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placeholder7Nurse led clinics have been in existence in the NHS for a number of years.

However the nurse led ‘Congenital Hypothyroid’ service at Alder Hey is unique and innovative in that it is the first autonomous service where a nurse is responsible for care of a newly diagnosed patient from infancy till transitional care.  The specialist nurses have their own patient caseload with ability to admit and discharge patients from clinic and refer to appropriate colleagues if necessary throughout their care in the paediatric age group.

The concept of the nurse led service is to provide safe and sustainable outcome for patients and to provide continuity of care to improve patient’s journey.  This has also provided an opportunity for nurse specialists to look at avenues for personal development.

Clinics are run weekly with 50 clinics being held per year (1.5PA per week). 150 patients at present are seen in this clinic.  The clinics have been running successfully for just over 4 years and a recent anonymous patient survey demonstrated >97% of parents expressed overall satisfaction with the clinic.​

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