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Latest Statement from Alder Hey – 13th April 2018

Statement from Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

13th April 2018

Statement from Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

We do understand that this is a very distressing time for Alfie’s parents and realise that there is a great deal of public interest in this matter.

Alfie’s clinical condition is truly heart rending, but at each stage of the legal process which has to be followed in such cases, the courts have agreed with the treating team and the independent expert advisors instructed by the Trust and the family that Alfie’s condition is irreversible and untreatable.

All treatable conditions have been diagnosed. All the experts agree that it will not assist Alfie to subject him to further tests in order to identify a diagnosis.

As part of that process his parents are making further appropriate representations to the Court of Appeal to present their views.

Last night Mr Justice Hayden ordered that Alfie cannot be removed from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital pending the hearing before the Court of Appeal on Monday.

We trust that the public and supporters of Alfie’s parents will respect that decision and allow the staff caring for Alfie and all other children and families at Alder Hey to continue their duties without interference and disturbance.

Unfortunately, the action taken last night and the behaviour of a small minority of supporters impacted very negatively on other patients, families and staff at Alder Hey.

We would therefore be grateful if all respect and consideration is shown to all our staff, patients and families at the hospital.

Our priority continues to provide Alfie and all our other children with the best care possible.

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