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The Paediatric and Young Person Regional Oncology/Haematology Unit at Alder Hey (ward 3B) is part of the NHS North West Coast strategic clinical network. Patients are referred to the unit for cancer diagnosis and treatment, from our catchment areas in Merseyside, the Isle of Man, North Wales, parts of Lancashire, stoke and Cheshire.

We treat children with cancer up to 18 years of age and see up to 120 newly diagnosed patients per year. The unit also cares for patients who have a non-malignant Haematology diagnosis.

As new and more intense treatment schedules are designed, the care for our children is becoming much more technical and complicated, with the benefit that outcomes are improving long term survival of our patients. This is reflected in our outstanding recruitment to clinical trials, from our research and clinical trials team ensuring national and international trials are coordinated.

The unit itself comprises of a 16 bedded inpatient unit and a 10 bedded daycare ward, the unit also has its own outpatient department, a designated Teenage and young person unit, and a designated satellite pharmacy.

There are a total of 10 cubicles all with en suite facilities on the inpatient and teenage area and 2 cubicles in the daycare ward. The teenage and young person unit has a den for the teenagers to use with its own lounge and gaming area. There are also 2 separate cubicles in the designated stem cell transplant suites.

The unit also has its own chef who works very closely with the children, young people, parents and our dietician ensuring that they receive a good nutritional intake whilst receiving treatment.

We have a large multidisciplinary team, who coordinate and work together to ensure patients with a malignancy or non-malignant Haematological diagnosis are cared for and supported by all members of the team aiming to provide comprehensive care for the patient and their family.

We also have parent support group CHICS and Joshua Tree who attend the unit on a regular basis providing support to patients, their siblings and their family during and following their treatment.

Contact Details

  • Inpatient Ward 0151 252 5212
  • Daycare Ward ( open 9-5 Monday-Friday, closed weekends and bank holidays) 0151 293 3684
  • Oncology/Haematology Reception – 0151 252 5804
  • Clinical Trial Office – 0151 252 5971

Your comments and experiences

  • A massive thanks to Nikki and Cathy at HTC. Really value and appreciate the drop in service now and over the last 12 years. Don’t know what we would do without this service, or the support from you two.

  • My son was treated in 2003 when he was four years old. He had rhabdomyosarcoma. He was cared for on the very old C3 ward but the experience we had and the care we received was second to none. A special thank you to all of the staff including Dr Pizer and Dr McDowell. Joel is now 20 years old and loving life. Many, many thanks

  • Just want to show are appriciation and thx to a great doctor dr james heyden oncology dept you have do everything you can to make our son john james reid well again an to see him change back to the bright loving child he is is the best xmas present we can have we wish you a very happy xmas an a grt new year hopefully you can put ya feet up an relax which you deseve thank you again mr and mrs reid

  • I had treatment at the old C3 ward in 1995 for IIIA Hodgkins. I was a scared and confused 14 year old boy back then.
    The staff on C3 had a special glow about them which helped me through the chemo, always smiling and cracking jokes.
    I remember Dr Martyn and later in treatment Dr Pizer and the staff in previous posts.
    I am forever greatful for your care.
    I am now 36, living in Brisbane Australia and loving life.
    James Fergusson

  • Our daughter Olivia May Phillips was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma the first week the new hospital opened back in 2015. Under very unwanted sad circumstances we made friends. The staff became friends too and couldn’t of asked for better support from the team at Alder hey. Professor Pizer worked so hard to cure our daughter but sadly it wasn’t to be. Olivia passed away December 2016. We can’t thank Alder hey for fighting our corner and trying to mend our daughter.

  • Mu son Daniel had treatment at the old C3 ward for ewings sarcoma in1995.Was nursed by Mary, Sister Maureen, Danny, Fred, Jan Vickers Dr Martyn to start with then Dr Pizer. Will never ever be able to thank them and the rest of the staff enough for all they done for us.Daniel is now 30 years old married with a beautiful little girl. Thank you again will never forget our time on that ward .

  • My son jack got diognosed with clear cell sarcoma ( cancer ) 6 weeks ago . The staff have been amazing and made me feel more stronger in myself as they explain everything in detail plus a huge thank you to Dr Hayden who goes out ov his way to make sure jack is ok . We have a long road to face but I know I will get through it thanks to all the support from the staff and doctors

  • My Son Jack has been receiving phenomenal care from the Neurological surgical team/ward 4a and also the Oncology team. Special thanks to Mr Connor Malucci, Dawn, all the staff on 4a, Dr James Hayden and Nicky Thorp in Oncology and the entire team. we cant thank you enough for all your help and support. You are all amazing people. THANK YOU !

