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Innovation Team2Alder Hey has an established Innovation Team whose role is to bring partners and collaborators, sponsors in industry together with clinicians, researchers and academics to create the products, devices and therapies for the future.

The team is led by Development Director, David Powell and Clinical Director of Innovation, and consultant general surgeon, Iain Hennessy.

David Powell

David Powell

“I joined Alder Hey as Development Director at the end of 2012 bringing over 30 years experience of working in the NHS. My recent roles have been as Development Director for new hospital programmers, including Bristol South Meade Hospital’s £430m development.

As Development Director I am the Trust Executive Lead for Innovation. Innovation is a major part of Alder Hey’s future vision and I have a group of highly committed people working with companies on a regional, national and international basis to establish Alder Hey as the go-to place for ideas on how to improve children’s healthcare. This is an exciting time for Alder Hey and we are already seeing more interest in the innovative work we do in our new hospital. I look forward to welcoming new companies to work alongside us in our new innovation hub at Alder Hey.”

Iain Hennessey

Iain Hennessey, Alder HeyI have the best job in the world. As part of the general surgery team at Alder Hey I perform operations on babies from 300g in size with congenital problems, right up to 16 year old strapping rugby players. In addition to this I am also the Director of Innovation, responsible for finding and developing the healthcare technologies of the future.

Combining these two roles has allowed Alder Hey to be exposed to some of the latest and most exciting technological developments from our technology partners. We are working on transdermal sensors the size of postage stamps to artificial intelligence platforms run from computers the size of a house. Being able to shape the future of children’s healthcare in our new state of the art children’s hospital is an enormous honour and I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years will reveal.

Liz Ashall-Payne

Liz Ashall-Payne“Initially a Speech and Language Therapist, I have almost 20 years NHS experience where I have successfully led innovative change and service transformation in complex health economies.

I am passionate about the opportunities that technology – and particularly apps – offer to improve health and care efficiencies and outcomes. I work with Alder Hey to support digital health programmes to improve public, patient and organisational outcomes.”

Simone Jochheim

Simone Jochheim“Sony is a world leader in medical technology. Sony delivers innovations across the imaging workflow, from leading 4K and 3D technologies to the very latest in 4k over IP capabilities and offers a wide range of medical devices.

Being a strong partner for innovations at Alder Hey, Sony provides the very latest and inspiring technologies and tailored solutions to the hospital that support medical staff and enhances the quality of patient care. In my role as a Business Development Manager, I am frequently visiting Alder Hey to investigate the clinical workflows and how Sony could help to improve processes with new and emerging technologies. We are looking particularly into children’s care and patient distraction solutions that can improve the kids’ wellbeing and make their hospital stay a little bit more pleasant (e.g. with the Digital Aquarium).”

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