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Orthopaedic and Trauma

Every year, the Orthopaedic and Trauma Service at Alder Hey see and are involved in over 10,000 elective outpatient consultations and around 11,000 fracture clinic consultations.

Our department provides outreach outpatient services at The Countess of Chester Hospital, Arrowe Park Hospital and Southport and Ormskirk District Hospital.

Surgeon Jay Trividi with a 3D printed model of a patient's spine, used as a guide during surgeryThanks to Alder Hey Children’s Charity funding, the department has the UK’s first EOS machine for children – allowing us to take next generation x-rays whether the patient is sitting or standing.

We work closely with Alder Hey’s innovation team, and recently started to use 3D printing technology to produce models from patient scans.

This allows sugeons to have an exact replica to use as a guide in the operating theatre.

Our services

As well as daily fracture and orthopaedic clinics, we run a number of specialist clinics:

  • Multi-disciplinary clinics
  • Baby hip clinic
  • Normal Variant clinic for toddlers
  • Adolescent knee clinic
  • CP follow-up clinic
  • Ponsetti clinic

The North West Movement Analysis Centre

This specialist service offers 3D instrumented gait analysis, Electromyography (EMG), force plates and dynamic Pedobarography.

Orthotics Service

Our team works closely with Alder Hey’s Orthotics team.

Your comments and experiences

  • Thank you so much to all the Amazing staff at Alder hey hospital who have treated my son William.
    He has been under Alder hey since before he started primary school.
    He is now a healthy teenager thanks to the care and dedication of the best team ever!!!
    From the consultant Mr James, all his amazing medical team especially Big Will who is very tall, caring amazing calming Doctor who made Will feel very relaxed to the amazing staff in the Surgical assessment lounge (SAL) who looked after not just the patient but the whole family!!!
    The theatre staff, the anaesthetic team who kept both Mum and Son calm, so caring, friendly and empathetic. Quite literally handing your care to the staff to keep safe and ensure they maintain their breathe of life, I will be eternally grateful. Handing over your baby, even though they are 13yrs old to the anaesthetic team and theatre staff you would expect to be the most daunting, but I had never been more relaxed or at ease!!!
    To the most amazing staff in the Gait analysis team, who I have to say are World Class. Maybe it’s just the little silver balls being attached to his body or the advanced camera technology I don’t know but the amazing team who are quite literally out of this world !!!!
    To the best staff ever on Ward 4A IDU who went above and beyond the call of duty to care for my Son Will, his sister Isabelle and his mum and dad. Completely holistic care, keeping us sane in the process of a very stressful situation!!!!

  • Darcie my 15yr old has just been discharged after being under mr bruce & his fabulous team since birth.After being born with dislocated hips & needing surgery as a baby she has gone on to do gymnastics & dances 5 times a week!
    The care we received was outstanding mr bruce gave us the reassurance we needed & his nurses gave us all the help we needed at such a stressful time.
    Thankyou so very much to you all for all your help & keep on doing your fantastic jobs!!
    Darcie & Lisa Quilligan

  • We spent 3 days here with our 6 month old following surgery for hip dysplasia. Mr Bruce was outstanding as we’re all the nursing, medical and other staff involved. Thankyou to each one of you.

  • So today my 15 year old son has been signed off from Mr Harvey Georges care. I just want to say a massive thank you to Mr George and his team in correcting Ben’s foot and finally freeing Ben from any pain. You have all been amazing right from start to finish and cant thank you enough. I also want to say a massive thank you to Mr Georges secretary Ann who has also been fantastic and so kind, helpful and patient and is a huge asset to the team. Thank you so much to you all!

  • I found out my baby was breech following a growth scan so unsure how long she was in this position for. She was routinely scanned for hip dysplasia because of this and referred to Alderhey.
    We saw sue saville in the Baby hip clinic who gave us the news that our tiny baby would need to wear a harness at all times until reviewed. We had booked a wedding abroad and the department reviewed us a week early in light of this and her hips were at “normal angles” so we were able to take the harness off after 4 weeks. Her hips are still shallow and she will require further X-rays but the whole experience was made much less stressful by mrs savage.
    Sue was consistently kind, pragmatic and person centered. Sue saville is a fantastic member of staff and a great source of support.