  • Our daughter Katie has been an oncology patient for two years six months and our entire family has had the utmost care supporting us not just medically, but emotionally too. I will never be able to thank the team enough to for what you have done for our family. I was so very lucky to have Mark Caswell as Katie’s consultant and Michelle Wright as Katie’s AMP, two of the most amazing medical practioners who saved our daughters life on numerous occasions. Thank you so very much Rena and Billy x

  • First of all the care & treatment we have received up to now has been fantastic, however our forth cycle leaves a lot to be desired, we were allocated a bed in a ward, when we enquired why we were told there would be a side room coming up as they were waiting for a none cancer patient to be transferred to another ward, this didn’t happen but they put us in another side room for the night with a view to sorting something out the following morning, next day we were put back on the ward next to a small baby with just a curtain between us & our 8 year old son, the baby was very good but cried every time treatment/obbs was done, this meant Max & I had a very disturbed night. Our son is having quite a rigorous course of chemo due to the severity of his tumour, being boxed in by curtains in a noisy environment along with the side effects has made him very upset & is constantly crying and asking to go home or back to Stoke hospital. this is having a really negative affect on my wife who has also broken down in tears. I don’t understand how this can happen, surely having life threatening cancer and being away from our 4 year old son is enough for our family to bear without going through this trauma.
    the nex

  • My son was diagnosed with Bilateral Retinablastoma a rare form of eye cancer in childhood at the age of 3 months old he had attend two hospital we had to go to birmingham children’s hospital for treatment for his eyes under anaesthetic there were he recieved lazer treatment etc. But he had come to Alder Hey for his chemotherapy treatment his consultant was Dr Pizer and we still have to visit Pizer yearly to see how kyans has orgot any side effects from his chemotherapy. I want to thank all the Doctors and Nurses that helped and supported us through all the chemotherapy overnight stays in hospital and specially the most amazing person and the best consultant Dr Pizer I cam not put my feelings into words how greatful and thankful i am to this man he is very good at his job and has saved alot of children and mine you are the best cant thank you enough your the reason why my sons here with us today. My sons now 6 years old and we still are fighting his Cancer we not yet had the all clear but without this amazing hospital and the Outstanding help and support and comfort you recieve from all the Nurses and Doctors here when you visit is the very best and never have i ever had any complaints throught all mine and my sons visits and i als9 want to thank with all my heart to Nr Harish Nayak who has took over from birmingham with kyans regular eye examinations weather its under anaesthetic or while hes kept awake to spot any new grown tumors and to make sure everything is ok an doing well these two are the very best most wonderfulist men ever i cant thank them enough words can’t describe how much Dr Pizer and Dr Nayak have saved so many and changed there lives forever and there familys lives specially mine and my sons life so thank you so much for everything you have done and still doing for my son 😀

  • I had stage IVb hodgkins lymphoma disease when I was 12 years old. I was very poorly but with the amazing help of alder hey I am lucky enough to be here to tell my story!! I can’t thank Dr Pizer enough, without him I wouldn’t have survived!!! And the amazing care I received from my macmillian nurse Val and Mary, Danny and Kevin!!! Thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it!!!

    I am now 30, I’m married and have two beautiful children!! Miracles do happen and I’m living proof that there is Hope!!

  • I just want to thank lisa Howell for her care for my daughter millie-rose for nearly 2 years before she passed away.
    I believe lisa fought to the end for my little girl just as we did, I’m glad we had Lisa as our consultant. Thank you
    The heaton family

  • we were on the ward for 2 weeks before going to birmingham hospital, my son loved the ward he had a playstation by his bed and a chef when ever he wanted food he loved it.
    all the other pearents were amazing to me they were very supportive,the staff are friendly, bubbly and their for a sholder to cry on,lovley ward .

  • A special thank you to Mr Pizer and everyone associated with analysing and caring for our little boy. The speed of the process and attention to detail in all areas was fantastic and as parents we were extremely grateful for all they did. a big thank you to all involved and to those NHS sceptics out there…. keep the faith!

  • Thanks for my daughter although she isn’t well. We have had the greatest care, understanding and extremely well supported by all .
    Professor Pizer also deserves a mention, his straight talking & discussion not just with the parents but talking to my daughter .many many thanks

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