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Copy of P1070699 - CopyRespiratory physiotherapy is an important part of many children’s hospital stay.

We see a wide range of respiratory conditions including cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, primary cilia dyskinesia, chest infections, neuro-respiratory conditions such as cerebral palsy, Retts syndrome, children with complex needs and many more.

Respiratory physiotherapy helps to treat children with an acute chest infection as well as manage long term conditions. We help to maximise a child’s potential through relieving breathlessness, enhancing the cough mechanism, clearing secretions, improving exercise tolerance and through rehabilitation.

We see in and outpatients and children in the community. For more information please visit the physiotherapy web page.

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Our team

Alison Pitman– Respiratory Physiotherapist manager and cystic fibrosis clinical specialist, Ext 2935
Pam McCormack– Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Specialist, Bleep 182
Claire Shaw– Senior Respiratory Physiotherapist, Bleep 235
Leanne Turner–  Senior Respiratory Physiotherapy in the community, Tel: 07824547864

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