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Dr Caroline Sanders (left) and Dr Mary Hernon (right)We are one of the biggest referral centres for PAG in the country and run two consultant clinics per week together with 2 nurse specialist clinics.

These run all day on a Friday. We are happy to accept referrals from choose and book, GPs, consultants in other hospitals, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Our PA at Alder Hey can be contacted on 0151 282 4587.

We see patients from birth to 16 years.

The paediatric and adolescent gynaecologist specialises in caring for children’s and younger women’s hormones and reproductive systems, including discussing future fertility as a part of the DSD team. The role of any gynaecology intervention is to aid in the diagnosis and preservation of the female reproductive organs. Often, the gynaecologist is the specialist who you see when your daughter has problems with starting her periods. Gynaecologists will often care for young women who have a condition called vaginal agenesis. They also see young women with Turner’s syndrome, and will support young women with DSD as they transition to adult services.

We have theatre operating lists every 6 to 8 weeks offering both day case and in patient surgery.

We regularly teach colleagues (other consultants), junior doctors, nurses, medical and psychology students in PAG.

Our nurse consultant is a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) clinical fellow and we are involved in research around PAG.

We are developing transition services for gynaecology patients and joint endocrinology/gynaecology patients from children’s to adult services.

We are developing the laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery service for congenital anomalies of the genital tract and already offer laparoscopic surgical options for other problems such as ovarian cysts.

Our latest annual report

You can now download our Department of Paediatric Surgery and Urology Annual Report 2012-13.

This report helps families learn more about our services and outcomes, and includes feedback from parents of previous patients, as well as providing information about how we engage with families, some notable achievements and more.

Your comments and experiences

  • Rang gynology department chasing up a fax secretery was very abrupt needs to use some manners do you have complaint system

    • Hi, apologies for the delay in replying and we are sorry to hear you have had a poor experience here. If you would like to help us improve we have do have a complaints service –

  • Rang gynology department and secretery was very abrupt she needs to learn some manners and people skills is there a complaints department

  • Caroline was a fantastic member of the team and so sad she is not with us anymore . Also Liz Grady has been fantastic too.

    Only issues we have had been awaiting laproscopy since December and keeps getting cancelled , my daughter is so poorly with the amount of blood loss and unfortunately nothing getting done or not getting answers . Surgery dates keep getting put on the strike date !

  • Thank you for a great lecture in Manchester in 2013 regarding peadiatric forensic gynaecology – I learnt so much and a perfect quote of “always listen to the child’s story” Clinical Lead Dundee University and Police Scotland Forensic Medicine

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