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Dr Caroline Sanders, Consultant Nurse for Urology and GynaecologyWe are recognised nationally as a specialist paediatric service for Urology within the UK. Our patients come from across the country and around the world to be treated for conditions they were born with or developed during childhood.

Each year, our team is involved in more than 4,000 outpatient visits and more than 1,000 surgeries and day case admissions.

Conditions we treat

We treat all problems of the internal and external genito-urinary systems in both boys and girls. We care for children with anomalies of the external genitalia such as hypospadias, hydroceles (swellings in the scrotum), undescended testes and other penile and scrotal problems in boys and young men up to the age of 18.

We offer laprascopic or key hole surgery for many conditions.

We care for children and young people with kidney, ureter, bladder and urethral problems that are; noted ante-natal, following birth, that develop in childhood or as a young person or following injury. We also care long term for children and young people that are affected by cancers within the urogenital tract.

Help for bladder and voiding problems within the Urology treatment centre

Our Urology treatment centre team (TCT) provides expert care to boys, girls and young people with functional bladder problems which can result from bladder storage and emptying difficulties. These difficulties can present as day and night wetting, urinary tract infection, painful voiding and difficulties emptying the bladder. We have access to psychological support and have a play specialist as a part of our team.

We offer a range of assessment and treatments options which include; urodynamics, flow studies, bio-feedback, pelvic-floor training, percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation. The use of
therapeutic play is integrated into our model of care and we use a variety of approaches to work with children and young people, these include; art therapy, poetry, dance and movement and drama. We have started to ask the children and young people what they want from our service and also evaluate our outcomes.

We also care for children with neurologic diseases such as spina bifida that affect the bladder and result in poor bladder emptying or incontinence.

Why not download our Lets Get Dry – a great family-friendly resource?

Transition service

Our Transition Service is unique.Transition begins by identifying those individuals who are ready for care in Adult Urology. Through our Transition Pathway we aim to deliver our patients onwards with a package of identified care needs. Our adolescent urologist at Alder Hey continues the future care in our partner adult hospital in Liverpool. We believe that this approach encourages greater engagement and involvement for the patient and their family. We also have a new and exciting transition role with the appointment of a paediatric and adolescent gynaecologist shared between Alder Hey and the Women’s Hospital.


Research is a very important part of our service. Scientific research is currently underway at the University of Liverpool as Simon leads a team undertaking kidney stem cell research. Clinical research enables us to find the best ways in which to care for children and young people with urological anomalies.

We also undertake research which explores the child’s, young persons and parents’ experience and we use this to shape our service, develop expertise and also introduce new evidenced based, safe treatments.

Bowel management

As a part of our research in Urology we have explored the impact of using rectal irrigation in children with neurogenic bowel. We aim to support the child and family in the management of continence and have developed our skills in using irrigation with children. An outcome from our research study has been a Rectal Irrigation Toolkit which can be used by parents, professionals, voluntary organizations.

Please access this resource, print and share and if you wish provide feedback via the Alder Hey web site. This toolkit has been circulated to many different organizations.

Making contact

If you feel your child needs to see a member of our team you can make an appointment via your GP. We are on the National choose and book system and can offer you an out-patient appointment within 5 weeks.

Diagnostic investigations are delivered within the national targets of 2-4 weeks.

Disorders of Sex Development

Our team works closely with the Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) department.

Our latest annual report

You can now download our Department of Paediatric Surgery and Urology Annual Report 2012-13.

This report helps families learn more about our services and outcomes, and includes feedback from parents of previous patients, as well as providing information about how we engage with families, some notable achievements and more.

Your comments and experiences

  • Once again a positive, helpful appointment. The staff here are so professional and kind.

  • I would like to thank Simon Kenny and Harriet Corbett also the surgical team, for the care they gave my 4 year old son on the 22/08/17, when they removed his right kidney, due to s chronic kidney infection and kidney stones. I put my trust in them (which is hard to do with your child) and they did a wonderful job.
    Also the staff on ward 3a in particular carol, who guided me through my darkest time, she was assertive enough to pull me out of my anxiety, and understanding enough to not think I was being silly. She was made to be a nurse.
    Our stay at Alder Hey, however upsetting the situation was everyone that looked after my boy, is now in our hearts. Especially Holly the sensory dog who came to see us.

    My son is recuperation at home and he is doing very well thank you xx

  • We have been regular visitors to Urology for 5 years. You were our last resort after lots of other help had failed. I can’t express enough gratitude for your determination and continual concern and ideas. Thank you Linda (and previously Sarah) for everything you do. You talk to my Son and involve him in decision making, he is important to you and you’ve helped a worrying Mum so much.

  • My 10 year old daughter is under claire Ferguson,I could not wish for a better person claire does all she can for my daughter always on the other end of the phone when needed claire has brought my daughter very far for all what she does for her just one word to describe her AMAZING

  • My son Jamie has been a patient of alder hey many many times since birth. This time around he had the Ace done but Jamie being Jamie threw you than just a few curve balls. With the expertise and care of Mr Kenny, Nick, Karen, Mr Bailey the nurses and everyone else involved Jamie is on his way to being fighting fit. We truly owe you everything and are eternally grateful for all you have done over the years. Kindest regards The Rimmers x

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