the new park. Plans have therefore evolved and become more ambitious and the intention now is to establish a community interest company who will manage and maintain the park, supported by the Council and Alder Hey.

Originally the Trust planned to keep some of its old buildings (Mulberry House) in place along Alder Road. However over time, it has become apparent that these buildings are no longer fit for purpose and they will now be part of the demolition, creating a brownfield site for possible development.

To help fund the enhancements to the new park, Alder Hey plans to sell this brownfield site land to a residential developer. The residential development would frame the border of the park, bringing community activity, lighting and some security to the area. Ongoing contributions from this development would support the community interest company to maintain the park. This is in support of the Government’s recently instigated ‘Government’s Surplus Public Sector Land Programme’  with a target of 160,000 housing units to be built on sold surplus public sector land by March 2020, to support house builds and economic growth.

A formal public consultation exercise will now commence.  Both planning applications can be viewed on the planning authority web site.

Your comments

  • Absolute disgrace. We want our Park and football pitches back. We dont need more housing we need more green spaces. Lies, Lies, Lies. The local community deserve better. Greedy NHS Distrust.

  • This is nothing like the plans drawn up when Alder Hey were applying to build on the Springfield Park site. This area lost football fields that were used continuously by local children but trusted Alder Hey to keep to their promise and replace them!! At a time when childhood obesity is forever in the headlines Alder Hey have stolen away parkland from local children and for good measure will be greatly increasing the traffic pollution once they build shops and housing on the site. Well done Alder Hey, clearly making money is considered more important to you than the health and wellbeing of local children.

  • consider improving community before building houses!!

  • In the original application Alderhey made no mention of 424 dwellings or retail space. Alder hey did say that the park would run along side the old railway from East Prescot road to Alder road. Alder Hey have not kept to there promises. Please object at Liverpool city council planning website ref application 16O/2940.

  • Disgrace putting houses on there but everyone is wasting there time objecting because money talks at the end of the day.

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