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Register for Alder Hey Health Hackathon 2017

Alder Hey is set to host its third hackathon on Thursday 15th June 2017 at the onsite ‘Institute in the Park’.

The hackathon will bring together experts from a range of backgrounds to collaborate and develop solutions for various issues and problems pitched by participants.

The event is free and open for anybody to attend, including health professionals, staff, parents, patients, academics or anyone who is passionate about making a change in healthcare.

Last September, Alder Hey held a tremendously successful ‘Hackathon in the Park’ which addressed the impact on health and wellbeing in children. This year the theme is designed to address unmet clinical needs.

The day starts at 8.30am for coffee, with pitches being presented throughout the morning. The day concludes with solutions being presented and an overall winner being announced at 5.30pm. Food and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

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