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Physiotherapy - Community (Liverpool)

comm_physio_lplThe aim of our service is to provide your child with high quality assessment and treatment to help them with their difficulties. We endeavour to help them reach their potential through fun and child centred activities.

What children do you see?

We predominantly see children who have difficulties with their physical abilities due to either an underlying neurological cause or associated with a global developmental delay.

How can my child access your service?

If you have concerns about your child’s physical abilities and would like them to be assessed by our team you can refer your child to us directly using our referral form.

Once we have received your referral form you will receive a letter confirming this. We will pass your referral on to the most appropriate Physiotherapist for your child and you will be contacted by telephone/letter as soon as possible for an assessment.

If you have concerns that your child’s difficulties are more related to a musculoskeletal problem, e.g. knee pain, back pain sports injury, then our colleagues at Alder Hey Hospital would be able to assess your child. For further information regarding this service please click here.

Our teams

We are a team of approximately 38 staff, working within the Liverpool area. Your child will be allocated a physiotherapist depending on their age; our service is divided into 3 teams:

0-5 years of age
Primary age children
Secondary age children

We also have a separate team working with children with balance and coordination difficulties.

How can we get more involved with your service?

The Liverpool Community Physiotherapy Service is dedicated to ensuring parents are involved in their child’s treatment. As a parent/guardian, you can expect the allocated physiotherapist to regularly discuss your child’s treatment and progress with you. The process is two-way and we encourage parents/guardians to feel welcome to contact our service to discuss any matters arising with their child’s care.

We are committed to actively involving families in our service, therefore, on occasion we will ask for specific feedback from children/parents/guardians, to ensure we are providing the best service we can. We will also keep our families informed when we make significant changes to the service that may affect them.

At times we may request parent/guardian feedback about documentation we are producing to ensure it meets the needs of the intended audience. Other times we may simply record feedback from informal chats regarding the service and your child’s care.

Parent/guardian feedback will always be taken on board and where we can make changes to accommodate this we will.

If you feel that there are any particular issues you would like to raise regarding the service we provide please contact us on 0151 438 2090 or at

Information for Children

Physiotherapy is about helping you with your movements and balance. Physiotherapists help children and babies with things that they find difficult. Physiotherapy is a long word to say so most people say physio for short.

What happens when you come to see us?

First we will talk to you and your parents to find out the things that you are good at and find easy, and also the things that are really hard for you. I will also find out what things you would like to be able to do that you find tricky at the moment.

When you come to see us for the first time we will play some games and do some exercises (similar to things you might do in PE at school). Most children find some of the things easy and some things are a bit more tricky. You won’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. Sometimes, we might come and see you at school and watch you in a PE lesson or do some exercises with you if you are happy for us to do that.

If you are finding some activities in school more difficult to do than the other children in your class we can talk to your teacher if you want us to so that they understand and can help make things easier for you at school.

What should I wear?

You should wear shorts and t-shirt so that we can see your arms and legs in the appointment.

How long will my appointment last?

No longer than an hour

Making suggestions

If you can think of any ways in which we could make your treatment better please email us at

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