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Epilepsy Surgery - Northern Children's Epilepsy Surgery Service (NorCESS)

Beth Poole with family at Alder HeyThe Northern Children’s Epilepsy Surgery Service (NorCESS) is a new joint service between Alder Hey and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (CMFT). It makes up one of just four national centres offering an epilepsy surgery and rehabilitation service.

Our team has a great deal of experience in treating children with neurological conditions, and whilst an epilepsy surgery service is fairly new, it’s proven to be very successful. We operate on the brain to try to reduce seizures or even cure your child’s epilepsy, and generally we see these results in 50-75% of patients. This service combines surgical expertise and specialist rehabilitation services, ensuring all patients get the very best care.

Why you might be referred to our service

We believe that surgery can be an excellent option for many epilepsy patients and we want to help as many children as possible. Your GP or healthcare specialist may refer your child to us when:

  • An MRI scan shows something that shouldn’t be there – we call this a ‘focal abnormality’
  • Initial treatment doesn’t result in a seizure-free period of six months

Contact Us

  • Emily Tolno – Epilepsy Surgery Network Co-ordinator tel: 07816 068733 / 0161 701 0769
  • Andrea McLaren – Lead Nurse tel: 07896 275766 / 0151 282 4582
  • Or email the team at


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Your comments and experiences

  • I was 14 when I started with it, and am now 19, eventually having that many seizures in one day I’d lose count.
    April 2016 I had invasive eeg followed by a right frontal lobe resection and have been seizure free since (ALMOST 18 MONTHS!!!)
    I can not thank the whole team between Manchester children’s and alder hey enough, special thank you to Andrea, Kay, Ben, Dr Tan, Dr Vasello, all the nurses at Alder Hey and most importantly Dr Iyers and Ms Burns for changing my life completely, made such a horrible time for me bareable. Thank you all so much ❤️

  • Thank you to the whole epilepsy surgery team for curing (no seizures so far) my temporal lobe epilepsy.

  • My Son has been suffering from epilepsy since 4 months old.He has been to Alder Hey for mri scans and emergancy after big fit.After a long struggle for him he was found to have something on the brain that was causing his epilepsy.He had surgery in may of this year.Myself and my husband cannot thank the team of Dr Appleton and Ms Burns and the neuro team under Ms Burns Enough .Also Andrea the epilepsy nurse .We would gladly help and discuss what we have gone through with any new parent to epilepsy or any parent with a child needing surgery.FANTASTIC HOSPITAL .On 6 september i hope to raise money for Alder Hey & Mac House by doing a sponsered bike ride to say a Big THANK YOU for going back & for there since 06 .

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