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Fighting Ebola: Marc’s Sierra Leone Diary – Part 3

Marc's latest photo from Sierra LeoneAlder Hey Lab Technician Marc Seddon is in Africa spending five weeks working in a clinic laboratory testing samples from patients, to help in the fight against Ebola.

Marc is blogging to share his experience during his visit: here are the latest extracts from his diary:

Part three

I’m not sure what number day I’m actually on, but I believe I’ve been here for over a week. The time has really flown by. I’ve had one day off since we arrived which was spent climbing a mountain and taking in some of the brilliant views which Makeni has to offer, and then I went to The Wusum Hotel to chill out and have a swim. I certainly don’t want people to think that this happens everyday, but it is a brilliant way to de-stress, recharge the batteries and also speak to the medics who we see every day at work in full PPE. Those guys see some horrendous sights so if anyone deserves a good day off then it’s them. Real heroes in my honest opinion!

Marc in Sierra LeoneThe lab has still been really busy over the past couple of days, still receiving plenty of samples. We are starting to see more and more people test negative which is a really good thing, but at the same time the ETC is still full and it only takes one person to have contact with an Ebola positive patient and we then have another outbreak on our hands.

I’m not sure if anybody has seen the article in The Guardian, but it gave a great insight into the situation I am working in at the moment. The Makeni ETC is the busiest Ebola Treatment Centre on record, and it’s actually since the day I arrived that the spike happened.

Your comments

  • Hi son keep the good work up stay safe miss you loads xx

  • Good to hear that you are having a rewarding experience Marc. You sound like you had a good time on you day off. Keep up the good work – the next couple of weeks will fly by and you will soon be home!

  • Good on you Mark mate! Looks like hard work, but enjoy yourself and stay safe!

  • As a member of staff at Alder Hey its so inspiring to see the work going on there and individuals willingness to help. Well done Mark! You should be very proud of what you’re doing. And its very interesting to read your blog.

  • “Ow Di Bodi”. Well done Marc. Its been great to hear how everything is going in ‘Sweet Salone’. My husband I lived there for over 10 years working with an NGO and are encouraged to hear that a country we call ‘home’ are getting the help they so desperately need. Keep going. Proud that AH can be involved in this way.

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