    Many thanks,
    Kacie’s Mummy and daddy

  • The care my six year-old daughter received from the moment she arrived in A&E to going up to ward 4A to prepare and recover from her surgery was so warm, positive and dedicated. Therefore, love, hugs and thanks to the fantastic NHS team for the help you gave her, my partner, eldest daughter and myself whilst we were at Alder Hey. My youngest daughter said as soon as her arm is better she is going to draw a picture for the ward 4A team, but in the meantime has asked me to send you these emojis! 💖🦄🦋🐼🐞💜

  • I have hip displacia in my left hip which was found when I was approx 9 months old. Sinse being diognosed mr Bruce and his team have helped me learn to walk and do everything as any other normal child would. Without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. I have had many operations to try and correct my hip however my case is at the worse end of the scale and therefore cannot be resolved however mr Bruce has done his best and I can now walk and do normal day to day activities. I come to alder hey regularly to have check ups and I have been offered surgery by mr Bruce which is a big operation in reconstruction of the pelvis. I am going back in 6 months time when I have to make my decision whether to have the surgery. But I cannot thank me Bruce enough for everything he has done for me. Also a big thankyou to mr perry who explains things very well and clearly to me and making sure I know what is happening. I am nearly 15 and I can’t say more than Thankyou alder hey I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you!🙂🙂

  • I would like to thank sue savile in the orthapedic department
    My son was referred to sue as he was unable to stand and was leaning to one side of his foot at aporox 16 months old. Sue was extremely supportive and spot on with her diagnosis and plan. Oliver has know began to take his first steps we couldn’t be happier, we cannot thank sue enough

  • Both of my children were born with dislocated hips (one more so than the other) and the care shown by Sue S has been amazing. My second child has also been born with a rare skin condition and Sue has shown genuine interest and empathy that has been second to none. She has been very supportive to our family and has even offered support to the charity that raises funds into researching my child’s condition. Thank you so much Sue – especially for the hug you gave me when you could see I was struggling. 🙂 Overall, the staff at Alder Hey are always helpful and go out of their way. True professionals who really care about the job they do. Thank you x

  • A massive thank you to dr. Talbot he was amazing looking after my daughter libby , she trusted him no end and I thank you eternally for your compassion and concern ..
    She still talks about you know hats off to an amazing Dr. Xx

  • Alder Hey’s wonderful John Dorgan performed spinal surgery on me at The Royal Liverpool back in 2001. I have lots of other medical problems but he was brave enough to tackle it. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have been able to have my two amazing children

  • I’d like to express our forever thanks to Sue & her team who have helped our daughter Samantha in her journey from birth to age 5 in correcting her dislocated hips. Sue has looked after us each visit and gave the most wonderful advice & guidance on many things, even beyond correcting Samantha’s hips. For this I will be forever grateful. Samantha has had wonderful care each visit, from first getting her pavlic harness at only a few days old, right through to our discharge appointment on Tuesday this week. You’re all amazing, thank you for helping all the children you do. We’ll never forget what you’ve done for Samantha – you’d never even know she had complete dislocation from birth, she’s so lively and energetic at age 5, it’s a joy to see. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

  • I would love to say thankyou to Ms Atherton in ortho and trauma. My 4 year old Emily has been seeing her since she was a baby first every 6 months then yearly as her femurs are twisted so walks with her feet turned in she also has hypermobility

    Ms Atherton is just such a wonderful doctor is always great with emily and makes us feel like were her only patients. she is very rare and im sad we are being moved on to another doctor as she may be going down the surgery route.

