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Nutrition and Dietetics


Frequently asked questions about dietetics and nutrition

Where can I get clear up to date advice about what my children should eat?

You will find clear advice and ideas about what to give children to eat, at all ages and stages on the Food Standards Agency website

I am confused about what age to start giving my baby solid food?

The current Department of Health advice is to introduce solid food from 6 months. There are lots of sources of help and advice, including your health visitor, local children’s centres and online help at

The GP has told me that my child is overweight, can you help?

We are sorry that we are unable to see children who are overweight but there are many people who can help you. Most local areas will be running projects to help children and their families lose weight. Depending on where you live there are different community based services you can access.

Liverpool – GOALs programme. Call 0151 231 4408 or visit

Sefton – Active Lifestyles team 0151 934 2352

Knowsley – Family Futures ask your GP for a referral to the program

You can also find help and advice at and also

How do I become a Dietitian?

There are 2 ways to qualify as a registered dietitian, completion of a relevant degree or completion of a post graduate qualification.


For children with food allergies support and advice can be found from the charity Allergy UK

Coeliac disease – for people on a gluten free diet for Coeliac Disease, Coeliac UK is the charity that provides advice and support –

Cystic fibrosis –, the CF trust provide support and advice about all aspects of living with Cystic Fibrosis

Diabetes – there are 2 main charities for people with diabetes these are Diabetes UK and the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Both these charities provide help and support to families of children with Diabetes and

Gastroenterology – the gastroenterology service looks after children with inflammatory bowel diseases, liver disease and a variety of conditions that require artificial nutrition support, the websites listed below may be useful

Inflammatory bowel disease

Liver Disease

Artificial Nutrition Support

PKU (Phenylketonuria) – information and support in managing PKU can be found at

Metabolic disease – support and information for families of children with metabolic diseases is available

Ketogenic diets – for help and advice about the ketogenic diet

Special Feeds Unit

The special feeds unit (SFU) is an integral part of the dietetic department, responsible for the safe preparation of specialised infant formulas and enteral feeds to exacting standards of accuracy, in an environment that is clean and meets the requirements of the food standards act. The SFU should only be used for the preparation of specialised infant formulas and enteral feeds. Where possible sterile, ready to feed products will be provided for patient use.

Requests for specialised infant formulas and enteral feeds should be ordered through order entry section of Meditech.

The feeds unit is open 365 days a year.

8.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday
8.00am to 2.00pm Weekends and Bank Holidays
Standard Infant Formulas

In the past the trust has always offered parents the choice of infant formula unless there was a clinical reason not to do so. Standard infant milks are available to order ready to feed. These formula should be available for use at ward level. These milks should be offered to all non breast fed babies who do not require a specialised formula.

Cow & Gate 1 order code ABT
Aptamil 1 order code ABT011
SMA 1 order code ABT002

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