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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Move To Alder Hey In The Park

Alder Hey in the Park opens 2 October 2015On Friday lunchtime we hosted a live question and answer session on Twitter, covering some of the frequently asked questions about our move to Alder Hey in the Park.

Here are the answers…

When is the new hospital fully open?

Our move has been meticulously planned to ensure a safe and smooth transition for patients and families. We are moving over five days from 2nd to 6th October and will be fully operational at Alder Hey in the Park from 7th October.

Emergency services will continue to operate throughout the move.

If I need to visit the Emergency Department during the move, do I go to the old one or the new?

Our current Emergency Department will remain open but will relocate to the new hospital in the early hours of Sunday 4th October.

Clear wayfinding and support will be available to families and patients at this time.

What will happen to all the old buildings?

Following out move, the old buildings will be demolished and redeveloped into park land. A programme is in place to convert the land into a public park and we have recently held a consultation so people can contribute their ideas to how it might look.

Will there be more car parking spaces?

Alder Hey in the Park has a multi-storey car park with 1,200 spaces in total. This includes 66 disabled spaces across the seven floors.

There is an entrance to the hospital from the car park.

How much will parking cost?

Parking will continue to cost £2 per visit.

Will your address change?

The hospital address will stay the same, but to find us by sat-nav you’ll be using the car park from East Prescot Road so you’ll need to use L14 5AB.

Will your phone number change?

Our switchboard number will stay as 0151 228 4811.

To change your appointment you can speak to our Appointments Centre on 0151 252 5358.

Will my appointment be in the new hospital?

Your appointment letter will tell you where your appointment is. The large majority of appointments will be at Alder Hey in the Park after we move, but some services like community clinics won’t change.

Will Outpatient appointments work differently?

Alder Hey in the Park will use a new, electronic system. Your appointment letter will have a barcode that you scan into patient check-in machines (and if you don’t have your letter, you can follow instructions on the screen to check-in).

Once you’ve checked in, take a seat in the atrium. Keep checking the calling screens around you; they will tell you when it’s your turn to go for your appointment.

I’ve donated to Alder Hey Children’s Charity. How has my money helped?

Thanks to people like you, our Charity has raised over £20m, providing life-saving equipment, funding for vital research and patient experience initiatives.

Alder Hey Children’s Charity continues to raise much-needed funds to create a truly patient-friendly environment and support pioneering innovation and research.

Your comments

  • Before the move, are there any open days planned, so we can see the new hospital?

  • I have bittersweet feelings for the move Having trained as a nurse in Alder Hey and working for 30 very happy years on the Neonatal Unit I accept that the old building is now not fit for purpose for modern times I am sure the children and staff will benefit from this more up to date building and all its wonderful facilities Having said that all the history and memories will only be in the hearts of those lucky enough to spend time in the old Alder Hey especially in the times it was one big happy family I can only wish all staff and patients very best wishes for the future but I fear I will shed a tear when the old building is demolished from a retired nurse xxx

  • Car parking should be free when parents are going through a most stressful time visiting sick children. Please review!

  • Where is The Alder Centre going to be? Thanks!

  • How will the hospital link with Ronald McDonald house for parents who are called out in the middle of the night?

  • Parking should be free. Nobody visits hospitals by choice and I have to take my child to a number of different clinics throughout the year.

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