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Ophthalmology department at Alder HeyPaediatric Ophthalmology is the care of children and young people with eye and visual problems. The Ophthalmology department specialises in the assessment and management of eye disease and disorders of visual development in children. Our experienced staff use the very latest diagnostic equipment and techniques.

These problems range from common disorders such as squint, when one eye is not aligned with the other and amblyopia or lazy eye, when the vision in one eye is reduced because the eye has had a blurred image during childhood and the normal connections have not been made between eye and brain, to more severe conditions which can lead to lifelong poor vision, such as cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment particularly as a result of premature birth, and eye tumours.

The Ophthalmology department at Alder Hey sees on average 17,443 patients per year and receives referrals from Merseyside, the North West, Wales and the Isle of Man, with a catchment area population of around 7 million people. We also provide an Orthoptic service at 4 community based clinics throughout the Liverpool and South Sefton area.

Our services

Investigations and services provided by our department include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of strabismus (squint)
  • Investigation, diagnosis and management of binocular vision problems
  • Investigation, diagnosis and management of refractive errors
  • Treatment of amblyopia (e.g. patching)
  • Congenital Cataract
  • Cranio-facial clinic
  • Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Uveitis screening and treatment
  • Low vision services
  • Contact Lens services Dry/watery eye service
  • Electro-diagnostic testing
  • Visual field testing
  • Ocular Coherence Tomography

Contact us

  • Call the Eye Clinic: 0151 252 5215
  • To change appointments – please contact the Patient Access Service on 0151 252 5358
  • Write to: Ophthalmology Department, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Eaton Road, Liverpool, L12 2AP

Your comments and experiences

  • My baby was referred to alder hey when he was one day old with a suspected congenital cataract. I was extremely anxious and with a one day old baby I was very emotional as I did not understand what this was, why this had happened or what would happen next. I received a call from Alder Hey within days who couldn’t reassure us enough and invited us in for an appointment to meet the team. I cannot put into words how caring they are in this hospital. The compassion then showed to both my son and us parents was just second to non. They first operated when he was just 6 weeks old and he has been monitored and we have had regular check ups ever since. They not only provided outstanding care for their patients in this hospital but they understand what parents are going through and provided support for us too, even when we feel like we are asking so many questions they always have time to listen. And for that I can’t thank Alder hey enough. We will be enternally grateful for everything they have done for us this past year and continue to do. Thank you

  • I took my son to the opthalmology department and the staff where all really great with my son whilst completing the eye tests, lovely happy helpful staff thankyou

  • Back in 2010, my son was suffering with ill health, until going to Alder Hey when he was 7 months old, I was being dismissed by local doctors and nurses. As soon as he went to Alder hey, he was diagnosed with Congenital Glaucoma, he was in surgery within days. The team have been brilliant, from being told that my son my be bind in his right eye, he’s now 6 and his vision is great, no glasses, no more eye drops. This was down to the team at Alder Hey, regular check ups and treatment, I am thrilled and thanks to the specialists Mr Chandra and Mr Nayak who always seem so pleased with the results. Thank you. See you at the next check up

  • Hi my name is Louise
    Since I was In alder hey time years years ago I had loads done to me I had loads of oparation on my hip I had loads of people looking
    After me Mr bass was my doctor over the past years ago I used to have Mr Newman looking after me with my eyes I had loads done with my eyes my favourite thing was the ward E2 ward the great people looked after me on the ward I had a great time at alder hey hospital

  • My daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with cataract at 9 months old and needed surgery at 13 months. The care we received from everyone in Ophthalmology has been outstanding. Charlotte is now 4 and an outpatient so we have regular appointments in which we receive support and encouragement to continue helping Charlotte with her vision now and in the future. Thank you so much to all of the team.

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