    I wish i could do more to thank her for everything she done over these 4 years! its very rare you can see when people love thier job

  • I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis a few years ago and was referred to Alder Hey, my curve being around 60 degrees. After several appointments I agreed to take the surgery. It went extremely well and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. A big thank you to all the nursing staff on my ward. You made my hospital stay as peaceful and relaxing as possible. I want to say a massive thank you to Mr Davidson. The treatment I received was outstanding and I couldn’t have asked for a better result. A couple of days back I went back to Alder Hey and was signed off with no problems and that’s thanks to all the team involved with my surgery On an even better note, my shoulders have now aligned themselves properly, which is said to be nature doing its thing. But I just want to say such a massive thank you to everyone, because you have made it happen. Thank you, Alder Hey.

  • Can’t thank Mr Walton and his team enough for the surgery performed on my son James. The care he received was 100%.
    Fantastic hospital and care given x

  • in 1969 aged 10,i had an operation on both feet as i was flat the mid late 80,s i was asked to attend the royal liverpool hospital to see a specialist. i asked him then and several other doctors since could the operation be the cause of the osteo-arthritis in both my ankles,and nobody seems to want to answer my question

  • We would like to thank Mr Garg for his absolutely amazing care of our daughter. He continues to go above and beyond, giving everything to help our daughter get the very best outcome. In 2011 he cancelled a day of his annual leave and arranged an extra theatre list so our daughter would get the very best outcome by getting treatment as soon as possible, then operated on our daughter for 5 hours, and subsequently has continued to show such sincere and genuine care that is beyond words. We will always be indebted to Mr Garg, he is an amazing man working in an amazing hospital.

  • In 1947 aged 11 months I contracted Poliomyelitis and was put in isolation firstly in Fazakwrly hospital then onto Alderhey. Over the next 21 years I had many operations. The surgeon as Mr Shatwell. I would like to see my medical records if poosbile. Now aged 70 m ok but obviously had this all mt life. Alderhey as a very strict place with Matron watching everything and everybody. It as my home for the first 7 years of my life.The hospital looks very different now.

  • Thanks to all the on call team for last Sunday (18th sept) who attended to our 7 year old daughter after a nasty break to her arm. Everyone I met was so professional and great with our daughter to help alleviate the traumatic experience, is appreciated.

  • Mr Bruce has been so helpful in helping me understand the operation I’m having.

  • After two foot operations over a two year period, my 15yr old son played his first football match. He scored the winner in a semi-final and went on to score equaliser in final which his team won. He never thought he would be back kicking a ball but thanks to Mr Bruce and his team he is. Thanks also to Karen , Mr Bruce Secretary for all her help. Fabulous care and lovely staff!

  • My daughter had scoliosis correctional surgery in December 2015.
    I can not thank enough all who were part of the before op, during op and post op for treating my daughter respectfully and with patience and care as if she were there own child. Thank you Dr Davidson for putting her at ease and explaining it all in a way that she totally understood and answering all of her questions without making her feel silly. ALL nursing staff were lovely and helpful, even if they were short staffed. Nothing was ever too much trouble. We always felt she was cared for and felt comfortable enough to trust you to care for her while we ourselves had an hour away from the ward, on nurses orders. Thank you again and we hope not to see you all again (in the nicest way).

  • alder hey has changed my life so much lots of love from Stephanie

  • Alder Hey is excellent, this place exceeded all of my expectations. The care provided and the facilities available, just amazing. I thank all the Staff at Alder Hey for the experience, especially Ward 4A. I wish for all of the families and patients an “Onwards and Upwards recovery” in this amazing hospital. Visited: 9th-14th March 2016.

  • In February 2015 our daughter was admitted to Alder Hey with a mystery infection in her leg. Naturally, this was a very distressing time for my wife and I but thanks to Mr Nyagam and his amazing team, and the staff on the Burns Ward, our daughter made a full recovery from her infection – pyomyocitis.

    We will be forever indebted to everyone at Alder Hey who helped us through this traumatic experience and who contributed to our daughter’s full recovery.

  • My daughter has just undergone scoliosis surgery and had Magec rods fitted. Unfortunately she suffered complications after surgery and ended up with a lung infection. Would like to thank Mr Neil Davidson and his team for their amazing work and successful outcome.
    The care on ward 4A was very good, special mentions for nurses in the 4 bed HDU bay, especially night nurses Tracey, Danielle and Laura who were lovely, hardworking and calm and couldn’t do enough for us. Also Anna and Lizzie were fantastic.

