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#GetYourStripes: Matalan Kicks Off Third Annual Alder Hey Christmas Charity Campaign

#GetYourStripes for Alder Hey from MatalanMatalan has unveiled this year’s exciting Christmas charity collaboration with Alder Hey Children’s Charity for the third year running. Once again, one of Britain’s best-loved family retailers has partnered with one of Europe’s leading children’s hospitals, following two hugely successful
campaigns in 2014 and 2015.

This year’s highly anticipated ‘Get Your Stripes’ campaign builds on the retailer’s previous Christmas fundraising appeals, Alphabet Scarves and Beanie vs Bobble, which raised more than £1.3m combined and was backed by celebrities including Justin Bieber and Britney Spears. The money raised went towards the development of the hospital’s new state-of-the-art research centre that is instrumental in saving the lives of children.

This year’s collection is all about celebrating festive family downtime, with a range of red, white and green stripe pyjamas, perfect for everyone this Christmas. The range for mum, dad, brothers, sisters, best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and even the dog, will see everyone matching whilst they relax this Christmas. The range will be available in stores from 17th October with prices starting from £2- £10.

Following on from previous year’s celebrity advocates, Matalan is delighted to announce Anna Friel, Alesha Dixon and George & Larry Lamb as partners with the ‘Get Your Stripes’ campaign supporting the charity by wearing the matching pyjamas in the official campaign imagery.

Alder Hey delivers outstanding care to their 275,000 patients and families every year and Matalan is giving 100% of the profits from sales of the collection directly to Alder Hey. The funds will go towards the support and success of the research centre for children in the UK and across the world.

“Now in its third year, I am incredibly proud of our partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Charity which has seen us raise over £1.3 million for this amazing cause”, says Jason Hargreaves, Matalan CEO. “The work the charity is doing is so important, the partnership allows us to be part of something truly special, family is at the heart of our business so to be able to support such a worthy cause is an honour. We are confident that we can make this year’s campaign even bigger and better with the help of our fantastic customers and of course some supportive celebrities!”

Louise Barrett, Head of Corporate and Major Giving for Alder Hey Children’s Charity said: “Matalan’s continued support is invaluable for the work we do. With the money raised so far, we have been able to invest heavily into our research centre, which is having a direct and positive impact on our patients. Through this collaboration with Matalan it has also helped raise national awareness for the work we are doing across the hospital.”

The collection includes matching adults and children’s pyjamas sets, a sleepsuit for babies and a dog suit. You can continue the matching theme with striped socks and a mug, all available in store and online at Matalan from 17th October 2016.

Your comments

  • Already Matalan online orderliness has sold out of women’s stripes and not getting any more for this very worth while cause. Is there anywhere else selling them?

  • Matalan seems to have no stock of pyjamas except X small , will they get more stock?

  • Shame the ladies Pj’s don’t appear online to be able to order!

  • Our little girl is currently in Alder Hey having heart surgery, the team are like angels. We bought pyjamas for all our family. Thank you Alder Hey and thank you to Mataln for their continued support.

  • Our little girl is currently in Alder Hey having heart surgery, the team are like angels. We bought pyjamas for all our family. Thank you Alder Hey and thank you to Matalan for their continued support. Our favourite nurse is Claire Crawley who is looking after our special one in ICU like she is her own.

  • Alder hey performed open heart surgery on my son in 2006.he is still going on strong.thankyou alder hey cardiologists.

  • My son Christopher had open heart surgery at 10 days old.they saved his life.thankyou to all the cardiologists at alder hey.he is now 10 years old.

  • I am finding it really hard to get these pyjamas in baby and adult size

  • I would like to purchase a set of pjs but can’t seem to get them on line or in store pleas help

  • I would like to purchase a family set of pjs and a dogs but can’t seem to find them I store or online any help appreciated

  • Went to buy alder hey charity pyjamas in matalan kidderminster (12/11/2016) only to be told they had sent them all back

  • I’m very disappointed that matalan have run out of your get your stripes pyjamas. I wanted them for my family and especially my grandchildren. Will there be more stock before Christmas?

  • Can’t find any pyjamas at my local Matalan store, and they don’t have any on line. How can I get hold of a pair in large for £10 please.
    Regards Lorenzo

  • Hi

    When will the adult sizes be available in the PJS?

  • Hi I am wondering if I can still get hold of the pjs? My children have them but I would also like to purchase 2 adults pairs. I have been trying the local matalan for the last few weeks and they never have them ?

  • please can you tell me what sizes you have left, I would like 6 pairs. 2= 3 years, 3 – 4 years 4 – 5 years and 5 = 6 or any sizes remotely around these ages PLEASE

  • Hi I would love to get my pjs the navy pjs but the are out of stock 😢 I would love them in a 2-3yrs and a 5-6 please

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