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Dewi Jones Unit - Children's Mental Health Services

The Dewi Jones Unit - Never feel left out hereThere’s lots of variety every day at Dewi Jones, with opportunities to learn, play and relax. We keep a regular routine to give all our visitors the chance to adapt to their surroundings, and there’s plenty to do all day!

Each weekday morning our teachers run school from 9.15am to 12pm and after lunch there are two afternoon group sessions, which can be anything from playing sport to talking about feelings.

Getting up

  • Staff will wake you at 8am and you will need to wash, dress and tidy your bedroom before coming to the lounge area
  • If you are awake before 8am you will need to stay in your room until 7.30am. It is okay to play in your room whilst you are waiting


  • At 8:30am we all go down for breakfast
  • You will all have breakfast in the dining room
  • After breakfast we can watch TV in the “meeting place” or have a game of cards while we wait for school

School time

  • At 9:15am school starts in the unit classroom
  • At 10:30am you have a 20 minute break for a healthy snack
  • At 10:50am you go back to school until 12:00pm

Lunch and afternoon groups

  • At 12:00pm it is time for lunch in the dining room cooked by our very own chef. Once everyone is finished you can go upstairs for free time
  • At 1:00pm group time starts (each day there are different groups)
  • Each afternoon we also have a break
  • We have afternoon break in the dining room but this time you can choose something from your snack box
  • Between 4:00pm and 4:30pm you will have a community meeting with the other children and staff to think about how things are going
  • At 4:30pm when groups have finished you will have some more free time

Tea time

  • At 5:00pm it’s time for everyone to have tea in the dining room
  • Once everyone is finished you can go upstairs for free time

Visiting time

  • At 6:00pm it is visiting time
  • When you have visitors you can spend time in your room but we also like you to spend time in the lounge with staff too
  • Sometimes during visiting, staff may need to speak to your visitors, we will try not to keep them too long
  • If your visitors would like to take you off the unit for a walk or to the shop, this is ok but you need to let staff know where you are going
  • If you don’t have visitors it’s ok, you can spend time with staff doing free time activities
  • You should not play on games consoles e.g. Wii, DS, Xbox or Playstation while you have visitors
  • You can also phone your family if they are not visiting
  • Visiting finishes at 8:00pm so this is when your visitors need to go home

Evening activities

  • At 8:00pm its time for supper and starting to settle down for the evening
  • Sometimes we have a treat and have a ‘film night’
  • You can have supper in the lounge, you can choose from cereal, toast, juice, milk or hot chocolate
  • Fizzy drinks, sweet things and crisps are NOT allowed for supper
  • After supper you can go to your room or spend time in the lounge doing relaxing activities e.g. watch TV, play cards
  • You cannot play on games console after 8:00pm


  • Your bedtime on the unit depends on how old you are
  • Once in your room you will need to put on your pyjamas and have a wash – don’t forget to brush your teeth

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