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Radiology Department at Alder HeyAlder Hey’s Radiology Department is in a central location on the ground floor of the hospital. We work closely with other departments and services around the hospital and perform around 73,000 examinations each year including X-rays, MRI scans and ultrasounds.

Our team includes a range of specialists including:


Our radiographers are specially trained to take radiology pictures of children and young people.


A sonographer is a radiographer who specialises in performing ultrasound scans. Our sonographers are specially trained to do ultrasound scans of children and young people.

Imaging Department Assistant

These staff are here to assist your child whilst they are in the department. They are on hand to guide you around the department as well as help children prepare for their images to be taken.

Clerical staff

Our support team coordinate radiology requests from other departments and send out any reports to your child’s medical team.

PACS Manager

Our PACS Manager is responsible for making sure all images taken in the Radiography Department can be seen by your child’s medical team.

Consultant Radiologist

A Consultant Radiologist is responsible for interpreting images taken by a radiographer. Our Consultant Radiologists are specially trained to interpret images of children and young people

Radiology Registrar

A Radiology Registrar is a doctor training to become a Consultant Radiologist.

Your comments and experiences

  • I would like to thank all the lovely , helpful staff that looked after my son Henry today whilst he had his mri. Although he is 15 they all made him feel at ease, especially the lovely nurse Gemma. Thank you for doing a wonderful job xx

  • I came into alder hey air ambulance with my son

    After he fell back and banged his head bad

    Good treatment always can relieve on alder hey

  • I come to Alder Hey every 3 months or so for MRI check ups!
    All the staff are great, so lovely 🙂
    Although I am 14 , I still get very anxious about getting the MRI’s.
    But I feel so much better when the film starts! Of course I go between my two favourite films (Pitch Perfect 2 or Spy Kids) I have been with Alder Hey since 2016 when I got diagnosed with a tumour. So I have had chest X-Rays, Ultrasounds, CT scans , MRI’s , PET scans; you name it. But the staff make everything so much more easy. When asked wether I like Alder Hey I always say how fantastic they are! They have been so good from the very beginning. Thank You Alder Hey for everything you’ve done to help me and my family!!

  • Our GP referred our son for an urgent ultrasound due to a lump in his leg. We were given an appointment within 2 days which was fantastic in itself.
    Our son was scanned by a wonderful Radiographer called Julie. She was thorough, professional, kind, and put both our son and his terrified parents at ease. The outcome thankfully was fine, but I wanted to pass on my personal thanks to Julie, she was a credit to both Alder Hey and the Radiology Dept.

  • Would like to say thank you so much to the three staff members in the bone scan area who today made sure my daughter had the injection for her bone scan. She couldn’t even have a blood test the other week so to say we were both anxious was an understatement- they worked wonders!!

    They instilled confidence in me when speaking on the phone was told they hoped they would give my daughter a better experience going forward.

    They are a credit to the Trust and the thanks comes from both me and my daughter

  • My daughter had a lump on her neck and we were very worried. I called the department and they got us in the next day.
    They were fantastic with my daughter on the day. Gave her a thorough check, explaining everything as they went. They reassured my husband and we left with the all clear. Amazing NHS staff. Great hospital.

  • My daughter came to the department today for an MRI scan. At only 4years old I was a little apprehensive about the experience without anaesthesia. However we need not have been. From the moment we arrived all the staff were very welcoming and she loved the play Mri scanner beforehand. She was excited to see the real scanner and happily watched a frozen dvd throughout and I think she would have stayed longer given the chance!

    Thank you to all the staff and I hope this reassures any other parents who may be going through the same thing.

  • I had my right wrist x-rayed back when I was a child and it turned out it was 3/4 fractured after an accident in school meant I landed on my wrist with all of my weight.

    I met a male doctor who examined me and a woman who did the x-ray and gave me a wrist brace. I can’t remember the name of either of the two staff, but they were both great.

  • We just want to thank the radiographer who x-rayed our daughter Hannah ‘s spine yesterday 30.12.15. She was completely switched on to our needs. YOU ARE A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHAT MAKES OUR NHS GREAT! She responded totally professionally but way beyond her duties. We know without her empathy and proactive response we would have been left in a much worse state of shock and confusion.

  • I found myself at the MRI department with my youngest son age 2. We were greater by a lovely young lady who advised me and my husband what would happen and went through the sedation procedures, we were given plenty of opportunity to ask any questions we had. We then went through to the scanner and were met by the anaesthetics team who were wonderful again reassuring us and going through what happens next, what a great team!!

  • Myself and my daughter Ava came to Alder Hay recently for a mri scan. We were welcomed by a lovely nurse who made us all feel very comfortable and she took her time explaining the procedure to us . Ava only being 6 years old was a little nervous but with reassurance from the nurse and a Frozen dvd on Ava was absolutely fine . Thankyou

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