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The Nephrology department at Alder HeyThe Department of Nephrology provides inpatient, day care and outpatient services for children and young adults with kidney disease. The services provided include medical treatment, dialysis, and follow-up of kidney transplant patients.

Given that most kidney conditions are chronic, children will be known to the service for a long time. This important issue influences the way services are delivered. The department works closely with other hospital departments to provide care to children with complex multisystem conditions.

Referrals are accepted from General Practitioners and Pediatricians throughout the region and North Wales. Patients are referred for various different reasons such as:

  • Acute kidney injury; a sudden loss, usually temporary, of kidney function
  • Chronic kidney disease; long term reduced kidney function, often a high blood creatinine level
  • Haematuria (blood loss in the urine)
  • Kidney stones
  • Chronic or recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Proteinuria and nephrotic syndrome (protein loss in urine)
  • High blood pressure
  • Glomerulonephritis (kidney inflammation)
  • Cystic kidney disease and other kidney malformation
  • Abnormalities of body fluids, electrolytes and acid levels

The Alder Hey Department of Nephrology was among the first in the UK to offer dialysis to children with kidney failure (haemodialysis from 1968 and peritoneal dialysis from 1973/74). The kidney transplant service commenced in 1977/78. Since the early 1990’s, Alder Hey has collaborated with Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and Manchester Royal Infirmary in a supra-regional paediatric kidney transplant programme.

Acute and chronic renal replacement therapy is provided. For long term patients both in-center haemodialysis and home peritoneal dialysis are fully supported. Preparation for, and follow up of kidney transplant recipients is undertaken. The department also provides plasma exchange therapy and support for premature infants with kidney problems at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Future anticipated developments

A New Dialysis unit within the Children’s Health Park. This will provide greater space and privacy for patients.

Increased involvement of other specialties the care pathway i.e. Professions Allied to Medicine in an extended role.
Managing increasingly complex patients with End Stage Kidney Failure for transplantation and chronic dialysis.
Increasing near patient testing – biochemistry.
Increasing technology of dialysis modalities – haemodialfiltration, daily & nocturnal haemodialysis.

Transition Service

Patients with long-term kidney problems generally transfer to adult services at 16 – 18 years of age, depending upon individual needs. Young people are identified as early as 14 years to begin adjusting the way their care is delivered to prepare them for adult services. The department has links with several adult nephrology units to facilitate transfer for continuing care.

Your comments and experiences

  • I was admitted to alder hey when I was 10 years old with kidney failure – now 21! The care I received from Dr. Judd, Dr. Holt, Dr, Morgan, Alison and all the amazing nurses was just on another level. Massive thanks to everyone who worked on ward C3 and D2, not seen any of them since I transferred to adult services and I miss you all lots!

  • When i was 6months old i was admitted to alder-hey ward d2 with renal kidney failure and had my transplant in 1997. Under the doctors dr judd, dr holt, dr morgan, dr jones and all the staff who looked after me since i was the age of 19 years of age Dr holt was amazing with me towards the end and now at the age of 24. and still having my transplant 22years later! They was all amazing with me from such a young age! Thank you for all the years of help you helped me! Miss you guys! and the nurses too!

  • My grandson took ill while on holiday in benidorm with nephrotic syndrome. The hospital in Spain treated him well , we got him home as quick as we could and alder hey were outstanding . He is now 11 which was 5 years ago age 6. Thank you to everyone concerned . Jean McGovern ( Peter Solomons nan ) .xxxxxx

  • The support I have had with my son Thomas from 10 days old has been outstanding and I am truly grateful for the care Thomas has been given by all the staff especially Dr.Caroline Jones, Tracey and Allison. All the staff are wonderful and a credit to the hospital. Thank you so much to the amazing staff at AlderHey you are fantastic.

  • My daughter has been under the care of Dr Henry Morgan for quite some time. He is always caring, compassionate & great with her
    Couldn’t ask for a nicer doctor.

  • Theo was admitted to Alderhey Hospital at the age of 6 months with end stage renal failure. The care that Theo received in the first few hours saved his life. Over the past 3 years we have met many wonderful members of staff including doctors, nurses, care staff and cleaners which we would like to say a huge thank you. There are two special people which we have been a tremendous support to us they are Dr Caroline Jones and nurse specialist Tracy Thank you. Theo still has a long way to go
    and we feel grateful that he is under the amazing care of the team at Alderhey.

  • Emelia was admitted to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, North Wales with severe Nephrotic Kidney Syndrome. It was a tough 8 days but with the help of all the doctors and nurses under the guidance of Dr Holt in Alder Hey, she is so far recovering well! Massive thank you 🙂

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