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General Paediatrics

placeholder7Medical admissions Unit (MAU)

MAU’s philosophy is to keep children in hospital for the shortest possible period and to discharge home safely providing support and care at home through Children’s Community Nursing Team (CCNT).

MAU and MAU2 are located on second floor of the main building. These are short stay (<48 hour) medical wards and children who are expected most likely to be discharged within 48 hours are admitted on MAU.

After admission a general paediatric consultant will see your child within 24 hours or sooner if clinically indicated. A parent can stay overnight with their child on the ward and parents and siblings can visit most of the time.

MAU has dedicated paediatric trained nurses and Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioners (Annette Hall & Simon Minford). Nursing staff are trained for making assessments on condition of a child, nurse led discharge and work closely with medical staff to ensure appropriate and efficient bed side care.

Current average length of stay on MAU is 1.75 days (last 6 months up to August 2011).

Children with general paediatric team may be admitted to any other ward depending on bed availability if they need to stay more than 48 hours. Medical team doctors will be available regardless which ward your child is admitted to.

More unwell children are cared by general paediatric team in high dependency unit (HDU). Some children will need more intensive care and will be transferred or admitted to PICU. In PICU the intensive care team consultants lead the care and management of very sick children. We work closely with Paediatric intensive care unit and will continue to provide care once child is discharged to a general medical ward from PICU.

During admission access is available to a variety of medical, surgical specialists and diagnostic services to help with diagnosis and management of patient with complex problems.


We offer a wide range of outpatient services through our 33 clinics every week. General Paediatric and ambulatory clinics had 7409 clinic attendances in last year.
88% of GP referrals to general paediatrics clinics wait less than 5 weeks for first appointment. These weekly clinics are:

12.5 general paediatric clinics
9 ambulatory clinics,
4 Alder Hey @ clinics
2 diabetes clinics
1 chronic fatigue clinic
3 Allergy clinics
2 ward discharge clinics

If you are unable to attend an appointment we are happy to offer and re-arrange an appointment that is more convenient to you. Please contact Patient Access Centre (PAC) on 0151 252 5358

Opening hours are Monday–Friday 9.30am–1pm & 1.30pm- 6pm to re-arrange or cancel an appointment.

Please note if your appointment was booked through the Choose & Book system by your GP then you need to ring the ‘Telephone Appointment Line on 0845 608 8888’ as directed on your letter.

Ambulatory Service: Rapid Access Clinics

The rapid access clinics (ambulatory service) have been running since the early 1990s and have since grown. The aim of the rapid access clinics is to provide rapid access to care without hospital admission and also, if admission is necessary, to discharge patients home as soon as possible.

We recognise that a number of conditions can be safely managed in clinic settings provided an urgent clinic appointment with a senior clinicians is available. The rapid access clinics were set up with this aim in mind trying to provide appropriate senior led care. At core of ambulatory care (rapid access service) is the principle of delivering: “the right service, in the right way, at the right time, in the right setting”.

The service is consultant led and patients will always see a senior clinician. At present we run 8 clinics a week from Monday to Friday. We accept referrals from general practitioners, Accident and Emergency and also community based health care professionals. We aim to see children within 2 working days of referral.

We are continually looking at ways to expand and improve our service.

Alder Hey @

This is a consultant paediatrician delivered outpatient service developed to provide care nearer to a families home, and with closer links to their community based care providers, such as their GP, health visitor or school nurse. The consultants you would see in Alder hey @ clinic are part of Alder Hey general paediatric consultants you would see at Alder Hey Paediatric outpatient clinics.

Parent feedback has been extremely positive, with children often being seen faster at these clinics, public transport is better for families, and there is easier parking.

Clinics are currently at Kirby (Tower Hill clinic), Huyton (Bluebell clinic), Halewood (Health Centre), and Bootle (May Logan clinic). Maps and travel directions are available at the following link [add a link to page on website with leaflet and maps for these clinics]

If you would prefer to be seen at these clinics let your GP know when booking your appointment, or contact patient access at Alder Hey.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) Service Alder Hey

Alder Hey is one of the 10 specialist centres in UK which provide specialist CFS/ME services to children. This is a general paediatrician led multidisciplinary team (MDT) including senior physiotherapist, CFS/ME specialist nurse, psychologist, consultant psychiatrist and a medical secretary. We provide both diagnostic and therapeutic services to children and young people with this condition coming from Liverpool, Knowsly and Sefton areas. As appropriate we have provided diagnostic services to children and young people from other regions.

Our services include comprehensive medial assessment to exclude underlying treatable medical conditions causing the symptoms, providing symptomatic advice (pain control, relaxation, sleep management and feeding difficulties like nausea), physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, psychological assessments, and psychological interventions like CBT, pacing and advice and support for educational activities including support for exam concessions. We work closely with our hospital school and other agencies.

Majority of our patients are managed as outpatients, we have the provision of managing children as inpatients if needed. We have weekly specialist CFS/ME clinics. We accept referrals from GP’s, paediatrician’s, specialists, school nurses, physiotherapist, psychologists, psychiatrist and A&E. Our 2010 audit shows that 60% of our patients are seen within 8 weeks of referral (majority would have been already seen by a paediatrician). If children and young people will have severe symptoms we endeavour to see them as early as possible.

Young people and families have been very positive and appreciative of the value of our service.

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