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Dewi Jones Unit - Children's Mental Health Services

The Children & Young People's Forum visited Dewi Jones for a tourThe Dewi Jones Unit is an inpatient mental health facility, designed to help children and young people aged 5 to 13 who are going through a difficult time or struggling because of their way of thinking, their feelings, or with some difficult behaviour.

The unit is part of Alder Hey, but has its own building and grounds in Waterloo, near Crosby beach. Most of our children and young people start by having short, overnight visits with us, so we can get to know and understand each other before a longer stay.

Children and young people come to us for all sorts of different reasons. These might include:

  • Having complicated thoughts or feelings, making it hard to cope with everyday life
  • Social life not working out
  • Things like anger, upset or giddiness which can get in the way of friendships or relationships with family or other grown-ups
  • Finding it hard to eat and drink healthily or look after yourself safely

We provide a friendly, safe and non-judgmental environment to stay in, and we have lots of learning and play activities every day. Everyone who stays with us has their own room which they can make their own with posters, photos and belongings – lots of children have told us this really helps them feel more at home.

Our Children’s and Young People’s Forum toured the unit and demonstrated some of the activities run by the team on a daily basis. We’ve used pictures of their visit throughout this section of the website.

Your comments and experiences

  • I spent the worst point of my life at the dewi without them I wouldn’t still be here today . I am mayorlly greateful for the staff that didn’t give up on me,with out there help I wouldn’t be able to to say I am slowly recovering thanks to there help .

  • The dewi jones unit helped me with my self esteem and character building skills

  • The dewi jones was a place which really helped improve my life. Everyday I struggled to cope until I went there . They helped with so much I really honestly couldn’t thank them enough. I’m not 14 I went in there when I was 10. I’ve come so far and am now thriving as I have also took my GCSE’s just want to say thankyou to Everyone who works there.

  • The dewi Jones unit was a brilliant place with lots of activities and nice staff. I went in to the dewi thinking that I wouldent like it or make friends but I was wrong. I made friends and had a brilliant time it helped me grow as a person and become stronger

  • The Dewi Jones Unit, is an incredible place that helped me hugely in my time of need. I was 13 when I was admitted to the Dewi Jones and struggling with my emotions and every day life. I was extremely apprehensive about being taken in to hospital but I soon realised it wasn’t as bad as I thought. All the staff were incredibly lovely and welcoming and Hugely supportive. I cannot thank the staff at the Dewi enough, not just for everything they have done for me but my family too. I spent 9 months in total at the unit and came out a much happier and talkative person. I am now 17 and still ever so grateful and thankful for the job they all do.

  • I think the Dewi Jones is extremely child friendly and caters to everyone’s needs. All the staff are lovely and genuinely care about you. The staff made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that i could come to them at anytime needed.

  • This unit is fabulous and we are very lucky to have found it. We felt lost and alone until we came here. The staff are wonderful from reception through to the boss, they are welcoming knowledgeable and your friend someone you need in a time of crisis. I do not know how we would have coped without them.

  • The Dewi Jones is a brilliant place where kids are made to feel safe. From my experiance the unit has been a great place with all the staff icluding the teachers. The kids/teenages who come here will love it.

    It is full of wonderful staff. You will never feel lonley in this place.

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