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Neurophysiology - The Roald Dahl EEG Department

The Neurophysiology (Roald Dahl EEG Department) teamThe Department provides a gold-standard Paediatric Neurophysiology Service for Liverpool, North West and North Wales hospitals. We are one of the four nationally-commissioned, Northern Children’s Epilepsy Surgery Service (NorCESS) centres, offering a comprehensive epilepsy surgery and rehabilitation service.

What is Neurophysiology?

Neurophysiology is a branch of medicine which concerns the brain and nervous system. In our department we carry out a variety of tests which look at how the brain and nervous system work. The results aid the diagnoses and help to plan further treatment.

Neurophysiology is a crucial diagnostic link in the evaluation of children with epilepsy and neuromuscular disorders.

The Neurophysiology and Roald Dahl EEG DepartmentThe department undertakes EEG (Electroencephalography), sleep-deprived EEG, ambulatory and video-telemetry EEG as well as an EMG service and overnight sleep studies for both neurology and respiratory patients.

Being part of the NorCESS service we provide a full epilepsy surgery programme including invasive video-telemetry monitoring and surgical mapping.

The department performs intra-operative Neuro-monitoring in theatre during a highly-specialised neurosurgical service called Selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR).

Information for parents and carers about procedures (available soon)

  • Ambulatory EEG monitoring
  • EEG
  • EMG
  • Invasive video-EEG telemetry monitoring
  • MSLT (Multiple sleep latency test) and overnight Polysomnography
  • Neuro-monitoring in Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR)
  • Overnight sleep studies 
  • Sleep-deprived EEG
  • SSEP
  • Video- EEG telemetry monitoring

Contact us

You can call the department on 0151 252 5375 or find us on the ground floor of Alder Hey, close to the main entrance in the Littlewood’s Paediatric Neurosciences Foundation Unit.

Your comments and experiences

  • A warm welcome from all staff at the Roald Dahl EEG department.
    My daughter aged 8 was put at ease completely and told step by step what was going to happen. She was reassured throughout our time there and we really felt the service was extremely high. At no point did we feel rushed which we have at other hospitals. The department is quiet which gives a nice atmosphere. We wish to thank the outstanding service we received today, the staff are a credit to Alderhey.

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