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Diabetes Service

There are six diabetes clinics that take place each week in the Outpatients Department at Alder Hey and families will be seen by a Diabetes Doctor, Diabetes Nurse and Diabetes Dietitian at most clinics.

We will offer you at least four appointments a year where you will be able to have your HbA1c measured.

At each clinic appointment we will check your height and weight, and give you the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns.

Coming to a clinic appointment

  • Please arrive at clinic 10 minutes before your appointment time
  • Bring your blood glucose meter with you
  • Bring your record of recent blood glucose levels and insulin doses. This can be a paper or electronic record
  • Contact the Diabetes Team between your appointments if you are asked to


HbA1c is measured in clinic from a finger prick blood glucose sample. If you bring your own finger pricker with you, you can use this to do your HbA1c.The target for HbA1c is a result below 58mmol/mol. If your HbA1c is above 75mmol/mol we will offer you additional support.

Annual reviews

Once a year you will be seen at an annual review clinic. This clinic is to plan your diabetes care for the next year and how the team can help you and your family.

At this clinic appointment you will have some blood tests done.

You should also bring with you a urine sample.  Collect the first urine that you pass after waking up.

Eye screening

Eye screening is done through your own doctor (GP) and the mobile screening service from the age of 12 years. You should be called for eye screening once a year. Please bring a copy of your eye screening results letter with you to diabetes clinic.

Insulin pump services

Information about the insulin pump service is available in clinics. Children and young people, who are eligible for insulin pump therapy, will be offered a structured programme to move from injected insulin to insulin pump. There is currently a waiting list for insulin pump therapy.

If you are admitted to Alder Hey

You will be admitted to a ward that has staff who understand diabetes care. If you are admitted to another ward, the Diabetes Team will make sure that the ward staff are able to help you to manage diabetes.

Transition to adult services (14-18 years)

From the age of 14 we will work with all young people and their families to develop independent diabetes self-management and care skills.  Every young person from the age of 14years will receive a transition record.

Between the ages of 16 and 18 we will discuss with you where you would like to have your care as an adult.  Whenever possible we will offer you joint appointments with the adult teams before your transfer from Alder Hey.

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