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Headspace at Alder Hey – Last Chance to Get Involved!

Headspace at FACT, Wood Street LiverpoolThere’s still time to take part in a groundbreaking project which will have a massive impact on the future development of craniofacial surgery. Headspace will be running until 20th December in the restaurant at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Headspace has been designed in conjunction with FACT and associated artists to develop a comprehensive database of human head shapes using state of the art 3D photography. The benefits of this research are huge; from helping to design surgical operations to enhancing the ability to compare outcomes of surgery.

A specially designed camera, was constructed at FACT in Liverpool City Centre, with an aim to capture over 1000 3D photographs of heads to form the largest research database of its kind in the world and the first in the UK. The camera has now been installed in the hospital where it will remain in the run up to Christmas.

Rachel Armstrong, Project Co-ordinator, explains: “We have been delighted that so many people have taken part in Headspace already. Our original target was 1000 images so to have 1405 by the time we left FACT was fantastic. Our aim now is to keep it going and collect as many images as possible. The majority of the images we have in the database are from adults so we still need children and young people to take part. We are asking all our patients, families and visitors to visit us in the restaurant in the hospital if they can and take part!”

Rachel Armstrong with 1000th volunteer Rachel Duerden

Rachel Duerden was the 1000th volunteer for the project helping Alder Hey to reach their original milestone. She too is encouraging people to take part and said: “It was just by chance that I was in FACT during the Headspace exhibition and I wanted to take part and do my bit to help with this valuable research project. When they told me I was the 1000th volunteer it felt really nice and I was proud to be part of such as special achievement for the hospital. I hope as many people as possible in the hospital find time to go along and add their own image to the database.”

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