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P1080798 - CopyFor the majority of young people, puberty is a transition to adulthood posing challenges that are managed well by families or within the primary care setting.

There are however, a number of children who require further assessment to support early diagnosis and treatment and to exclude the possibility of more serious illness.  The Endocrinology and Gynaecology Departments at Alder Hey have developed a unique service for girls presenting to their GPs with the following problems:

  • Obesity with either delayed menarche or oligomennorrea
  • Absence of periods by the age of 15
  • Evidence of virilisation
  • Continued menstrual problems not responding to standard treatment
  • No signs of puberty by age 13 years

We also see parents of girls with severe learning difficulties to discuss options to halt menstruation.

The aims of our service are to:

  • Provide prompt diagnosis and treatment by clinicians trained in paediatric endocrinology and gynaecology
  • Provide a positive experience of care by adopting an age and gender appropriate approach to support young people and their families with sensitive issues
  • Treat with evidenced based guidlines to improve outcomes
  • Educate the patient about their condition, enabling them to gain confidence and independence
  • Work wtih referring colleagues to encourage joint management plans and transition into adult services if required




If you would like to find out more about the service, please call Liz Hewitt on 0151 252 5281 (ext. 2281) to arrange a convienient time for one of the team to contact you.

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