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Laboratory Medicine (Pathology)

Biochemistry at Alder HeyClinical Biochemistry (also known as Clinical Chemistry or Chemical Pathology) is the study of the chemical and biochemical processes of the body in their relation to disease.

In the Clinical Biochemistry laboratory, scientists carry out a wide range of tests to find out more about your child’s condition, or to monitor their progress. These tests are based on levels of chemicals in the blood or urine, for example in Diabetes, which alters sugar levels in blood. 

Information for professionals

Our Biochemistry lab handbook has a complete set of information for professionals including opening hours, key contacts and services required.






The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine


The Institute of Biomedical Science


National Metabolic Biochemistry Network

National Metabolic Biochemistry Network



Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism


British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group


Authorised by: Paul Newland, Clinical Director for Pathology
Date of next review: January 2018

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