  • Having two accident prone children, have had several visits to the plaster room, the staff were lovely and friendly, and explained evertthing so not to worry the children. Well gone guys!

  • I would like to thank Mr Trivedi and his team for the fantastic correction he performed on my spine 6 years ago (01/12/09). You changed my life for the better. With more thanks going to the staff on ward E2 who did their very best in the week I was there even though they were ridiculously busy.

    I’d also like to thank Mr Bruce and Mr DeMatas for their wonderful post-operative care at follow up appointments.

  • I’ve been in and out of alder hey hospital since i was a baby, and i’ve had many operations on my hip,
    I’d like to thank Rose, Ben and all the nurses in D1, Mr Nayagam who has performed many of my operations, everyone on E2 and F2, everyone in physiotherapy (particularly sharon and dave) and Dr Bruce, who wont see this but saved my life 16 years ago.

    I’ve got more surgery to come, but i’d just like to recognise all the support i’ve been given and without you all i wouldnt be who i am today

  • i had my child’s apportionment on orthopaedic ward few months ago, the appionment time was 2pm but nobody called me untill 3.40pm then i spoke to receptionist and waited further 30 minutes before i called by doctor. Doctor just spent few seconds to review my child’s leg as it seems that he was in rush and didn’t take interests then he gave another apportionment for next year. i traveled 25 to 30 miles to attend this apportionment but i waited 2 to 3 extra hours but nobody apologies in the ward.
    Alder-hey is the one of the main child’s hospital in UK but their staff are unprofessional .
    i attended few more appointments in Orthotic department and found the staff never welcome me or my child looks bit rude.

  • I would like to thank the staff in the plaster room for simply being Amazing !!! You’re all a credit to this Hospital, thankyou for simply just being there and supporting me through the years … (Alfie and Tylers mum )

  • My 7 year old daughter broke her arm…..and ended up having a plaster cast on for six weeks I would like to say a big thankyou to the staff in the plaster room John,Anthony and val they were absolutey amazing with my daughter so kind and caring and making her laugh not forgetting simon the orthopaedic bone doctor thank you very much …..

  • my son has been under Dr nayak and came for an eye operation yesterday. The staff on ward K1 were exceptional and were so kind and caring. Ethan was in quite a bit of pain after his operation so they kept him in overnight. He stayed on ward E2 overnight and the staff both on nights and days were amazing. So thank you so much for looking after our son.

  • Would like to.say thank u to Dr Dorgon and everyone on E2 for looking after me after my op on my back 15 years ago x

  • I was in Alder Hey in 2003 for spinal surgery. My doctor i think was Dr Dorgan. He was great and after the surgery i recovered so fast. Thanks for making me in line again. x

  • Fabulous staff. Caring and reassuring. My daughter came today to have her cast taken off and was given a selection box and a little gift. Unnecessary but really lovely. What a fantastic job you all do. Thank you very much.

  • A very big thank you yo Val, John, Julie & Anthony in plaster room. They have been looking after my son Harry on and off for the past 6 years. They are all so welcoming and always smiling. They do an amazing job and i cant thank them enough for their care and kind words. My son is a character and they channeled this every week making him laugh. I love you all. Thank you again x

  • I was a patient on E2 Ward at Alder Hey Liverpool Children’s Hospital back in 1993, a long time, but I had wonderful care and support at a big time in my life, my nurse Hillary was great and I remember a night nurse called Rose she was cool, as were the other members of staff plus Dave the Orthotist for making braces to help my back over the years before surgery, and also Thank You to Dr Taylor and Dr Dorgan for operating on my back, thank you all (plus others who I forgot to mention!) for giving me a good quality of life!

  • A very big thank you to Rosemary (Specialist Nurse) for such a high quality level of care delivered to our daughters for their hip examinations.

  • My daughter Amilia had hip surgery and stayed on E2 ward. All the team were fantastic. Everyone involve in my daughters care was just so lovely!
    I can’t thank them enough they made the scariest time of my life so much better.

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