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Message to Patients and Families regarding Car Parking

We wish to advise our families that parking rates at Alder Hey will be increasing from Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

Charges will now be applied at an hourly rate. Our new payment tariff is outlined below:

0-30 Mins Free
30 Mins – 2 Hours £2.50
2-6 Hours £3.50
6-8 Hours £4.50
8-24 Hours £6.00


This will be the first increase in charges for many years. The new tariff has been increased to enable us to make necessary improvements to our current parking systems and infrastructure within the current financial climate, ensuring that parking on our site is as effective and efficient as possible.

The new system also allows the Trust to offer more flexible parking options for our long-stay patients and frequent visitors, as well as accepting payments with notes and eventually credit/debit cards which is currently not offered. Our patients and visitors will also now be able to park for free for 30 minutes, which we are aware is something many of our families have been asking for.

We will continue to offer long-stay patients a discounted rate for parking. Visitors can purchase a 30 day pass for £30 for one month’s unlimited access or £10 for 10 consecutive days.

Although the charges are increasing, the tariff now brings us in line with the parking charges already in place at other local hospitals. All income generated through parking covers the costs to run and maintain our new multi-storey car park, while the remainder is invested back into hospital services.


Why are the charges being increased?
We have been reluctant to increase parking rates for our families for many years. However, improvements to our current parking facilities have become necessary to enable us to continue to ensure safe and efficient parking on site. We have tried to keep the charges as low as possible and within the rates currently seen at other hospitals in the region.

Where does the money from parking charges go?
The money from parking charges enables us to run and maintain our multi storey car park in the new hospital. The remainder is invested back into the hospital to help fund our healthcare services.

Are there discounts in place for long term patients?
Yes. A 30 day pass is available for £30 which enables visitors to park as many times as they need within a month. A 10 day pass is also available for consecutive days for £10. These passes can be purchased from the Cash Office, located in the main Atrium of the hospital.

Are staff charges also being increased?
Car parking charges for our staff will remain the same. They were raised in 2016 following a consultation. Charges vary between £4.55 and £30 per month, depending on pay banding and number of days worked.


Your comments

  • can I buy a 10 day pass on line?

  • When will there be parking for high top WAVs?

  • Will there be people patrolling the car park for people parking in disabled bays without a badge? I have complained to pals on numerous occasions about this and nothing had been done. If you would of properly managed this from the beginning you would have enough money in fines from these people to maintain the car park for many years to come and not have to put the rates up. I hope you take everyone’s thoughts into consideration on this matter as a lot of people are long stayers and have care staff looking after the children with complex needs.

  • These charges are outrageous! What about the children long term who are going to suffer? Because I for one can not afford these prices! So more pressure on the nurses yet again! Disgusting!

  • I find it so hard to believe that families with children with a life threatening illness have to pay such fees to park while they try so hard to save their child’s life. Not only do we as families incure the daily fees of parking, but also have to pay for food to live at the hospital as well as buying very specific foods for our children that are unable to eat like a well child. Also how on earth can you justify staff have such a reduction in car parking fees, when us as families actually spend more time at the hospital than the staff do in one working week. There have been days when our family have paid up to £8 per day to support our daughters illness during her stay on oncology. I think it’s absurd that families who are fighting for their child’s life can not be more supported financially with car parking fees, to be honest it’s so immoral!

  • Will you be introducing free parking for oncology families again? Many parents have to give up work when their child is diagnosed with cancer due to the constant hospital appointments and admissions and find themselves struggling financially, this will just add more pressure and worry. In the old hospital oncology parents didn’t pay parking fees.

  • This is disgusting. As a Oncology parent; most of our appointments can last hours while receiving treatment.

  • Shocking to put these prices up. My son goes to daycare oncology so im looking at £3.50 minimum to park. As well as travelling from wrexham there and back and paying for the new bridges. Im basically getting financially punished by your hospital cause my son havimg chemo. Should be free. Also i ran the alder hey 10k for your hospital chairty raising £750. Wish i didnt now. And i wont be rasing money for your hospital again. Because i be skint for next two years.

  • Think this is disgusting, we dont choose to come to hospital, and have sick children who have to be treated here. We have to sacrifice enough when our children have to attend daily for treatment for years. Know people who have lost jobs because off the amount of time they spend at hospital with their children. They have to spend extra on food, petrol getting to the hospital and now these ridiculously expensive parking fees. It is outrageous when people are struggling and have no choice but to save their childrens lives. Hospital parking should always free.

  • The new parking charges are awful as an oncology parent who is back and forth so much this will cost a lot for me as a single parent.

  • This is so disappointing. The £2 charge was ok and manageable but the new pricing is going to cost families a lot of heartache especially when their children are receiving long term care.

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