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As well as medical staff, the multi-disciplinary team is comprised of ward nurses, specialist dialysis nurses, advanced nurse practitioners, specialist dieticians, a pharmacist, clinical psychologist and hospital play therapists. The team works closely with surgical colleagues in the Department of Urology to provide integrated treatment for patients with complex urinary tract abnormalities. Support for children who develop kidney problems when under the care of other teams, particularly the intensive care unit, cardiology, rheumatology and oncology, is provided.

Our Consultants

Dr Richard Holt

Dr Caroline A Jones

Dr Henry Morgan

Dr Louise Oni

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Allison Birch

Associate Nurse Specialist

Tracy Daglar


Alison Holmes
Marianne Croft


Clare Chamberlain-Parr

Play Specialists

Jackie Glover
Elaine Richardson


Catrin Barker

Contact us

Please call

0151 252 5221

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