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Occupational Therapy

When you have an appointment with the Occupational Therapy team here are some of the people you might meet.

  • Kate Owens – Head Occupational Therapist, Hospital to Home
  • Joanne Owen – Occupational Therapist, Oncology
  • Elaine Roberts – Occupational Therapist Acute, In-patient Neuro rehabilitation/ Long term ventilation
  • Jan Gallagher – Occupational Therapist – Hands
  • Kate Dobson – Occupational Therapist – Rheumatology
  • Dense Wooding Occupational Therapist – Neuromuscular
  • Jennifer Allen – Occupational Therapist – Rheumatology and Rehab
  • Diane Gebhardt  – Occupational Therapy Technician
  • Alison Tidswell – Occupational Therapist – Burns (not pictured)
  • Janet Hunter and Sharon Alcock (temporary Occupational Therapy staff, not pictured)

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